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Curse of Babylon Tornadoes Ravage US

Staff, 6-1-11, 2115 GMT SPC Storm Report, 6-1-11

Curse of Babylon Tornadoes Ravage US

June 1, (Day 152, Wall):  Tornadoes struck the United States in three distinct groups.  They struck in Massachusetts, Kansas, and California.  The pattern symbolizes Cosmic, Political, and Ecumenical Babylon.  In other words, the US was under the power of Satan, and the weather curses pointed that out.  The Latitudes of the groups were also revealing.  The Massachusetts tornadoes were at 42 N., for Baal.  The Kansas tornadoes were at 38 N., for dying in the wilderness, and 39 N., for the sin leading to death.  And the California tornadoes were at 39 N.  The people in Massachusetts were shocked to have devastating tornadoes in their neighborhood.  They thought it only happened to others.

The tornadoes in Massachusetts, which killed four people, were associated with a staff on the satellite map.  The staff, rod, or ruling scepter is a sign of judgment.  The tornadoes in Kansas, Nebraska, and California were associated with weather elephants, the symbol of Baal as the giant.  And Florida was hit by a tropical disturbance from North Carolina in the form of the "stone cut out without hands."  That was the stone that struck the statue of the world kingdoms of Babylon explained by Daniel.

The devastating tornado in Springfield, Massachusetts struck at 6:20 PM EDT as the Red Planet was setting in Aries.  Massachusetts is in the region of Aries, and the Red Planet in Aries is the sign of a bloody leader, or Satan, the father of murderers.  This corresponds to the reason for the tornadoes as involvement in the Cosmic System.

It was also the New Moon in Taurus, a sign of loss of prosperity.


The tornadoes in three groups in parallel was the sign of Cosmic, Political, and Ecumenical Babylon - meaning the US is in the Cosmic System under the power of Satan, the ruler of the world.  Although the Elect Weather Angels produced the tornadoes, they were judgment of the US for being in the Cosmic System.  The tropical disturbance that hit Florida symbolized the "stone cut out without hands" that struck the US Kingdom of Babylon to end it.  "The stone cut out without hands" struck Florida, at the foot of the US to further symbolize the fall of the US Kingdom of Babylon.  This will happen to the kingdoms of the world at the Second Advent.

Released June 2, 2011

Author:  Larry Wood