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Outcasts from the Land of the Living,

Tornadoes Rip Regions of Pisces and Virgo

Elephant, Horse 3-2-12, 2215 GMT SPC Storm Graphic, 3-2-12

Outcasts from the Land of the Living

March 2, 2012 (Day 62, The End):  Swarms of tornadoes traveling at 60 miles per hour across the land with winds of over 200 mph devastated towns and communities from Alabama to Indiana.  At least 39 people were killed and many more injured.  The tornadoes devastated the towns of Marysville and Henryville, Indiana and West Liberty, Kentucky.  The tornadoes began at 9:10 AM CST (1510 GMT) near Athens, Alabama when a strong EF-3 tornado traveled 34 miles through the county leaving a path of destruction.  The tornadoes continued through Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, Virginia, and South Carolina.

The tornadoes were associated with a cold front in the form of a weather elephant that also resembled a horse or even a woman with her head bowed.  The trunk of the elephant resembled the shattered trunks of trees that the tornadoes had destroyed.  An elephant symbolizes Baal and a horse is the sign of war and a male phallic reversionist.

One of the stories that gripped the news media was about a young 14-month old baby girl, Angel Babcock, who was found alive in a field.  She lived for two days on life support before she died from critical head injuries.  Angel was the daughter of Joseph Babcock, 21, and his girlfriend Moriah Brough, 20.  As the tornado approached their single-wide mobile home in New Pekin, Indiana, a neighbor, Jason Miller, 31, went to ask them to come over to his double-wide mobile home to ride out the storm.  He saw the family lying face down in the hall, holding hands, and praying.  However, before he could do anything the tornado struck.  The trailer was demolished.  He was sucked out along with them.  Miller survived with some broken bones, but Babcock, Brough, and two of their children were killed.  The other, Angel, was found in the middle of a field about 150 yards away.  She was taken to the hospital in Salem and then to Louisville, where she also died 2 days later.

Netanyahu Arrives in Canada

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu arrived in Ottawa, Canada on his way to visit the White House for talks with President Obama over Iran's nuclear program.  His plane landed around 6:45 AM (1145 GMT).  He met with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper later in the day.  Harper was pro-Israel but had no stomach for war with Iran.

Star Chart

Marysville, IN Tornado Chart, 3-2-12The Chart at the time of the tornado in Marysville, Indiana contains a Castle, a Plow, and a rectangle.  A Castle symbolizes a stronghold or fortification and corresponded to the schools and large buildings that were devastated by the tornadoes.  The Castle could also symbolize a nation, such as Israel or the USA.  A Plow symbolizes intensive suffering, like being plowed under.   And the rectangle symbolized a field.  After the tornadoes devastated the homes and buildings, all that was left were open fields.  The baby, Angel Babcock, was found in such a field.

The Plow pointed through the roof of the Castle, corresponding to the roofs of buildings that were destroyed by the tornadoes.  The Plow pointed at the conjunction of the Mediator Planet and Savior Planet in Pisces, which symbolizes the Church with its priesthood.  Pisces also corresponds to the major region hit by the tornadoes Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia, and Mississippi.

There were three pairs of planets in the Chart, which symbolizes a flood.  A flood symbolizes cursing due to female promiscuity.  A tornado symbolizes the breakdown of Marriage Culture due to the uncircumcised male.

The Sun was in Aquarius, for an antichrist, and the Moon was in Gemini, for a household.  Households were destroyed by the tornadoes.


The tornadoes struck on March 2, 2012, Day 62, where 2 is for division, 12 is for authority, and 62 is for the end.  It was the end for homes, families, and towns.  Homes and businesses were destroyed by the tornadoes and the people cast out into the open field, which is all that was left.  The mobile home of Joseph Babcock was demolished and he and his family were cast out into the open field and killed.  Outcasts symbolize people cast out of a nation when it is conquered (Lev 18:24; 26:33; 1 Ki 21:26).  When God turns a nation over for destruction, there comes a time when He will not listen to any prayer (Jer 7:13-16).  When people refuse to listen to God because of their hardened, uncircumcised hearts, there will come a time when God refuses to listen to them.  They will be cast out of the land of the living (Psa 52:5; Isa 38:11; Jer 11:19; Ezek 26:20).
But God will break you down forever;
He will snatch you up and tear you away from your tent,
And He will uproot you from the land of the living. (Psalm 52:5)
The episode with the Joseph Babcock family strikes at the heart of the matter.  God refused to answer payers for mercy in the face of death and destruction.  Joseph's girlfriend's name was Moriah, which is a Hebrew name, meaning chosen by the Lord.  Moriah is the name of the mountain on which Abraham proceeded to sacrifice his son, Isaac, and the name of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.  The Temple is a symbol of the Spiritual life and prayer.  The Plow on the Chart went through the Castle and pointed to the Mediator and Savior Planets in Pisces, for the priesthood of the Church.  The Castle could symbolize the Temple, and the planets in Pisces symbolize prayer.  Pisces also corresponds to the major region where the tornadoes struck.  The other major region was Virgo (Naphtali) to the North, which included Indiana and Ohio.

God spared Jason Miller who came to help the Babcock family, and He left Miller alive so the world could hear how He refused to listen to their prayers.  The baby, Angel Babcock, was left clinging to life to symbolize an orphan and to get the media's attention.  Destroying the parents and leaving orphans is a terrible curse.  The Babcock family faced sudden destruction because it was their time to go (Eccl 9:12).  Even Jason Miller who was also living with his girlfriend nearby in defiance of Marriage Culture was spared.  It wasn't his time (Gen 47:29; Nu 27:12-14; Job 14:5; Eccl 3:2; 8:8; Jn 7:30; 1 Thess 5:3; Heb 9:27).  Rejection of Marriage Culture destroys the prayer life (1 Pet 3:7), and rejection of Bible Doctrine destroys the Client Nation (Isa 5:13; Hos 4:6).

For also man does not know his time, like the fish caught in a net of harm and like birds caught in the snare, like them, the sons of men are ensnared in a time of evil when it falls upon them suddenly. (Ecclesiastes 9:12)
The tornado disaster is the third scene of sudden death that has occurred recently.  On February 27, a mass shooting suddenly occurred in Chardon High School in Ohio.  On March 1, Andrew Breitbart suddenly dropped dead at age 43 while he walking home.  And the tornadoes struck on March 2.  The tornadoes began after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu arrived in Canada on his way to the White House to discuss the Iran nuclear crisis.  Iran has vowed to annihilate Israel, and the Church needs to get a prayer answered to prevent that.


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Released March 5, 2012

Author:  Larry Wood