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Hurricane Irene Landfall North Carolina

Hurricane Irene, 8-27-11, UW Hurricane Irene, 8-27-11, PSC

Hurricane Irene Landfall North Carolina

August 27, 2011 (Day 239, Sin Unto Death):  Hurricane Irene made landfall at Cape Lookout, North Carolina at Sunrise this morning about 7 AM EDT (1100 GMT).  After the inner core of the hurricane collapsed yesterday about 1 PM EDT, the internal pressure rose to 951 millibars and the winds weakened.  However, due to the large size of the hurricane, there were still minimal hurricane force winds on the East side at landfall and strong tropical storm force winds on the West side.  Soon after landfall the rain bands had already reached Washington, DC as the storm proceeded North.  The forecast track takes it up the eastern seaboard through New York and Connecticut.

The image of Hurricane Irene on the satellite map was a horse, the symbol of war and a male phallic reversionist.  The war corresponds to the wars in Libya and Afghanistan.  Ships from Norfolk left port before the storm's arrival.  This corresponds to the Pentagon employees spilling outside during the recent earthquake.  And North Carolina, where landfall occurred, symbolizes military leadership.  Note, also that from a more subjective look, the satellite image of Irene appears to be a pompous, or arrogant, horse or even the head of Muammar Gaddafi with his flowing head scarfs.

The significance of Hurricane Irene has not been the wind, although there has been the expected trees and power lines down.  And whether there is major flooding, remains to be seen.  However, the significance of Irene is that it is Divine Judgment.  It followed six days after the earthquake that struck the eastern US and covered the same area.  It occurred on Day 239, for the Sin Leading to Death. And it symbolized the congregation's rejection of the Grace message of the pastor, like the Right Woman rebelling against the authority of her Right Man.  Also significant is that the hurricane will shut down Atlantic City, New Jersey's casinos.  It will be only the third time the 11 casinos have been shut down in their 33-year history.  The casinos symbolize Satan and the love of money.

Triangular Relation to Earthquake

Fire Refining TriangleLandfall of Hurricane Irene at Cape Lookout was related to the earthquake in Mineral, Virginia by an equilateral triangle connected to Charlotte, NC.  The equilateral triangle is 245 miles on each side when plotted on a map of true size, such as Google Earth.  An equilateral triangle symbolizes a Fire Triangle, corresponding to refining or Divine Good Production.  The triangle corresponds to a Grand Trine that was overhead at the time as shown on the Star Chart for the Fall of Tripoli the day before the earthquake.  The triangle was still in the heavens as part of a Castle during landfall of Hurricane Irene.  The city of Charlotte was named for a Queen of England from Mecklenburg, Germany, where Mecklenburg means big castle (burg).  So, Charlotte corresponds to the government, or political, counterattack, such as the forced evacuations and lies about hurricane Irene and the lies about the Strauss-Kahn case by government officials.

The triangle indicates that the earthquake and hurricane were not isolated Judgments of Ecumenical and Cosmic Babylon but were Divine Good Production.  The Divine Good Production was associated with some believer who had enough doctrine to pass the test of counterattacks from Cosmic, Political, and Ecumenical Babylon.  The Edification Complex of the Soul remained intact with Faith, Hope, and Love to pass the test of Providential Preventative Suffering.  For example, the believer didn't accept Satan's lies about the Strauss-Kahn case tied to the earthquake or the lies about Hurricane Irene.  Arrogant fools play in the surf or stand on the beach in a hurricane, while doctrinal believers stand up to hurricanes from a position of Grace and watch the deliverance of the Lord.


Hurricane Irene's landfall in North Carolina on August 27, 2011, Day 239 is significant because it symbolizes rejection of God's Grace and subsequent Sin Leading to Death (39).  The number, 27, is for a horn, which symbolizes intensified suffering, like being gored.  The number, 11, symbolizes a witness.  The Red Planet was in Gemini, for a bloody witness.  A hurricane making landfall symbolizes the attack of an army, and North Carolina corresponds to military leadership.  The attack of this army, however, was spiritual.  It came from the weather angels, like the earthquake, which came from earthquake angels that frightened animals when they appeared.  The spiritual attacks of the earthquake and the hurricane in the USA also had world-wide impact in the Angelic Conflict.  They were Judgments of Ecumenical, Political, and Cosmic Babylon.

The Judgment of Hurricane Irene covered the same area as the earthquake on August 23.  The path of Hurricane Irene is only 100 miles from the epicenter of the earthquake.  The earthquake was the Judgment of Ecumenical Babylon related to the persecution of Strauss-Kahn by Satan and the New York police state.  And the Judgment of Hurricane Irene was Judgment of Cosmic (air) and Political (water) Babylon.  Some of the hurricane will hit Washington, DC, just as the earthquake did.  The hurricane struck at Sunrise with the Sun in Leo, which corresponds to Washington, DC, Virginia, and North Carolina.  The hurricane will shut down the eastern seaboard with its major metropolitan areas.  This is a big deal that is designed to get the attention of people.  It will give them time to sit down, shut up, and listen to God.  It is also the sign of rejection of Grace and subsequent destruction of Client Nation USA.  The water in the streets symbolizes the Prostitute of Babylon, who sits on many waters (Prov 5:16; Rev 17:1).

Irene is Greek for peace.  Spiritual Peace is the fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22) and the Peace of Christ, which is available to the believer in fellowship with Christ (John 16:33).  Hurricane Irene calmed down the day before landfall due to 10-12 knot wind shear that collapsed the inner core and allowed dry air to enter.  This symbolized the fall of the arrogant hurricane.  Arrogance precedes destruction (Prov 16:18).


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Released August 27, 2011

Author:  Larry Wood