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Denver Broncos Miraculous Win Over Bears

Denver Broncos Miraculous Win Over Bears

December 11, 2011 (Day 345, Victory Over Stronghold):  In what can only be described as yet another miracle, the Denver Broncos beat the Chicago Bears in overtime 13 10 to clinch first place in the AFC West.  In a repeat performance of six of the last seven victories, Denver came from behind to win.  The miraculous performance of the Denver Broncos against almost certain defeat and just in the nick of time, has left the sports world stunned and at a loss for words.  Denver quarterback Tim Tebow's trademark of doing the impossible has become a Bronco team trademark.  "Tebow time" has become "Bronco time."  The Denver Broncos have clearly emerged as winners, and in their victories their opponents have become losers by making bad mistakes.

Against Chicago, behind 10 0 with 2:08 left in the Fourth Quarter, Denver scored a touchdown.  With Denver out of timeouts, Chicago got the ball after Denver failed to recover an onside kick.  The clock stopped for the 2-minute warning. Then Marion Barber, #24, who had scored the only Chicago touchdown, flubbed up and ran out of bounds.  This stopped the clock; and after Chicago punted, Denver had the ball on their own 20 with 53 seconds left.  Denver drove 39 yards and tied the game with a 59-yard field goal by Matt Prater, #5, with 8 seconds remaining.

The game went into overtime.  After winning the toss, Chicago drove the ball to the Denver 34 where Marion Barber fumbled and Denver recovered.  Denver drove the ball back down to the Chicago 33, and Prater kicked the game-winning 51-yard field goal.

This was Denver's sixth straight win and the seventh in eight games since Tebow became the starting quarterback.  Tebow led game-winning drives in six of the seven victories in the fourth quarter or overtime.

Denver Bronco Summary of Last Games

Game Win/Lose Score Comeback Remarks
Miami Win 18 - 15 Overtime Down 15-0 in last 3 minutes.
Detroit Lost 10 - 45 . .
Oakland Win 38 - 24 . Spectacular touchdown runs and passes
Kansas City Win 17 - 10 . 56-yd winning pass with 6:44 left in 4th Quarter
New York Jets Win 17 - 13 Comeback Broncos trailed 13 10 with less than 6 min. to play; scored inside 1 min.
San Diego Win 16 - 13 Overtime .
Minnesota Win 35 - 32 . Prater winning field goal on last play
Chicago Win 13 - 10 Overtime .

Denver had won 1 and lost 4 in the first five games of the season under quarterback Kyle Orton.  The fans demanded Tebow.  When Tebow was finally allowed to play, the team started winning.  Tebow became starting quarterback on October 11, 2011, where 11 is the number of players on a football team and associated with the meaning of the year 2011.  With Tebow at quarterback, the team won seven of its next eight games usually with the Tebow trademark of near-impossible plays.  The way Denver has won has been truly historic in professional football.  The sportscasters have been unable to explain it, and the fans are elated.

Star Chart

Denver vs. Chicago Chart, 12-11-11The Chart for the Denver Broncos win over the Chicago Bears contains a Star of David and a Plow.  The Star of David is a sign of great blessing.  It is the sign of highest quality.  The Plow is a sign of intense suffering, like being plowed under.  The Denver win over Chicago embodied both signs, an historic victory against almost certain defeat.  It was Denver's greatest last-minute comeback, and Chicago had vowed that Denver would never do this to them.

Denver won the game as the Moon was rising on the Ascendant in Gemini, for a football team.  Gemini symbolizes a witness, and the game was on December 11, 2011, where 11 is for a witness.  There are 11 players on a football team, and the year 2011 was predicted to be a great year for football.

The Last Adam was on the Descendant in Sagittarius, for an enemy attack.  The Bears mounted a last-minute attack in overtime and took the ball down to the Denver 34, where Barber fumbled.  Also in Sagittarius was the Morning Star, for a battle leader, or leader of a raiding band.  That was Tim Tebow, who led the comeback facing almost certain defeat.  And from a purely subjective perspective, Sagittarius does correspond to horses, or broncos.  Also, the Almighty God Planet in Aries symbolized a big, powerful quarterback, which was Tim Tebow (6'3", 235), who has the same sign in his Birth Chart.

Midheaven was in Aquarius along with the Redeemer Planet, for sensational good news.  The Bronco win drove the Denver crowd into a celebratory frenzy.  And the Bottom of Heaven, IC, was in Leo in conjunction with the Red Planet.  The Bottom of Heaven, IC, in Leo symbolizes standing before the footstool of the conquering king and facing death.  And the Red Planet in Leo symbolizes a lion's den.  The Denver victory had to overcome these almost certain signs of doom.

The Sun was in Scorpius, which can symbolize Christ, the Light in darkness, or Satan, as an angel of light.   And the Savior Planet in Scorpius symbolizes the Christian rescued from Satan.  As related to the football game, the Sun and Savior Planet in Scorpius  corresponded to the strategic counterattack of Marion Barber, #24, for Satan's strategic attack.    At first he appeared to be the winner of the game when he scored Chicago's only touchdown.  However, in the end, he was the loser after running out of bounds and fumbling the ball in overtime.

The Mediator Planet was at the point of the Plow in Pisces, for an intercessor, like Jesus Christ on the Cross.  It was obvious that Denver was about to lose when Tim Tebow and others offered intercessory prayers and the Lord turned the tide from cursing to blessing, and Denver cruised to victory.  The God of the Covenants Planet was in Libra, for Escrow Blessings, which was further indication that the Denver victory was associated with God's blessing of a winner believer.  The winner believer would have been an invisible hero, not Tim Tebow, who was obviously a visible hero.


The Denver Broncos winning streak is God's work and not due to any one player or coach.  The near-impossible, last-minute victories could not have been won even by great plays.  Losers had to help their team lose.  The Dolphins and the Raiders just fell apart toward the end.  In the Jets' game, the loser was defensive back Eric Smith, #33, who tried to blitz and allowed Tebow to sweep the end and score the winning touchdown.  In the Chicago Bears' game, the loser was Marion Barber, #24, who ran out of bounds, leading to the Denver tie, and fumbled in overtime, leading to the Denver victory.

The Denver victory over Chicago on December 11, 2011 revealed God's purpose in the football games.  The near-impossible Denver victories demonstrated the Doctrine of the Winner-Believer, who receives blessings in Time and Eternity, in contrast to the loser-believer, who goes to Heaven but forfeits his rewards in Time and Eternity.  The great blessings for the Winner-Believer were symbolized in the Star Chart on December 11 by a Star of David and a Plow, for great blessing in the face of great suffering.  The Moon was rising in Gemini, for a football team.  The number, 11, stands for a witness and corresponds to Gemini and is the number of players on a football team.


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Released December 12, 2011

Author:  Larry Wood