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Curse of Jezebel Tornadoes Devastate South

Tornado, Eagle 4-15-11, 1645 GMT, UW SPC Storm Report, 4-15-11 SPC Storm Report, 4-16-11

Curse of Jezebel Tornadoes Devastate South

April 17, 2011 (Day 107, Category):  A severe weather front from April 14-16 that advanced from Oklahoma to North Carolina has caused at least 40 deaths.  A weather front associated with the image of a large eagle on the satellite weather map began in Oklahoma on April 14 with tornadoes, strong winds, and hail.   A small town in Oklahoma was destroyed along with the school.  As the storms reached Arkansas, the deaths of children with parents became the theme.  The storms intensified in Alabama the next day, and proceeded to North Carolina on the third day when devastation was even more intense and concentrated.

The last two days of the storms over 100 tornado reports were received each day.  The tornadoes were accompanied by large hail and strong winds that were also devastating.  The storm front appeared on the satellite weather image as a large eagle.  Although it resempled a horse or elephant at times, it was really an eagle, which symbolizes a Throne Angel sent to punish the Client Nation.

On April 14 at 7:23 PM, the small town of Tushka Oklahoma was almost completely destroyed by a tornado.  The tornado damaged or destroyed almost every home along the two main streets.  In addition, the only school (a K-12) was demolished.  In the midst of the destroyed school some book cases with books still upright were left standing.1

At 12:50 AM in Crystal Springs, Arkansas, 18-month-old Rylin Gibbs and her father, Jeffrey Gibbs, 24, were killed as they slept when lightning split a tree that fell on their mobile home.  The mother, Rebecca, a nurse, was sleeping in another room because the daughter had been sick.8 

At 2:00 AM the morning of April 15 in Little Rock, Arkansas, a large oak tree fell into a home and killed Melissa Wedgeworth, 34. and her 7-year old son, Christopher Higgins, in his bed.  She was sleeping with him because he was frightened.  A child in a crib in another bedroom was not injured.9

At 2:30 AM CDT in Bald Knob, Arkansas, 6-year old Devon Adams was killed by a large tree that crashed through his mobile home and struck him in the head as he slept on the couch.2

At 10:55 AM CDT a tornado did extensive damage in Clinton, Mississippi.  A roof was torn off a hotel, and a bank and homes were heavily damaged.

Seven people were killed in Alabama in the storms of April 15.  At 8:15 PM April 15 in Deer Park, Alabama Jean Box and two of her sons, Sheldon, 14, and Hunter, 11, were killed when a tornado lifted a double-wide mobile home and slammed it into an oak tree 100 yards away. Jean's husband, Greg, survived,  but was severely injured along with their eldest daughter, Taylor, 17, and a friend, Shelby Driver, 17.3

At 10:55 PM in Boone's Chapel, six miles northwest of Prattville, Willard Hollon, 65, and two adult children, Steve and Cheryl, were killed.  The walls and roof were torn off the nearby Baptist Church and only the empty pews with their hymnals in them were left standing.

On April 16 the tornadoes struck North Carolina.  At 3:25 PM a tornado in Broadway, NC southwest of Raleigh, killed two people and injured one.  Lowes Hardware in Sanford was demolished, and Walmart and Big Lots were severely damaged.

At 5:16 PM EDT a tornado flattened the Refuge Temple of St. Stephen, South Carolina.  Six people in the building survived without injuries after a janitor prayed for the Lord to have mercy.4

At 4:05 PM EDT three children were killed and a a 6-month-old girl was critically injured when a tornado sent a tree crashing into their mobile home in northeast Raleigh.  Killed were Daniel Quistian, 9, and cousins Kevin Coronado, 3, and Osvaldo Coronado, 8.7  Dorothy Chambers, 82, was killed in her home near Godwin.  Power was knocked out at Ft. Bragg and multiple buildings and Simmons Airfield were damaged.5

At 4:25 PM EDT 92-year old Marchester Avery and his son, Tony, 49, who lived next to him were killed in Ammon, NC when their mobile homes were blown away.  Darleen Zupo, 54, who lived in a mobile home nearby, was also killed. There was another fatality near Benson, NC.6

At 4:58 PM EDT Brian Batista, 50, of Holly Britt Court, was killed in Bladenboro, NC.

At 7:00 PM EDT a tornado in Askewville in Bertie County, NC killed 11 and injured around 50.

At 7:05 PM EDT three people were killed in Gloucester, Virginia.  A total of 6 were killed in Virginia.  James City, Isle of Wight, Gloucester and Middlesex counties had heavy damage.

A child that was seriously injured in Camp Lejeune was airlifted to Pitt Memorial Hospital in Greenville.

Star Chart

Tornado Bald Knob, AR Chart, 4-15-11The Astrological Chart for the tornado that struck Bald Knob, Arkansas when Devon Adams, 6, died, contains a Trumpet.  A Trumpet symbolizes a herald.  The death of Devon Adams was the key to understanding the meaning of the three days of tornadoes that crossed the US.  The Sun was just entering Aries, which symbolizes the Face of Christ, which Devon would see.  The Moon was in Leo, for a politician.  Congress was debating the Budget, and the US House of Representatives would approve the 2012 Budget later in the day on April 15.  Four planets in Pisces adds great significance to the influence of that sign in the Chart.  Pisces corresponds to Alabama, where the tornadoes would go next.


The swarms of tornadoes that stretched from Oklahoma to North Carolina were all associated with a storm front that symbolized an eagle.  Even though it appeared to have a horse head or elephant trunk at times, it was really the symbol of a large eagle.  After passing off the coast to the East of North Carolina, it turned into an elephant.  An eagle symbolizes a Throne Angel, which is sent to punish or destroy a Client Nation to God.

The weather curse was from God.  The characteristic clue was the death of children in bed and with parents.  This symbolizes the curse of Jezebel.

Rev 2:22-23
22 Behold, I will throw her into a (sick) bed, and those committing adultery with her into great tribulation (severe suffering) unless they change their minds from her deeds.
23 ĎAnd I will execute her children (followers) by the death penalty; and all the churches will know that I am He who analyzes the kidneys and the hearts; and I will give to every one of you according to your deeds.
Even the men who died with their children were still under the power of Jezebel, even if they only tolerated her.  Jezebel has infiltrated every area of life, including the government, schools, and churches.  Some of the churches now even have a designated "First Lady."  Of course that is no different from deifying the "Virgin Mary."  Both are examples of Jezebel.

The tornadoes struck as Congress was bickering over the Budget before their Easter recess.  Jezebel runs the economy and Congress.

Six-year old Devon Adams was killed by a large tree that struck him in the head in Bald Knob, Arkansas.  Overhead, the configuration of the planets was a Trumpet, for a herald.  His death broadcast the reason for God's wrath.  The children died because they symbolized children of Jezebel.  The next day when the storms reached Alabama, the configuration overhead was a Skull with a Trumpet through it.  Bald Knob implied a Skull, even though the Skull did not appear until the next day.  A Skull is a morbid symbol of death.

The sick child (Rylin Gibbs) killed in bed with her father and the boy (Christopher Higgins) killed in bed with his mother further symbolized the curse of Jezebel on children.  The woman in the language of scripture was thrown into bed and her children were executed.  The symbol is children, and the reality is that children symbolize followers.  Followers include those who listen to Jezebel's lies, which are everywhere.

Many of the fatalities were from falling trees, which the powerful tornadoes stripped bare, uprooted, and broke to pieces.  Breaking down and uprooting trees symbolizes an outcast, who is either cut down (killed) or cast out of the nation when it is destroyed.


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Released April 17, 2011 - Revised April 18, 2011

Author:  Larry Wood