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Sun Halo,

New Covenant to the Church

Sun Halo, 1-11-11, 1713 EST

Sun Halo

January 11, (Day 11, Witness):  Another Sun halo appeared around the Sun over Titusville, Florida from 5 to 5:15 PM EST (1700 GMT).  The Sun halo appeared at Sunset with the Sun surrounded by horns, which symbolizes going down to Judgment, or the Judgment that ends.  The Sun halo was on January 11, 2011, where 11 stands for a witness.  The significance is that a Sun halo symbolizes the Lord's covenant with the Church in the New Covenant to the Church.  The Sun halo on the eleventh, for a witness, then, was a witness of the Lord's covenant with the Church.  The graphic Sunset was also a herald of the memorial the next day in Tucson, Arizona for the victims of the mass shooting on January 8, 2011.

The last Sun halos were visible from the same location on October 14 and September 9, 2010.  There was a pair of Sun halos in 2010, just as there was a pair the previous year over the same location on April 9 and 20, 2009.

A Sun halo is a circle around the Sun formed from the reflection of light from the ice crystals of cirrus clouds.  A Sun halo symbolizes the New Covenant to the Church (Luke 22:20).  The Sun symbolizes the Lord Jesus Christ (Psalm 19:4-6), and the circle around it symbolizes a covenant.  Therefore, the Sun halo symbolizes the Lord's covenant, which in the Church Age is the New Covenant to the Church.

Star Chart

Sun Halo Chart, 1-11-11The Astrological Chart contained a Bowl and a Plow.  A Bowl symbolizes a bowl of blessing or cursing, and a Plow symbolizes intensive suffering.  The Bowl was positioned with all of the planets except the Moon on the right, temporal, side of the Chart.  Thus, it was a Bowl of temporal cursing, corresponding to sowing to the wind (Hos 8:7a).  The Plow pointed to the Sun in Sagittarius as the point of suffering.  The Sun in Sagittarius symbolizes a shooter (or an archer) in Arizona.  Thus, the point of the Plow corresponded to the mass shooting in Tucson, for which the memorial service would be the next day.  The pairs of planets in the Chart symbolize a flood.

The Moon was very near conjunction with Midheaven to symbolize the glory of the Church.  The Church will be glorified at the Rapture when the saints receive resurrection bodies like Christ's.  The bottom of heaven, IC, was in Virgo, for a woman going down to the grave, or Sheol.  This corresponded to the shooting of US Representative Gabrielle Giffords and the other women and children in Tucson.  The God of the Covenants was nearby in Virgo, for a caretaker, corresponding to medical caretakers for the Tucson victims.

The Morning Star was in Scorpius, for Satan's fall leading to his doom.  Scorpius corresponds to Louisiana, where NASA's External Tank is fabricated.  Today, NASA had just finished announcing the results of troubleshooting of cracks in the STS-133 External Tank.  The problems were due to using the wrong aluminum stringers during manufacturing in Louisiana.  The Redeemer Planet in Aquarius corresponds to news of redemption in Florida, the home of Kennedy Space Center, where the cracks were discovered.  The Red Planet in Capricornus symbolizes criminal suffering in Texas, where the NASA press conference was held.  NASA Astronaut, Mark Kelly, from Houston, Texas, who is the husband of US Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, is the Commander of the last Shuttle Mission, STS-134.  He is in Tucson at his wife's side.

Along with the Sun in Sagittarius, was the Savior Planet, for a deliverer, corresponding to those who captured the Tucson gunman.  Also in Sagittarius was the Last Adam, for an enemy attack.

The conjunction of the Mediator and Almighty God Planets in Pisces symbolized Propitiation.  It was the third part of a great Triple Conjunction.


The latest Sun halo over Titusville, Florida on January 11, 2011, where 11 is for a witness, corresponded to another powerful confirmation of the New Covenant to the Church.  A Sun halo symbolizes the New Covenant to the Church in which the Lord Jesus Christ purchased Salvation for all mankind with His Blood on the Cross.  The reappearing Sun halo twice in 2009 and twice in 2010, followed by the one on January 11th, was a very powerful confirmation of the Lord's Covenant to the Church.

The Sun halo of January 11 was at Sunset with the Sun surrounded by horns to symbolize going down to Judgment.  The Sun halo was the evening after NASA announced the results of the STS-133 External Tank investigation and the evening before the great memorial service in Tucson for the victims of the mass shooting of January 8.  The Sunset was in Sagittarius, which corresponds to Arizona.

The Sun halo was linked to NASA's STS-133 and 134 missions.  The Morning Star was in Scorpius, corresponding to Louisiana, where the flawed External Tank for STS-133 was manufactured, and the Red Planet was in Capricornus, corresponding to Texas, the home of Shuttle Mission Control, the location of the STS-133 ET press conference, and the home of STS-134 Commander Mark Kelly, the husband of US Rep. Gabrielle Giffords.  Mark Kelly's twin brother is on the Space Station.  Twins are one of the symbols of the year 2011.  The picture of the Sun surrounded by horns is in the NASA STS-134 Mission Patch.

Author:  Larry Wood