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Broncos Miraculous Playoff Win Over Steelers

Broncos Miraculous Playoff Win Over Steelers

January 8, 2012 (Day 8, New Birth):  In yet another Denver miracle, the Denver Broncos won the playoff game against the former American Football Conference (AFC) champion Pittsburgh Steelers.  Denver won the game on a sensational 80-yard touchdown pass to Demaryius Thomas on the first play from scrimmage in overtime.  After catching the ball over the middle, Thomas, #88,  stiffarmed cornerback Ike Taylor, #24, and outran the safeties to score.  The play required only 11 seconds to make it the shortest overtime victory in NFL history.  Denver won 29 23.

In yet another miraculous victory engineered from Heaven, the football game illustrated the meaning of the Transit of the Morning Star in 2012.  The transit symbolizes a miraculous victory in a crisis, and the  Bronco-Steeler's game symbolized that on the football field.  Denver was the underdog, but it won for the fourth time this season in overtime.  Going into overtime corresponds to the two transits of the Morning Star separated by eight years and to the Second Advent.  After allowing Pittsburgh two field goals, Denver scored 20 points in the second quarter.  They had previously scored only 33 points all season in the second quarter.  The second quarter corresponds to the second transit and Second Advent.

Denver's 20 points in the second quarter were scored before the Sun set in Sagittarius and the Full Moon rose in Gemini.  After the time of Denver's last score in the second quarter at 4:13 PM MST (2313 GMT), Midheaven was in Aquarius, for sensational news, and the Bottom of Heaven, IC, was in conjunction with the Red Planet in Leo, for a bloody king.  The bloody king symbolized the Steelers, who were plagued by injuries and curses.  Several of their star players were injured during the game.  Their star quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger, was hobbled with an ankle injury that prevented his mobility.  Sickle cell trait kept safety Ryan Clark out of the lineup.  And the Pittsburgh back coach was badly injured in a house fire earlier in the week.

During the second half, Pittsburgh prevailed.  When Pittsburgh scored again, it was in the third quarter at 5:01 PM MST.  The Moon had risen and the Sun had set.  The Mediator Planet was in conjunction with Midheaven in Pisces, for a sensational priest.  Midheaven stayed in Pisces until the end of the game.  Had it reached Aries, corresponding to Pennsylvania, it would have symbolized a sensational Pittsburgh quarterback, which may have meant a Pittsburgh victory.

Star Chart

Denver vs. Pittsburgh Chart, 1-8-12The Chart at the time of the Broncos victory over the Steelers contained a Mystic Rectangle.  A Mystic Rectangle balances two pairs of opposition and corresponds to a football field.  The Sun had set in Sagittarius, for a raiding band, also corresponding to a football team.  And the Moon was Full in Gemini, for a football team.  The Ascendant was Cancer, which symbolizes security and corresponded to the game tied at 23 23 going into overtime.  Cancer also symbolizes the spoils of victory, as celebrated by Denver.  Midheaven was in Pisces, for a sensational priest.  And the Bottom of Heaven, IC, was in Virgo, for a mortal human being going down to the grave, corresponding to the Saints' defeat of the Detroit Lions, who had previously beaten Denver.

Mystic Rectangle

The Mystic Rectangle symbolized a football field.  The two pairs of opposition that must be brought into balance were:

1.  The Sun in Sagittarius raiding band, e. g. a football team
     Full Moon in Gemini football team.
2.  Mediator in Pisces a priest or intercessor (e.g. the referees, who made some close calls).
     Red Planet in Leo bloody king, corresponding to the reign of the Steelers as the previous AFC champions and to the injured Ben Roethlisberger.


The AFC playoff game between the Denver Broncos and the Pittsburgh Steelers featured another miraculous Broncos' victory in overtime.  The influence of Heaven was so obvious that the amateur interpreters of divine signs (diviners) sprang up everywhere.  They even tried to deduce John 3:16 from Tebow's 316 yards passing.  The number, 316, stands for sanctifying (16) judgment (300).  The verse numbers in the Bible are not in the original and are not inspired.  However, the Broncos' victory in overtime was similar to Gideon's victory with 300 men over Midian.  The raiding band of Gideon was sanctified, as demonstrated by the 300 men lapping water like dogs (Judg 7:5-6).

The game with Denver's scoring in the second quarter and victory in overtime symbolized the Lord's victory at the Second Advent, corresponding to the meaning of the Transit of the Morning Star in 2012.  The second transit of the Morning Star separated by eight years minus 3 days and three nights, corresponds to the crisis of the Cross parlayed into the crisis of the Second Advent.  The game was a demonstration of how the Lord delivers in a crisis.


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Released January 9, 2012

Author:  Larry Wood