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Meaning of 2012 - Authority

The Year 2012
Authority in the Godhead
Authority Over Creation
God's Authority Over Man
Obedience to God's Authority
Spiritual and Temporal Authority
Key to Understanding 2012
Presidential Election

The Year 2012

January 1 (Day 1, Unity):   The year, 2012, stands for authority.  God has authority over all creation.  There is no authority except from God.  He wrote the plan of the ages and actively controls human history.  The Lord Jesus Christ, the Creator of all things, sits on the Throne of God with Sovereign authority over all Creation.  Those who do not bow the knee to worship Him will be bowed down by His authority.  Those who humble themselves under His authority will be blessed, and those who rebel will be Judged.

Man was created with an opportunity to obey God's authority in the Garden of Eden.  He could freely eat the fruit of any of the trees in the Garden, but from the tree of the knowledge of Good and evil, he must not eat; for in the day he ate, dying he would die (Gen 2:16-17).  To obey God meant that man could enjoy great blessing, but to disobey God meant that he would face God's wrath. The consequences of disobedience included Spiritual death ("dying"), followed by physical death ("you will die").

When man disobeyed God, he was immediately Judged with real Spiritual death and separated from God, who is Holy and can have nothing to do with sin.  In his condition of spiritual death, man would have been condemned to Hades and Eternal Judgment if he had died physically.  However, God had mercy and gave man an opportunity to accept a solution.  God would send His Son to pay for man's sin, so that he could have Spiritual Life and live forever with God.  Rejection of God's offer would leave man in spiritual death and condemned to spend eternity with Satan in the Lake of Fire.

Adam and the woman chose God's Grace solution to their sin problem.  They believed in the Son (Jesus Christ) who would come and be judged as a substitute for them.  They were given Eternal Life by faith alone in the Son (Jesus Christ) alone.  However, man and all Creation were contaminated by sin.  Man had Spiritual Life, but his body was full of sin and death.  Satan had taken over the rule of the world, and the man's own Right Woman didn't even respect him.

To punish man for disobedience and to provide a new opportunity for life and blessing, the Lord made a covenant with Adam and Eve.  The Adamic Covenant was a new system of authority that man must obey or suffer the consequences.  The provisions of the Adamic Covenant (Gen 3:14-24) included:

Even though Satan ruled the world contaminated by sin, man could have freedom under the Adamic Covenant.  Obedience to the Adamic Covenant gave man freedom to worship God and enjoy life.  Disobedience would give Satan new opportunity and bring punishment from God.  Criminality came into existence when Satan incited one of Adam's children (Cain) to murder the other (Abel).

Authority in the Godhead

God has always existed as one Holy essence but revealed in three persons called the Trinity.  There is only one God, who is Holy, Eternal, and indivisible, but He is revealed as the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  The Father is the Sovereign Authority; the Son is the Creator and Judge; and the Holy Spirit is the working energy.  Although the Father has Sovereign Authority, He has given that authority to the Son (Heb 12:2).

The essence of God can be expressed in three dimensions.

 X Righteousness
 Y Love
 Z Justice (including Authority)
God created a fourth dimension, Time.  Although God is Eternal and Time does not exist with Him, He created Time for the Universe.  The Sun was created to measure days and years, and the Moon was created to measure months.  Other time periods, such as eras or ages, are also measured by the heavens.  The Birth of Christ, for example, was predicted by a star (or planets).

Authority was never a problem with the members of the Godhead because they all had the same essence, and therefore, the same authority.  However, a problem arose with a created being.  Satan decided to usurp the authority of God.  He tried to establish himself as sovereign authority over Creation in place of the Lord Jesus Christ (Isa 14:14).  And he led a third of the angels to rebel against God's duly appointed authority, the Lord Jesus Christ.

God's authority is established over everything in Creation.  Nothing is random.  Everything is deterministic.  Yet, this is accomplished without ever compromising man's volition.  Man is free to obey God or disobey Him and suffer the consequences.  The principle is established:  Obey God and be blessed, or disobey God and be cursed (Deut 11:26).

Authority Over Creation

Satan rules the world, but God rules Creation.  Even though Satan is allowed to do his dirty work, God maintains control through His Sovereign Design.  God designed Creation in Eternity past, and Satan's sin did not catch Him by surprise.  His Master Plan includes a time for Satan, a time for man, a time to be born, and a time to die.  Everything belongs in its proper place in its specific time (Eccl 3:1-8).

The heavens contain the master clocks of time periods, including ages, eras, and dispensations.  The twelve signs of the Zodiac determine the ages.  The planets reveal the rule of the Lord Jesus Christ over Creation.  The Sun and Moon measure days, months, and years.  Eras and dispensations are marked by transits.  And Judgments are marked by special signs, such as the Moon turning blood-red in the Tribulation (Joel 2:31; Rev 6:12).

The Earth's environment (nature) is also synchronized to the authority revealed in the heavens.  Elect angels control the weather and execute judgments for disobedience through storms, floods, and droughts.  Angels also produce earthquakes.

While God is ruling Creation and demanding obedience to His authority, Satan is busy ruling his Cosmic System through which he seeks to undermine, circumvent, and thwart the Plan of God.  Satan and his demons attempt to influence man to disobey God, as did the man and woman in the Garden.  Those who listen to Satan will face the wrath of God.

God's Authority Over Man

God created a man and a woman to be witnesses in Satan's Appeal Trial.  God ruled over the man and the woman in the Garden through the Edenic Covenant.  The man and the woman were given the world, but warned not to eat of the forbidden fruit.  So long as they obeyed God, they enjoyed great blessing and happiness.  However, when they sinned, they suffered terrible Judgment.

After the Fall, the Adamic Covenant was established for the next chapter in human history and the Appeal Trial of Satan.  Twelve major covenants are established for human history along with a sign of the Zodiac to rule each covenant.2

Covenants and Their Signs

1. Edenic Gemini (Gen 1:27; 5:2)
2. Adamic Capricornus (Lev 16:15)
3. Noahic Aquarius (Gen 9:11-15)
4. Abrahamic Aries (Gen 22:13)
5. Mosaic Leo (Ex 19:6)
6. Gospel of Jesus Christ Virgo (Isa 7:14; Matt 1:23)
7. Church (New Covenant) Pisces (Matt 4:19; 28:19-20; Acts 1:8)
8. Tribulation - Part 1 (Evangelism) Cancer (Jn 10:28)
9. Tribulation - Part 2 (Great Tribulation) Sagittarius (Rev 6:2)
10. Baptism of Fire Scorpius (Matt 25:41)
11. Millennium (New Covenant to Israel/Davidic Covenant) Taurus (Isa 25:6; Matt 22:2-14; Rev 19:7-9)
12. Final Judgment Libra (Rev 20:11-15)

God's covenants establish His relationship with mankind for specific time periods.  Another term for God's administration over mankind is called a dispensation.  For example, the period of the Mosaic Law is called the Dispensation of the Law and the Gospel period is called the Dispensation of the Gospel, or Hypostatic Union.  The problem with using the term, dispensations, is that no one defines twelve of them, where twelve is the number for authority.

There are, however, major periods, or dispensations, in the Bible.  These major dispensations emphasize specific relationships with the essence of God.  The major dispensations are the Law, the Church, and the Millennium.

Major Dispensations

Law Z Authority & Justice of God defined sin and its consequences (Ex 20:1-17; Rom 3:20)
Church Y Love of God defines God's Love through Grace (Rom 5:8; 13:8; Gal 5:14; Eph 1:6-7; Col 3:14; Jas 2:8; 1 Jn 4:19)
Millennium X Knowledge of God "the Earth will be full of the knowledge of the Lord" (Isa 11:9)


Obedience to God's Authority

Obedience to God's authority begins at Salvation.  Jesus Christ paid for everyone's Salvation.  It is freely available to all who will believe in Jesus Christ (Jn 3:16; Eph 2:8-9).  The one who believes is spiritually regenerated and given a new life.  However, he still has the old life in his sinful body and must choose daily which life he will live.  To obey God, he must live the new life and reject the old life.  The new life is pure and free of sin, while the old life is full of sin and slavery.

To live the new life, the believer must learn and obey God's commandments, which are recorded in the Bible (1 Pet 2:2).  He must orient to the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ (Matt 11:29-30).   He must find his Right Pastor and learn the complete realm of Bible Doctrine.  Through the daily metabolization of Bible Doctrine he will grow to Spiritual Maturity (Eph 4:13; Heb 6:1).  He must live the new life in the Filling of the Holy Spirit and orient to the Grace of God.

One of the best outlines for the new Spiritual life is the Tabernacle, which symbolizes God's plan for dwelling with mankind.  The steps to Spiritual Maturity1 according to the outline of the Tabernacle may be summarized as:

  1. Salvation
  2. Separation from the World - Leaving Egypt; Outer Court of Tabernacle - use of Rebound; learning basic doctrine.
  3. Spiritual Growth - intake of Bible Doctrine; Holy Place - wilderness wanderings - Grace Orientation, Doctrinal Orientation, Faith-Rest
  4. Spiritual Warfare - crossing the Jordan, taking the high ground, resisting Satan - Personal Sense of Destiny (Walking in the Light)
  5. Suffering - Categorical Punishment (Momentum Testing); Providential Preventative Suffering
  6. Spiritual Maturity - Holy of Holies - Personal Love for God, Impersonal Love for all mankind, +H
  7. Spiritual Rapport - Fellowship with God; Love, Happiness, Peace; fullness of blessing
  8. Dying Grace
Spiritual Growth begins with victory over self.  The new self must gain power over the old self (the flesh with its Old Sin Nature) by learning enough Bible Doctrine to transform the thinking through the Filling of the Holy Spirit (Rom 12:1-2; Phil 2:5).  Next, victory over the world and the devil must be achieved (1 Jn 2:13).  Then suffering must be handled with Bible Doctrine in order to qualify for promotion to Spiritual Maturity, which is the beginning of the adult Spiritual life.

So, obedience to God's authority a big deal.  Not only does a person have to learn the Spiritual life, but he has to live it.  He must learn to recognize what God requires of him and then do it!  Personal coaching along with the power to execute the Spiritual life is provided by the Holy Spirit.

Spiritual and Temporal Authority

God's authority functions not only in the Spiritual life but in the temporal life also.  God has appointed authorities in Divine Institutions for the stability of society.  These temporal authorities must be obeyed just like Spiritual authorities.  In the Church Age, the Pastor-Teacher is a Spiritual authority.  He has authority to teach the Word of God as found in the original languages of scripture.  Within the Church administrative authorities include deacons.

Temporal authority exists in the Civilian and Military Establishments.  Civilian authorities include government officials, judges, police, teachers, coaches, supervisors, and managers.  The military has a rigorous system of authority which demands strict obedience.  In all these cases, there is no authority unless God provides it.  In other words, occupying a position of authority does not automatically qualify as being endowed with authority.  For example, a woman will never have the authority of Pastor-Teacher,  even if she secures the office.  Furthermore, a man with the Spiritual gift of Pastor-Teacher does not have authorization to teach without God's permission.

Temporal authority also exists in Marriage and the family.  Authority in Marriage is given to the husband only.  The Christian wife is commanded to obey and respect that authority.  The father has authority over the family, and the mother also has authority over children (Eph 6:1; Col 3:20).

Key to Understanding 2012 June 5 Transit of the Morning Star

On June 5 in the United States and June 6 in the East, the Morning Star will transit the Sun to mark the end of the Era of World War that began in 1882.  This will be the second of two transits eight years apart that designate the boundary of an era.  A full explanation of transits and the Chart for the 2012 transit is included in Biblical Astrology.  The transit of the Morning Star across the Sun is the key to understanding the meaning of the year 2012.  This is the reason for this extensive explanation of the fundamental principles of God's authority.  It is required to understand the meaning of the year 2012 as revealed by the transit of the Morning Star on June 5th.

The year, 2012, in contrast to the year, 2004, of the previous transit, yields a clue to the meaning of this year.  Since 2012 stands for authority and 2004 for weakness, it can be deduced that 2012 is the justification or deliverance of the faithful who were weak from being oppressed in 2004.  For example, those who were faithful to death will be given a crown of life (Rev 2:10).  The year 2012 will be the time the faithful are promoted and rewarded, and the unfaithful are punished.  This is the pattern of the Second Advent when the Lord will return to deliver Israel and annihilate her enemies.  The Church has been oppressed by Satan since 2004, and 2012 will bring God's authority to deliver the faithful and punish the deceitful and hypocrites.

Presidential Election

Presidential Election 2012The Chart for the 2012 Presidential Election contains an undermined Castle, which corresponds to the White House and Congress, and indicates an upset.  At poll closing time of 7:00 PM EST, the Almighty God Planet will be rising in Taurus on the Ascendant, for the ruler of an empire.  Midheaven will be in conjunction with the Redeemer Planet in Aquarius, for sensational good news.  Scorpius will be on the Descendant with the Red Planet, for the end of suffering from Satan, and the Savior Planet, for a Satanic attack ending.  The Sun will be in Libra, for sovereign authority (of the President), since God chooses authorities.  And the Moon will be in Cancer, for party spoils of victory.  The chart will turn on the Mediator Planet in Pisces, for a priest.


Special Events

May 3 God of Covenants moves into Virgo Retrograde
May 22 Stellium in Taurus with Sun, Moon, Almighty God, Savior, Morning Star Fulfillment of Davidic and New Covenant to Israel.
     - Sun Glory of the Millennial King
     - Moon Bride
     - Almighty God Ruler of world on Throne of David
     - Savior Champion; Savior of Israel, wedding guests
     - Morning Star Lord, Victor at Second Advent
June 5/6 - Transit of Morning Star

Red Planet

June 23 - Red Planet moves into Virgo
Aug 16 Red Planet, God of Covenants in conjunction in Libra Bloody Judgment for love of money (root of evil)
Sept 30 Red Planet enters Scorpius Bloody violence
Nov 10 Red Planet enters Sagittarius Bloody army, plague
Dec 19 Red Planet enters Capricornus Suffering from sin

Morning Star (Symbol of Authority)

New Year Capricornus Gentile leader
Jan 10 Aquarius True/False prophet
Feb 4 Pisces Christ High Priest, Throne of Grace
Mar 1 Aries Military leader, coach
Mar 30 Taurus Conqueror of empire, riches


May 20 Annular Solar Sun in Taurus, Almighty God entering Taurus fulfillment of Davidic Covenant
June 4 Partial Lunar Eclipse Death of Jezebel - Moon in Scorpius Jezebel; Sun in Taurus
Nov 13 Total Solar Eclipse Sun in Libra
Nov 28 Penumbral Lunar Eclipse Satan's attack on Bride - Moon in Taurus near Almighty God Millennial King and Bride


The year, 2012, stands for authority.  There is no authority except from God (Rom 13:1).  God the Father established His authority over everything in the original Decree of His Design Specification over all Creation.  The Lord Jesus Christ was appointed Creator and Sovereign Executor.  The Lord Jesus Christ sits on the Throne of God overseeing all Creation.  To obey God means great blessing and Happiness, but to disobey Him is a prescription for cursing.  The angels who rejected God's authority were sentenced to the Lake of Fire.  Men who reject Salvation will also go to the Lake of Fire.

After Salvation, the Christian must recognize and submit to God's authority.  This is not so simple as waiting for God to command each action.  It requires learning about God through Bible Doctrine.  Every Christian is free to accept or reject the authority of his Right Pastor.  Those who recognize their Right Pastor and obey the message that he teaches will also be obeying God's authority and qualify for blessing.  Only under the authority of God will the believer be free from the power of the Old Sin Nature and the Cosmic System.

Only those who obey authority have fellowship with God.  Fellowship with God requires the Filling of the Holy Spirit and obedience to divine command.  Those who reject divine authority include legalists on the one hand and the lawless on the other.  Both are under slavery to Satan and his Cosmic System.  God has a plan for every Christian's life.  To live that life means being willing to discover God's calling and submit to it.

This year the expression of God's authority will be exceptional since 12 is the number for authority.  The key to understanding the expression of God's authority will be the transit of the Morning Star on June 5/6.  Those with humility can expect vindication, but those who are arrogant can expect severe punishment (Jas 4:6).  Satan has had a strong hand in the churches through the Prostitute of Babylon in the last eight years, but that will be turned around for those pastors and congregations who hear and obey the Word of the Lord.

The year, 2012, is a great opportunity for those believers with Doctrine to advance into a new era of history.  That era may see God's blessing upon the Arab Gentiles, and Satan's plan for world domination through Islam defeated.


1.  Larry Wood.  Biblical Astrology, "Transits," Dec. 31, 2011.
2.  Larry Wood.  "God of the Covenants," Sept. 4, 2002.

Released January 1, 2012

Author:  Larry Wood