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Female Hippopotamus of Virgo Attack

Hippopotamus, 9-27-11, UW
Virgo Hippo
Hippopotamus, 9-28-11, UW
Virgo Hippo

Female Hippopotamus of Virgo Attack

September 27, 2011 (Day 270, Horns):  Today, the heavens and Earth shouted as a Stellium of five planets lined up in Virgo, and the image of a giant hippopotamus appeared over the Great Lakes.  The Stellium of five planets in Virgo included the Sun and Moon at New Moon.  Over the Great Lakes was the big mouth of an hippopotamus, the river horse of the Nile and Egypt (Job 40:15-24; Isa 30:6).  Five planets in Virgo is a powerful sign associated with the woman.  The Great Lakes is the region of Virgo.  And the hippopotamus is the sign of a virago and Baal.  These signs mean power of the female over the male, for which there is no defense.  A Stellium of five planets in a sign will penetrate the defenses of anyone.

The Stellium in Virgo means during this period women will have unstoppable power.  The planets in Virgo combine to make a bad time for men.  Women will be able to melt them like butter, put their lights out, mesmerize, and capture them.  This will be especially true in the Right Man Right Woman relationship.  If either has weakness from Biorhythms, for example, that can be parlayed into a debilitating force upon the man.  Furthermore, the image of the hippopotamus was no accident.  The power even extends into the animal kingdom.

A Personal Note

Yesterday, after I finished running, I was changing my shoes to mow the grass when a squirrel bolted into the garage.  He dived into some boxes, and I rushed to prevent him from proceeding any further.  After he stopped, I stooped to tie my shoes before getting the broom to shoo him out.  When I looked up, there was another squirrel in the driveway preparing to enter the garage also.  I still didn't have the broom; so, I lunged at her (?).  But, to my amazement, she wasn't frightened.  She stood her ground, and looked me in the eye.  Well, I wasn't about to let another squirrel in the door, so I jumped at her and she ran away.

I got the broom and went looking for the other squirrel, while keeping an eye out for the other frisky one, lest she return.  I saw the tail of the first squirrel behind the garage door spring and nudged it with the broom.  But the squirrel didn't want to come out, apparently not from fear of me, but from fear of the other squirrel.  When I got him dislodged, he took off for the nearest tree with the other young squirrel chasing close behind.

I was dumbfounded that I had been caught between two squirrels as the referee of their fight.  Could it be the squirrels had lost their fear of humans because people were feeding them?  Before the day was over, I would witness a teen girl melt a guy like butter and have to fend off a hostile demon attack.

Star Chart

Virgo Stellium Chart, 9-27-11The Chart at the time of the New Moon in Virgo contained a Stellium of five planets with the Sun and Moon in Virgo and a Plow.  A Stellium of five planets in a sign is like a battering ram, or perhaps more appropriately, a radar dish.  It signifies great power associated with Virgo, the Virgin and symbol of the female.  A Plow is the sign of intensified suffering, like being plowed under.  The point of the Plow at the Last Adam in Sagittarius symbolizes an enemy or Satanic attack, such as the new government policy of homosexuals serving in the military, which began on September 20.  Sagittarius corresponds to Arizona and Pakistan.

The Stellium in Virgo was on the Ascendant at the time of the New Moon.  Although there was no Solar Eclipse, the New Moon is like an Eclipse Test in which the Right Woman (symbolized by the darkened Moon) puts out the lights of the Right Man (symbolized by the Sun).  Thus, the rising power of the woman on the Ascendant was aimed at her Right Man, like the woman in the Garden when she sinned.  Therefore, the Stellium contained the powerful sign of the woman trouncing upon the man.

Also in the Stellium was the Savior Planet, symbolizing Rachel weeping for her children.  Rachel's children were her adult sons, who were in the military (Jer 31:15).  So, this could be more suffering directed at men.  The Morning Star in Virgo symbolizes sons of light, or believers.  In this context, the sons of light are the men who believe the woman and are mesmerized by her.  And the Mediator Planet in Virgo symbolizes a caretaker, which corresponds to more power of the woman.  This could have a good connotation or a bad one, such as caretakers who are emergency service personnel.

The Moon will leave Virgo and enter Libra on September 29, 2011 (shown in red on the Chart).  The Moon in Libra can symbolize a jury.  The other four planets would still be in Virgo as a powerful symbol of the influence of the sign in the Chart.  The Moon in Libra would be a crescent, like the horns of a bull or tusks of an hippopotamus as symbols of Judgment.

The Moon will enter Scorpius on October 1, 2011.  The Moon in Scorpius symbolizes Jezebel.  The Moon will be a crescent until the First Quarter on October 4, 2011 when it will be in Sagittarius, symbolizing an army or business customers.  The other four planets will still be in Virgo until October 5, when the Morning Star will slip out into Libra.  Thus, the woman's power over the man, for which he has no defense, will continue through October 4, 2011.

Opposite the Sun in Pisces is the Mediator Planet, for a priest or a witch.  The New Moon can be associated with witchcraft.  The Mediator Planet is on the Descendant as the Sun and New Moon are rising on the Ascendant.  Thus, the Mediator in Pisces on the Descendant can be a sign of witches attacking the man.  This can be in the form of demon attacks.
The Almighty God Planet was in Aries, for a Commander or CEO.  Aries corresponds to New York.  And the Red Planet was in Cancer, for suffering, sickness, weakened health, or a prisoner.


The Stellium of five planets in Virgo at the time of the New Moon on the Ascendant symbolizes the woman's power over the man in which the man will be defenseless.  To make matters worse, the woman can be the Right Woman, who could succumb to sin or evil, like the woman in the Garden.   Virgo corresponds to the region around the Great Lakes where there was the image of an hippopotamus on the satellite map.  An hippopotamus symbolizes a river horse, woman soldier, or Baal, the giant.  Thus, the hippopotamus over the region of Virgo in the US has the same meaning as the Stellium in Virgo.  The region around the Great Lakes corresponds to Naphtali, the doe and symbol of peace, which is also associated with the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.

The Plow pointed at the Last Adam in Sagittarius symbolizes an enemy or Satanic attack, like homosexuals in the military, which became accepted policy on September 20, 2011.  This is guaranteed to bring Divine cursing from Satan and his demons of darkness.  The Commander of the Joint Chiefs agreed to this policy, corresponding to the Almighty God Planet in Aries, for a Commander.  The policy will weaken the vitality of the military personnel, corresponding to the Red Planet in Cancer for suffering and weakened health.

The squirrel that was chased by another squirrel into my garage corresponds to the female attack upon the male per the Stellium in Virgo and the attack upon males in the military.  A squirrel symbolizes a philanderer or a flirt.  Being caught between two squirrels is like the father who catches his daughter philandering with a philanderer.  The introduction of animals into the scenario, indicates that Astrology Charts also apply to animals.  And the Mediator Planet in Pisces on the Descendant, for a priest or a witch, indicates that the charts can also apply to demons.

The hippopotamus with its big mouth over the region of Virgo and Naphtali, the doe and symbol of peace, also corresponds to the attempt of the Palestinians to secure United Nations recognition in the Security Council.  This amounts to an attack of Baal upon the Abrahamic Covenant.  Those who back the Palestinian land grab proposal will be in opposition to the unconditional Abrahamic Covenant, which God will defend.  Those who support the Palestinians will face the curse of Abraham (Gen 12:3).

Released September 28, 2011

Author:  Larry Wood