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Kentucky Bridge Collapses During GOP Debate

Elephant, 1-26-12, 2215 GMT

Kentucky Bridge Collapses During GOP Debate

January 26, 2012 (Day 26, Political Babylon):  A Florida-bound cargo ship knocked out two spans of a Kentucky bridge during the GOP Presidential Debate in Florida.  The cargo ship carrying an Atlas V booster and Centaur Upper Stage for launch from Cape Canaveral April 27, 2012.  The Delta Mariner cargo ship hit the Eggner Ferry Bridge over the Tennessee River about 8:15 CST (2315 GMT).  It was traveling North to the Ohio River to connect to the Mississippi River for the trip South to Florida.  It was raining with haze associated with a huge weather elephant overhead.  An elephant symbolizes Baal.

The steel frame bridge was built in 1932 across Kentucky Lake.  The Delta Mariner was commissioned in 2002.  A bridge symbolizes a male, and a lake or river symbolizes a female.  A ship is supposed to provide safe transportation and symbolize safety from the flood.  The GOP Presidential Debate was being held in Jacksonville, Florida.

Star Chart

Kentucky Bridge Collapse Chart, 1-26-12The Chart at the time the cargo ship hit the bridge contained a Plow, a Catwalk, and a Locomotive.  The Plow symbolized the cargo ship plowing through the bridge, and the Catwalk symbolized the bridge.  The Locomotive pointed to the Red Planet in Leo to symbolize the strategic objective to upset a bloody king.  The bloody king corresponded to Syrian President Assad, whose administration is currently killing protesters in the streets.  The Republican Presidential candidates also characterized President Obama as a cause for suffering.

The Ascendant Sign was Leo, for Washington, DC.  The Red Planet in Leo corresponded to a bloody king, corresponding to Syrian President Assad.  Syria is generally associated with a conspiracy, corresponding to the number, 32.  The Eggner Ferry Bridge was built in 1932.

The Descendant Sign was Aquarius, corresponding to Florida and to the Tennessee River and Kentucky Lake.  The Moon in Aquarius symbolized an ideological group (people with the same beliefs), corresponding to the Republican Party and to the two sides in the Syrian uprising.  The Moon was in opposition to the Red Planet in Leo to symbolize the conflict between President Assad and the opposing protesters.  This opposition of the Moon and Red Planet also symbolized the Republican opposition to President Obama.  The Morning Star was setting in Aquarius, for a ship's captain (or a herald) going down.  And the Redeemer Planet in Aquarius symbolized the need for the services of a redeemer to repair the bridge and repair the cargo ship.

The Plow translated the opposition of the God of the Covenants in Libra and the Almighty God in Aries into the Savior Planet in Capricornus.  The Savior Planet in Capricornus symbolizes a rescuer, who is being plowed under.  This corresponds to the failure of the Arab League observers in Syria and, perhaps, to the rescue of NASA programs by the Republican politicians.  Capricornus corresponds to Texas, the home of NASA Mission Control.

The Sun was in Capricornus, for Gentile glory.  The Arab uprising represents Gentile glory.  The Republican Presidential candidates also are seeking Gentile glory.  Midheaven was in Taurus, for royal glory, corresponding to the quest to be President of the USA.  And the Bottom of Heaven, IC, was in Scorpius, for the death of Jezebel, who is Satan's power over civil government.

The Mediator Planet was in Pisces, for a priest.  The Republican Presidential candidates were acting like priests.  And Pisces corresponds to Kentucky, which symbolizes the womb, and therefore, the source.  The Atlas V booster in the hold of the ship symbolized being in the womb.

The Last Adam was in Sagittarius, for the victim of an attack.  Sagittarius corresponds to Arizona and to the Centaur Upper Stage in the hold of the ship.  Arizona Governor Jan Brewer had a heated exchange with President Obama in Arizona on January 25 (the day before the Kentucky bridge collapse).


The collision of the Delta Mariner cargo ship with the Kentucky bridge symbolized the strategic failure of the male in Marriage Culture, which can be extrapolated into the leader of a government.  The man symbolizes the authority in Marriage, corresponding to the meaning of the year, 2012, for authority.  The collision occurred during the Republican Presidential Debate in Jacksonville, Florida.  Florida corresponds to Aquarius, which was the Descendant Sign.  Jacksonville is in Duval County, which is Florida County #2, for Divine division.  The Delta Mariner was commissioned in 2002.  The cargo ship knocking out two bridge spans symbolizes the strategic failure of Syrian President Assad and, perhaps, to the strategic failure of a Presidential candidate associated with the Florida Republican Primary election.  The two front runners going into the Florida Debate were Romney and Gingrich.

The Star Chart at the time of the bridge collapse contained a Catwalk corresponding to the bridge and a Plow corresponding to the ship.  A Locomotive pointed to the Red Planet in Leo for a bloody king, corresponding to Syrian President Assad and, perhaps, to suffering under President Obama.


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Released January 26, 2012

Author:  Larry Wood