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NASA STS-135 Mission

STS-135 Mission Patch
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Last Shuttle Landing

NASA STS-135 Landing Atlantis July 21, 2011


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July 21, (Day 202, Divine Division):  NASA's Orbiter Atlantis landed on Runway 15 this morning in the pre-dawn darkness at Kennedy Space Center, Florida.  A crowd of Space Shuttle workers and visitors was on hand to view the final landing to bring to an end the Shuttle Program.  Main Gear touchdown was at 5:57/00 AM EDT (0957/00 GMT).  Nose Gear touchdown was at 5:57/20 AM EDT, and Wheel Stop was at 5:57/54 AM EDT.  The numbers mean:  5 - giant; 57 - Zebulun and Florida; 20 - going out and coming in; and 54 - salvation.  Atlantis landed after 200 orbits around Earth and a journey of 5,284,862 miles, where 62 stands for the end.

A ceremony marking the end of the Shuttle era was held outside the Orbiter Processing Facility at Kennedy Space Center after Atlantis was towed there from the runway.  Shuttle workers and their families had a final photo opportunity, there were brief remarks from NASA Administrator Charlie Bolden, KSC Center Director, Bob Cabana, and the astronauts, Commander Chris Ferguson, Pilot Doug Hurley, and Mission Specialists Sandra Magnus and Rex Walheim.  The final mission of Atlantis (OV-104) had four astronauts, where for is for weakness.  This corresponded to the color yellow, which as the color of the T-shirts worn by the astronauts under their flight suits.

Star Chart

STS-135 LandingThe Star Chart for Launch of STS-135 contained a Plow and a Coffin.  A Plow is a sign of intense suffering, like being plowed under.  The Plow pointed to the Last Adam in Sagittarius, which symbolizes an enemy attack.  The Coffin symbolized the museum, which will be the final resting place of Atlantis.

The Morning Star was on the Ascendant in Gemini, for the rise of a husband as the leader in Marriage.  The Morning Star was paired with the Sun in Cancer, for skilled labor, a tribute to the NASA and contractor labor force.  The pair symbolizes a witness.

The Moon was in Midheaven, for a notorious assembly of believers, corresponding to the crowd of NASA workers and visitors who gathered for the final landing of Atlantis.  The Mediator Planet was also nearby in Pisces, for a priest.

The Bottom of Heaven, IC, was in conjunction with the God of the Covenants in Virgo.  The Bottom of Heaven, IC, in Virgo symbolizes a mortal (the Orbiter Atlantis) going down to the grave.  And the God of the Covenants in Virgo symbolizes a caretaker, corresponding to the KSC Shuttle work force.  Also, Capricornus was approaching the Descendant, corresponding to Texas, the home of Shuttle Mission Control and the lead center for the Shuttle Program in Houston.

The Savior Planet was on the cusp of Cancer and Leo, for an engineer.  Massive layoff of engineers in the Shuttle Program will occur tomorrow.  The Redeemer Planet was in Aquarius, for Heavenly rest.  This is similar to the meaning of STS-135, for rest from enemies.

Last Shuttle Launch

NASA STS-135 Launch


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July 8, (Day 189, Authority Counterattack):  NASA successfully launched the last Shuttle STS (Space Transportation System)-135 at 11:29:03.9 AM EDT (1529/04 GMT) from Kennedy Space Center under overcast skies.  It was the 33rd and final Launch of Orbiter Atlantis (OV-104), which was first launched October 3, 1985.  Only four astronauts were aboard the cargo resupply mission to the Space Station.

The weather was a big concern.  The potential for showers that could threaten a Return to Launch Site Abort had to be considered by the Mission Manager prior to coming out of the T-9 minute hold.  Then at T-31 seconds the Countdown was held due to failure of the Ground Launch Sequencer Software to verify retraction of the Gaseous Oxygen Vent Arm, "Beanie Cap."  However, retraction was verified with a TV camera, and the Countdown continued.

Star Chart

STS-135 LaunchThe Star Chart for Launch of STS-135 contained a Grand Cross, which is a sign of intensive suffering, like dying on the Cross.  The suffering corresponds to 1,800 employees who will lose their jobs this month due to the end of the Shuttle Program.  The square in which the Grand Cross was inscribed also corresponds to the shape of the Mission Patch.

The Sun was in Gemini, the Twins, and symbol of a witness, corresponding to the meaning of the year 2011, for a witness.  The Sun in Gemini also symbolizes a glorious marriage.  The British royal newly weds, Prince William and Princess Kate, arrived in Los Angeles later in the day.  Gemini corresponds to the location of California.

The Moon was in Virgo, for civil servants, corresponding to the Shuttle work force.  And the Savior Planet was in Cancer, for engineers, corresponding to a large percentage of the Shuttle work force.  And the Red Planet was in Taurus, for the Plagues of Egypt leading to its destruction.  Egypt symbolizes the world.  This sign is currently occurring in Great Britain where the British tabloid, News of the World, is ending.  Taurus corresponds to the location of Great Britain. The British are calling the event the end of the "World."

The orientation of the Chart precisely on the cusps along the Ascendant and Descendant, Midheaven and the Bottom of Heaven, IC, make these items ambiguous.  However, Aquarius was descending with the Redeemer Planet, for Heavenly rest, corresponding to the meaning of STS-135, rest from enemies.  Aquarius corresponds to Florida, the location of the Launch from Kennedy Space Center.  And Leo was rising from the Ascendant, which corresponds to the US government and Washington, DC.  The decision to end the Shuttle Program had to come from the US President.


STS-135 stands for rest from enemies.  The STS-135 Launch marks the end of 30 years of Shuttle launches.  During that time the NASA Space Shuttle has been on the World Stage at the point of the conflict between Good and Evil.  In spite of the fact that it took an authority counterattack (corresponding to Day 189) to launch the final mission, reaching STS-135 rather than stopping short at STS-134 lends some credibility to the Shuttle Program.  It wasn't all dead works.  David achieved rest from his enemies, when he had conquered them all.

Reaching the status of rest from enemies comes after years of Spiritual Warfare.  Every Shuttle Mission has been unique.  Although there was success in engineering and science in the temporal realm, the Shuttle Program was a war in the Angelic Conflict.  Satan fought to take over every piece of it; yet, he was denied that by doctrinal believers.  At times he took over offices and kicked all the believers out.  At other times he singled out believers for destruction.  The disasters all have a story behind them of conflict with the deadly enemy, like being in a war.  Of course, the world has been totally oblivious to the Spiritual War in NASA.

One oddity is that the Mission Patch always came true.  The STS-135 Mission Patch contained a horseshoe.  During the STS-135 Terminal Countdown Demonstration Test (TCDT, S0017) on June 22-23, 2011, a tornado hit Churchill Downs race track and destroyed some horse barns.  The horses were frightened and ran loose.

Today, there was a hold at T-31 seconds, where 31 stands for the Evil King.  Satan rules the world through the Evil King and Prostitute of Babylon.  There are many Evil Kings on the World Stage.  And the current world financial crisis is due to Judgment of the Prostitute of Babylon.

Today's Launch was delayed until 11:29/04 EDT, where 11 is for a witness, corresponding to the Sun in Gemini and the year 2011.  The number, 29, is for victory over Edom, which is like a Laws of Establishment victory.  And 4 is for weakness.  It was the 33rd mission of Atlantis (OV-104), where 33 is for the purifying Judgment of the Holy Spirit and 4 is for weakness.  There were only 4 astronauts on the mission.  The weakness of man is an opportunity for the strength of God.  "When I am weak, then I am strong" (2 Cor 12:10).

The success of the Shuttle Program has always depended on the Grace of God.  The last launch of STS-135, for rest from enemies, means there was Divine Good accomplished and the Program did not fall to Satan.  The battle is the Lord's; the victory is the Lord's; and the glory belongs to God.



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June 1, (Day 152, Wall):  Space Shuttle Atlantis completed its 3.4 mile trek from the Vehicle Assembly Building to Launch Pad 39A and was secured to the Launch Pad at 3:29 AM EDT (0729 GMT). The move began yesterday (May 31, 2011) at 8:42 PM EDT and took approximately 7 hours.

The STS-135 Mission will carry the Raffaello multipurpose logistics module with supplies and spare parts to the International Space Station. An experiment to determine the potential for robotically refueling existing spacecraft will be performed, and a failed ammonia pump module will be returned to Earth.

Mission Patch

The STS-135 Mission patch features the Space Shuttle perched atop its pedestals but constrained in several vortices.  It is inside a square, inside the arc of an omega symbol, and wedged in the red fork of the NASA airfoil symbol like Absalom in the fork of a tree suspended between heaven and Earth.  Being inside a square can be a sign of repairing damage or constrained.  The omega was meant to symbolize the end of the Shuttle Program, but as an arc, it symbolizes a broken covenant.  The Shuttle rising through the apparent circle of the omega is a further sign of a broken covenant, especially the Marriage Covenant.  Being wedged into a fork is like being skewered by a fork.  All these combine to mean a Shuttle that has been taken, captured, neutralized.

The mission number, STS-135, symbolizes rest from enemies.  Following STS-134, for the division of the land, it corresponds to the Millennium which follows the Second Advent.


Rollout of STS-135 Space Shuttle Atlantis began May 31, 2011, Day 151 at 8:42 PM EDT and concluded the next morning on June 1, 2011, Day 152, where the numbers mean:  31 - evil king; 151 - arrogance; 42 - Baal; 152 - a wall of security.  After Atlantis was secured on the Launch Pad, the year's first tropical disturbance shaped like a "stone cut out without hands" struck it.  Along with the return of STS-134 an hour before STS-135 reached the Pad, all this combines to symbolize the destruction of the Shuttle like the Tower of Babel and the destruction of the last empires of the world (Babylon) at the Second Advent, which will be followed by the peace and prosperity of the Millennium, corresponding to the number 35, for rest from enemies.

Author:  Larry Wood