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Angelic Pictures of GOP Presidential Debate

9-7-11, 2315 GMT, UW 9-8-11, 0015 GMT, UW 9-8-11, 0030 GMT PSC

Angelic Pictures of GOP Presidential Debate

September 8, 2011 (Day 251, Arrogance):  During last night's GOP Presidential debate, the weather angels posted pictures in the sky.  A goat over Florida faced off with Hurricane Katia, which posed as the Prostitute of Babylon.  The goat tore into the hurricane with wind shear and dry air, and the hurricane weakened.  Newly formed Tropical Storm Nate was at the tail of the goat in the saddle of the Yucatan.  A goat is a desert creature that symbolizes Satan, the man of lawlessness, and the sins of the Gentiles.  Hurricane Katia symbolized the Prostitute of Babylon sitting on the water.  This corresponds to the confrontation between the beast and the prostitute in the Tribulation (Rev. 17:16).  Since the Prostitute rules the economy, she also corresponds to the major topic in the GOP debate.  And since Texas is currently like a desert because of the drought, the goat could symbolize US Rep. Ron Paul, who is from Texas.

On the West side of the Mississippi was a large image of a lion.  A lion symbolizes a Throne Angel, which may be an Elect Angel or Satan, the roaring lion (1 Pet 5:8).  The image of the lion had a smug expression, like Muammar Gadaffi.  The GOP Presidential Debate was held in California.  This correlates with the lion coming from the West.

And above the goat over the northeastern US, was the image of a woman with long hair lying horizontal on her back.  The image was not very clear, but it stayed there long enough to show that it was meant to be part of the scene.


God appoints authorities, including Presidents (Rom 13:1).  Therefore, there is no need to mix politics with the Church.  However, it is the Church that has the loudest voice in whom God appoints.  The weather angels illustrated the events of the day, which included the GOP President Debate from California.  It is angelic art, and food for thought.

Author:  Larry Wood