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Tree of Life Cypress Burns in Florida

Eagle, 1-11-12 Eagle, 1-12-12

Tree of Life Cypress Burns in Florida

January 16, 2012 (Day 16, Sanctification):  In an act of God the oldest known cypress in North America burned in Florida.  The tree was spotted burning at dawn.  The sky was clear with no lightning in the area that could have caused the blaze.  Arson was quickly ruled out since the tree was hottest at the top and burned from the inside.  The best guess is that the tree may have been smoldering from a lightning strike that might have occurred associated with a large winter storm that move through on January 11-12.  The image of the storm was a large eagle.

The huge cypress tree was the oldest in North America and fifth oldest tree in the world.  The tree located near Longwood, Florida was 125 feet (38m) tall and 17.5 feet (5.3m) in diameter.  The Fire Department was called at 5:49 AM (0949 GMT) but was unable to extinguish the fire before the tree fell.

1925 Tropical Storm TrackThe tree called "The Senator" was named after Moses Oscar Overstreet, a Florida state senator from 1920 to 1925 who donated the land with the big tree in Seminole County.  The tree was estimated to be 165 feet tall before a tropical storm took off the top December 1, 1925.  The tropical storm crossed the state south of Orlando and strengthened into an extratropical storm with  hurricane-force winds as it emerged off the east coast.  The track of the tropical storm passed approximately 19 miles from the cypress tree.  Removal of the top of the cypress was the herald of the end of the Florida real estate boom.

The cypress dates back to the time of Moses and the Exodus from Egypt.  The man who donated it to Seminole County was named Moses.  The fire that destroyed the tree in 2012 was like a burning torch and symbolized the holocaust of Israel.  It corresponds to the smoking furnace associated with the Abrahamic Covenant (Gen 15:17).  Because the cypress dated from the beginning of the nation of Israel and the Exodus, the burning cypress symbolizes the last attempt to destroy Israel in the War of Armageddon.  Just as God burned the tree, God determines when to punish Israel with a holocaust, even though He allows Satan to execute the judgment.

The cypress tree also symbolizes the Lord as the Tree of Life (Hos 14:8).

Ephraim, what have I yet to do with idols?
It is I who answers and looks after him (Ephraim).
I am like a luxuriant cypress;
From Me your fruit is gained. (Hosea 14:8)
When the Northern Kingdom of Israel (Ephraim) was practicing idolatry, the Lord reminded them that He was the one who answered and looked after them.  He was like a luxuriant cypress, the symbol of the Tree of Life.  He provided all the food and productivity for Israel.  The cypress, like the cedar, does not rot easily and was used for building Solomon's Temple (1 Ki 6:15, 34).

Just as the 1925 tropical storm in Florida caused ships to sink, a cruise ship sank off Italy on Friday, January 13.  The astrology charts for January 13 and 16 contain three pairs of planets, symbolizing the flood, which corresponds to a ship flooding, or sinking.  Since a ship is a lifeboat, a ship sinking corresponds to a flood and perishing.  The Jews today who do not believe in Jesus Christ are without Salvation and perishing.


The Big Cypress that burned in Florida dates back to the time of Moses and the Exodus.  It symbolized God, as the Tree of Life of all living and the God of Israel (Hos 14:8).  The burning tree was like a burning torch, which symbolizes the Holocaust.  Dating back to the birth of Israel, the tree in its demise would symbolize the end of Israel.  Satan will try to destroy Israel in his final act of desperation in the Armageddon War.  So, the Holocaust symbolized by the burning cypress is the Armageddon War of the Tribulation.

The Big Cypress lost its top in 1925 as the herald of the end of the Florida real estate boom and the Great Depression that began with the Stock Market crash in 1929.  The Florida real estate boom was a time of wild speculation like the recent housing bubble.  The cypress tree burned in 2012, which was 86 years after it lost its top.  The green top symbolizes prosperity (such as the Florida real estate boom), and 86 symbolizes the Arab cursing the Jew.  The Palestinians are leading the attack on Israel.  And the Palestinians of Gaza by the sea have been symbolized by Florida in the region of Zebulun.  So, this is how Florida is associated with the prophetic history of Israel.

The cypress tree is more of a sign to Israel than Florida, since the United States has only been around for a little over 200 years, but Israel has existed for the life of the tree.  And prophecy is associated with Israel and not the Church.  The burning cypress as a sign of the War of Armageddon corresponds to the meaning of the Transit of the Morning Star this year as the sign of the Second Advent.  God planted the tree and God destroyed it, just as He made Israel and will decide when to Judge it with the Holocaust.


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Released January 17, 2012

Author:  Larry Wood