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Tropical Storm Lee Landfall Louisiana

Tropical Storm Lee Forms, 9-1-11, UW
Tropical Storm Lee, 9-3-11, UW
Prostitute of Babylon
Tropical Storm Lee, 9-3-11, UW
Tropical Storm Lee, 9-4-11, UW

Tropical Storm Lee Landfall Louisiana

September 4, 2011 (Day 247, Peace):  Tropical Storm Lee began creeping ashore in Louisiana near Iberia around 8:15 AM CDT (1315 GMT) on September 3, 2011.  At least, that was the time one of the two large vortices that took the place of an eye reached land.  The other vortex didn't reach Marsh Island until the afternoon.  The wind was about 45 knots, but the storm, which moved inland at only 3 mph, produced heavy rainfall for hours.  The rain bands swept through Mississippi, Alabama, and northwest Florida.

The storm began to form in the Gulf of Mexico on September 1, when it appeared as the head of a large scorpion that stretched across Florida and off the east coast of North Carolina.  That was the 42nd anniversary of Muammar Gaddafi's rise to power in Libya.  Then the Moon was in Libra, which corresponds to Libya.  But by the time Lee began coming ashore in Louisiana, the Moon had just entered Scorpius, the Scorpion and symbol of Satan, the Evil One, and Simeon criminality.  Louisiana, where Lee made landfall, is in the region corresponding to Scorpius and Simeon.  By midnight on September 2, Lee appeared as a woman with long hair sitting on the water, which symbolized the Prostitute of Babylon sitting on many waters (Rev 17:1).  Gaddafi's police state was ruled by the Prostitute of Babylon.

When Lee began coming ashore in Louisiana, it appeared like an eagle, the symbol of a Throne Angel, which destroys a Client Nation.  As the storm moved inland, it flooded the Gulf Coast from Houston to Pensacola.  To the north, a weather elephant that reached the Great Lakes brought heavy thunderstorms and lightening that interrupted College football games in Michigan and Indiana.  Notre Dame stadium was cleared at half-time about 5:12 PM due to lightning, and Michigan versus Western Michigan in Ann Arbor was called off in the third quarter.

Tropical Storm Lee made landfall on September 3, Day 246, where the numbers mean:  3 - the Justice of the Holy Spirit, and 246 - pregnancy.  The next day, September 4, Lee was still listed as a Tropical Storm by the National Weather Service.  Then it appeared as a large alligator that stretched across the eastern US.  An alligator is the symbol of Baal and Jezebel.

Star Chart

TS Lee Landfall Chart, 9-3-11The Chart at the time Tropical Storm Lee began coming ashore in Louisiana contains a Castle, a Trumpet, and a Plow.  A Castle is the fortress, or domain, of a king who rules over loyal subjects.  A Plow is a sign of intense suffering, like being plowed under.  And a Trumpet is the sign of a herald, who broadcasts the news.  The Plow was undermining the Castle, and the Trumpet was telling about it.  The Plow was pointed at the Moon in Scorpius, which symbolizes the Church of Satan, a coven of witches, or the Prostitute of Babylon.  And Scorpius corresponds to Louisiana on the Zodiac Map.  Thus, the Plow pointing at the Moon in Scorpius symbolized Tropical Storm Lee striking Louisiana.

The Sun was in Leo, for the King of glory, corresponding to the glory previously enjoyed by Muammar Gaddafi.

Although the exact time of landfall cannot be determined due to the shape of the storm's vortices, at the time the storm began making landfall, Virgo was rising and Pisces was going down.  The Almighty God Planet in Virgo symbolized a caretaker, corresponding to the emergency services personnel associated with the storm.  And Virgo corresponds to Michigan and Indiana, where college football games were stopped due to lightning.  The Mediator in Pisces was setting, corresponding to Balaam.  Pisces corresponds to the region of Mississippi and Alabama, which was flooded by Tropical Storm Lee.

The configurations on the Chart, thus, correspond to news events.  They are associated with the events in Libya, where the dictatorship of Muammar Gaddafi has been overthrown by the rebels.  The Castle corresponds to his dictatorship.  The Plow symbolizes the rebels undermining it.  And the Trumpet symbolizes broadcasting the news of the event.

In the USA, the Castle corresponds to government institutions, like the Criminal Justice System and Law Enforcement that have been infiltrated by the Prostitute of Babylon.  The Plow pointing to the Moon in Scorpius symbolizes the attack of the Prostitute of Babylon through criminality.  Tropical Storm Lee hitting Louisiana symbolized the curse of Jezebel through criminality.  Thus, Louisiana symbolized the criminals, and Alabama and Mississippi in Pisces symbolized Law Enforcement.  Both have been infiltrated by the Prostitute of Babylon to the extent that the Judicial System has broken down.  It is impossible to get rational verdicts out of the Judicial System due to infiltration of the Prostitute of Babylon in both the Criminal Justice System (Law Enforcement and prosecutors) and the juries.  Even the military is unable to conduct trials of terrorists in Guantanamo.  And the CIA has changed its strategy from capture to kill.  That's why Bin Laden was killed rather than captured.  He couldn't be tried effectively in either military or civilian courts associated with this nation.

The configurations in the Chart also correspond to the Strauss-Kahn case in New York.  Strauss-Kahn, who was treated like a criminal, when he had apparently never committed a crime, was forced to post $1 million cash bail, a $5 million bond, and pay for armed guards for his own house arrest.  After his arrest on May 14, he was kept under arrest until the charges were dropped on August 23.  After Tropical Storm Lee hit Louisiana on the morning of September 3, Strauss-Kahn flew home to France that night.  France corresponds to Gemini on the Chart.  The Red Planet in Gemini symbolized bloody witnesses or a bloody bridegroom.  A bloody bridegroom corresponds to a man in suffering from the Prostitute of Babylon, and bloody witnesses correspond to the suffering of witnesses due to the failure of the Criminal Justice System.  This happened in Libya, and it is happening in the USA.  The Redeemer Planet in Aquarius can symbolize hospitality, which was not afforded Strauss-Kahn.  Judicial ethics and hospitality are almost meaningless terms today.

And the configurations in the Chart correspond the latest economic downturn of zero job growth and the Justice Department suing financial institutions that sold worthless mortgage-backed securities to Freddie Mac.  The economy is stalled because the Prostitute of Babylon has been Judged.  Worthless securities are the sign of Satan in the financial system.


Tropical Storm Lee made landfall in Louisiana and drenched Mississippi and Alabama.  The storm made landfall in Louisiana as the Moon entered Scorpius.  Louisiana corresponds to Scorpius, the symbol of Satan as the Evil One and Simeon criminality.  Nearby Mississippi and Alabama correspond to Pisces and Law Enforcement.  The storm hitting Louisiana and drenching Mississippi and Alabama symbolizes the infiltration of the Prostitute of Babylon into both criminals (Scorpius, Louisiana) and the Criminal Justice System (Pisces, Mississippi, Alabama).

The Prostitute of Babylon has crippled the Criminal Justice System so that it is dysfunctional and a convoluted political circus.  The CIA has shifted to kill rather than capture because of this.  The Prostitute influences both judge and jury such that verdicts are irrational.  Satan controls both the criminal and the prosecutor.  The only way to stop this madness is through the invisible impact of Bible Doctrine.  The only defense against Satan is the Spiritual life.  It remains to be seen how the USA will weather this storm.


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Released September 4, 2011

Author:  Larry Wood