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Egypt, Leader of Arab World, Free

Egypt, Leader of Arab World, Free

February 11, (Day 42, Baal):  In one of the great events of world history, Egypt, the leader of the Arab world, is free.  The people have thrown off the repressive regime of President Hosni Mubarak, who has ruled the country as a police state since 1981.  After losing their fear and taking to the streets on January 25, the people's protests forced Mubarak to resign.  As hundreds of thousands of people walked off their jobs, the nation was brought to a stand still and government bureaucrats and police thugs were no longer able to rule over a people who rejected them.  Even Mubarak, who held out to the bitter end, was finally forced to accept defeat.

In the face of the doom of the evil rule of Mubarak, he was still backed by Arab leaders like himself, and shockingly, by Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel and President Obama.  Although President Obama offered support for the Egyptian people, he did not demand Mubarak's resignation.  Granted, he had no right to do so, but that never stopped him from voicing his opinion on other issues.  In the end it is God's decision who national leaders and other authorities will be.  However, dictators cannot rule unless their people submit.  The Egyptian people suddenly got the courage to face death rather than live under repression.  They stood up to the police state and rejected the compromises offered by their political leaders and the rest of the world, including the US State Department.

The divine viewpoint of what has just happened is almost beyond belief.  Hundreds of thousands of Arabs gathered peacefully.  Only God could make that happen.  They were peaceful and civil.  Arabs, who never agree, were united in their desire to be free.  However, the stakes were high.  Egypt was the leader of the Arab world, the King of the South in Biblical prophecy.  Satan has pinned his hopes on a world-wide dictatorship of Arab Muslims, but God suddenly gave the Egyptians a taste of freedom.  Satan controlled Mubarak as the Pharaoh of Egypt.  God hardened Mubarak's heart and let Satan try his ploys through him.  Like Pharaoh, Mubarak would appear to concede and then renege.  Last night when the whole world expected him to resign, he gave a speech to the nation but continued to cling to power.

Satan is the ruler of the world.  He controls the heads of state of not only the Arab countries, but also the United States and other free countries.  Satan's world leader was the President of Egypt.  The world leaders all went down to Egypt for help.  Even the leaders of Israel went down to Egypt for help.  Mohammed Atta, who led the 9-11 terrorist attack, was from Egypt.  Egyptian police brutality has fueled the Arab terrorist movement.  The freeing of Egypt will leave the terrorists and world revolutionaries out in the cold.  Even more, it will deal a major blow to Satan's attempt to conquer the world and establish a world government before the Second Advent.

Star Chart

Egypt Freedom Victory Chart, 2-11-11The Astrological Chart for the victory of Egyptian freedom was for 6 PM Egyptian Time on February 11, 2011, which is the time that the Egyptian Vice President announced the resignation of President Mubarak.  The Chart contains a Locomotive, which signifies a strategic vision.  The Locomotive stretches from the Moon in Taurus in conjunction with Midheaven to the God of the Covenants in Virgo.  The Chart turns on the God of the Covenants in Virgo, for a caretaker, which symbolizes the caretaker government of Egypt under the Military Council.  The long-reach of the Locomotive symbolizes the strategic change that has come to Egypt with the overthrow of the Mubarak regime.  The fall of the Mubarak regime was heralded by a natural gas explosion last night in Ohio in the region of Virgo and the night before in Allentown, Pennsylvania in the region of Aries, corresponding to Egypt.

The Moon had just moved into Taurus and was in conjunction with Midheaven in Aries to symbolize the glorious powerful group of anti-Mubarak protesters who brought down the Egyptian government.

The Sun had just set in Capricornus, for Gentile glory.  Egypt symbolizes the world and the Gentiles.  The Sun was in conjunction with the Red Planet, for suffering of the Gentiles.  The Savior Planet was also in Capricornus, for a rescuer.  The Lord rescued Egypt from the power of the evil King of the South.  And the Redeemer Planet, which was setting, was in Aquarius, for the good news of the redemption of Egypt from the Mubarak regime.

The Morning Star and Last Adam were in conjunction in Sagittarius.  The Morning Star symbolized commanders with armies, corresponding to the Egyptian army in the streets and the Military Council, which was left in charge of the country.  And the Last Adam symbolized a Satanic or enemy attack.  Satan, who was very much in the fight for Egypt, lost his hold.  However, he is sure to counterattack.

The Mediator and Almighty God Planets in Pisces, which previously symbolized Propitiation, were drifting apart.  The Mediator in Pisces symbolizes the Throne of Grace, which provided freedom to Egypt - not Baal or Allah.  And the Almighty God in Pisces symbolizes Spiritual blessing, which God provided in abundance by freeing Egypt from the power of the King of the South.

The pairs of planets not only corresponded to the meaning of the year 2011, for a witness on February 11, but also to a flood.  The fall of Egypt's autocracy came from people flooding into the streets and occupying Tahrir Square in Cairo.


It was an Egyptian, Mohammed Atta, who led the attack on the World Trade Center Twin Towers on September 11, 2001.  The number, 11, as well as twins, symbolize a witness, which corresponds to the meaning of the year 2011.  New York is in the region corresponding to Aries and Issachar, as is Egypt in Africa.  The terrorist attack on the New York World Trade Center started a war between the forces of freedom in United States and the Arab terrorists of the King of the South.  Egypt, as the leader of the Arab world, symbolizes the world and the King of the South.  The fall of Egypt's Mubarak regime symbolized the fall of the tyranny of the King of the South.  The people of Egypt, in effect, chose freedom over slavery.  Free people will not oppress others.  So, Egypt effectively chose the right side of history and dealt a crippling blow to the other evil Kings of the South and pawns of Satan in the rest of the world.

The fall of the Mubarak regime in Egypt was a testimony of the Grace of God.  The Lord reached down to the Gentiles of Egypt, who earned or deserved nothing, and united them in freedom.  The worldly Christians and Muslims were bowing down in the streets, but God overlooked their sins and gave them freedom to choose their own destiny.  Given a choice between freedom and slavery, they chose freedom.  The actions of Almighty God left the world's politicians and analysts with their mouths hanging open in disbelief.  All of their attempts to spin the news backfired in their faces.

Make no mistake.  This was God's answer to September 11, 2001.  What the politicians and the US Army could not do, He handled through peace without a trained army.  He united the Arabs such as has never been done in the history of the world.  As Mubarak behaved like Pharaoh and changed his mind, God was still in charge.  Satan was pulling Mubarak's strings like a puppet's, but God overruled Satan.  Satan was intent on using the Arab uprising to form a world government, but God set the forces of the King of the South in disarray.

After beginning the protests on January 25, where 25 is for the Sovereignty of God, Egypt finally won the victory of freedom on February 11, 2011, where 11 is for a witness.  Just as the fall of Egypt at the Exodus was a witness to the world for evangelism, so was the fall of Egypt in 2011.  The whole world will hear, and the people will have an opportunity to believe God and the testimony of His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, just as Rahab did.

February 11 was Day 42, for Baal (and Jezebel), the bear, and Russia.  Baal is the God of Islam.  Mubarak rose to power on October 14, 1981, where 81 is for the grace counterattack of Jezebel.  Mubarak ruled under a state of emergency through a police state.  He symbolized the Evil King and the police state under his son in the Interior Ministry was ruled by the Prostitute of Babylon (Jezebel).  His regime finally fell on Day 42, for Baal and Jezebel.

Mubarak was born in Kafr-El-Meselha, north of Cairo in Egypt in the region of Aries on May 4, 1928 under the sign of Aries, for a glorious leader.  He led the Air Force in the 1973 Yom Kippur War against Israel.  He was born to rule Egypt.  God raised him up, and God took him down at age 82, for a breakpoint in history.  The strategic alignment of history has changed with the fall of Mubarak and the rise of the freedom of the Gentiles in Egypt.

Author:  Larry Wood