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Texas Tornadoes and the Second Horseman

Horseman, 4-3-12 Horseman Animation

Texas Tornadoes and the Second Horseman

April 3, 2012 (Day 94, Footstool):  A swarm of tornadoes struck around Dallas, Texas and raked the metropolitan area.  No one was killed, but the tornadoes damaged homes, businesses, cars, trucks, and airplanes at the airport.  A video taken from a helicopter showed semi trailers flying through the air.  There were eighteen tornado reports.

The tornadoes were spawned when a low pressure system ran into a stationary front and was stalled in the Dallas area of North Texas.  The low pressure system, a counterclockwise rotation, began over Houston the day before.  After spawning the tornadoes in the Dallas area, it proceeded North and formed a horseman over the central US.  The process is shown in the animation.  The foot of the horse caused strong winds of over 62 mph around the Tallahassee area in Florida.  The last horseman was 23 days ago.
SPC Storm Graphic, 4-3-12
The SPC Storm Graphic shows a line of tornadoes in Texas that point to Washington, DC, where the US Supreme Court is considering the President Obama Health Care Bill patterned after Utopian Socialism.

The horseman appeared the day after the Oikos University shooting in California.  The horseman, which symbolizes an attack by a mounted cavalry raiding band, corresponds to the attack on the students at Oikos University.  The horseman corresponds to the horsemen of the Apocalypse that symbolize historical periods of Divine Judgment. The horseman was crossing the Mississippi, which symbolizes crossing the Jordan.


The Texas tornadoes were spawned from a low pressure system that began over Houston, TX.  Houston is the major center of the Bible Doctrine movement.  It is also south of Minnesota, the region corresponding to Dan and the federal judiciary.  Thus, the weather cursing in Texas was in opposition to the attempted take over of the federal judiciary by Satan through the guise of the President Obama Health Care Bill.  The Bill requires everyone to buy health insurance or pay a hefty fine.

Health problems originate from Divine Punishment.  Modern medicine rejects the spiritual link to health.  It is therefore stuck in the ignorance of a physical, and sometimes psychological, paradigm.  Both the medical community and insurance companies are ruled by Jezebel.


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Released April 4, 2012

Author:  Larry Wood