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Gaddafi's Son Captured

Gaddafi's Son Captured

November 19, 2011 (Day 323, Spiritual Uptrend):  Muammar Gaddafi's son Saif al-Islam was captured by Libyan rebel fighters in the Sahara Desert early this morning about 1:30 AM local (2330 GMT).  He was captured without resistance by Zintan rebel fighters about 70 Km (40 mi.) west of the oasis town of Ubari in southern Libya.  Four others traveling with him in two cars were also captured.  His right thumb, index finger, and middle fingers were bandaged from a wound from a NATO air strike Oct. 19.

Saif al-Islam, 39, was captured on November 19, 2011, Day 323, where the numbers mean:  39 sin unto death, 11th month witness as in court, 19 a king (corresponding to Libya), 323 judgment of an historical uptrend.

Star Chart

Gaddafi Saif al-Islam Capture Chart, 11-19-11The Chart at the time of Saif al-Islam's capture at 1:30 AM Libyan time (2330 GMT and 0030 on the Star Chart) contained a Pit, a Plow, and a Father and Sons configuration.  A Pit symbolizes a trap.  A Pit is an inverted Castle, which also applies as the symbol of the overturning of the Muammar Gaddafi regime.  A Plow symbolizes intensified suffering, like being plowed under.  The Plow pointed to the Sun in Scorpius, for Satan, as an angel of light.  Saif pretended to be a good person.  The Father and Sons Configuration consists of the Sun with the Savior Planet and Morning Star in conjunction.  Here the Sun is like a father and the other two planets are like children.  The Sun in Scorpius is for Satan as an angel of light, and the two planets symbolize the children of the devil.  This corresponds to Muammar Gaddafi as Satan and his children as the children of the devil.

The Ascendant Sign was the Red Planet in Leo, for a tyrant, which describes Saif.  The Moon was also in Leo, for a ruling family, corresponding to the Gaddafi family.  The Descendant was the Redeemer in Aquarius, for Good News.  Aquarius corresponds to the oasis town of Ubari and Wadi al-Hayat.

The Bottom of Heaven, IC, was in Scorpius, for going down to Hades.  Also in Scorpius was the Sun and the conjunction of the Savior Planet and Morning Star, which is the Father and Sons Configuration as previously explained.  Scorpius corresponds to Myahmar, which is strangely similar to Muammar.

The Father and Sons Configuration in Scorpius has an interesting connection.  The Birth Charts of Republican Presidential candidate Herman Cain and Seventh Day Adventist Ellen White have the same sign.  Ellen White was inspired by Satan to write scripture, which is accepted by the Adventists.  She was the epitome of Jezebel, and her followers are children of the devil.  And Herman Cain suffered a sudden mental lapse while trying to answer a reporter's question about Libya in Milwaukee earlier in the week on November 14.  Yesterday, when he tried to explain himself in Orlando, Florida, he got tangled up again.  One explanation for Cain's mental lapse is that it was caused by Satan.  It also related to today's capture of Gaddafi's son in Libya at 1:30 AM (6:30 PM EST Friday), which occurred a few hours after Cain's Orlando explanation.


Muammar Gaddafi's son, Saif al-Islam, was captured near the desert oasis of Ubari in southern Libya.  He had injuries from a NATO air strike of October 19.  The fingers symbolized his will (thumb), ego (forefinger), and destiny (middle finger).  His capture completed the overthrow of the Gaddafi family as symbolized by the Moon rising in Leo.  The Red Planet on the Ascendant in Leo symbolized a tyrant, corresponding Saif's leadership role in the brutal Gaddafi regime.  The capture was on November 19, where 19 is for a king, corresponding to the rule of Gaddafi and the location of Libya in the region associated with Dan in Africa.

Saif's capture was symbolized by an overturned Castle, or Pit, corresponding to a trap.  A Plow pointed to the Sun in Scorpius, for intensive suffering associated with Satan as the counterfeit angel of light.  Saif portrayed himself as a good person.  The good, however, was not Divine Good.  All of our righteousnesses are as filthy rags.  The Sun in Scorpius with the Savior Planet and Morning Star forms the Father and Sons Configuration, which symbolizes Satan as an angel of light and the children of the devil, which corresponds to Muammar Gaddafi and his children.  The Sun with these two planets also appeared in the Birth Chart of Herman Cain, who had a mental lapse on Monday of this week, Nov. 14, and got confused on Friday, Nov. 18, just hours before Saif's capture.  One of the causes of mental lapses is Satan.  The loss of the Gaddafi regime was a major defeat for Satan in his attempt to use Islamic states to conquer the world and usher in a false millennium.

Saif al-Islam was 39, for the sin leading to death.  His capture likely marks the road to his death, like the sin leading to death.  Further, the Bottom of Heaven, IC, in Scorpius indicates that Satan may be allowed to administer the sin leading to death.


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Released November 19, 2011 - Revised November 20, 2011

Author:  Larry Wood