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Meaning of 2011 - A Witness

The Year 2011
Witnesses in Court
Witnesses in Marriage
Sign of Gemini
Double Blessing
Witness of the Lord Jesus Christ
Christian Witnesses
Astrological Issues

The Year 2011

January 1 (Day 1, Unity):   The year, 2011, stands for a witness, per the meaning of the number, 11.  Witnesses include witnesses in court, Marriage, and the Spiritual life.  Witnesses are symbolized by two things standing side-by-side, such as twins or the constellation Gemini.  The Lord Jesus Christ is the "faithful and true Witness" of God (Rev 3:14).  He is the Amen, who bears witness of Himself (2 Cor 1:20; Rev 3:14).  God the Father is a witness of the deeds of people on Earth.  And Christians are witnesses for Jesus Christ.

Since the number, 11, is associated with Gemini, the year, 2011, may also be associated with geographic locations corresponding to Gemini, such as California, Israel, France and Portugal as well as the west side of cities.  The year may also be associated with Twin Cities, like Minneapolis and St. Paul, and twin peaks.  And since Gemini is associated with double blessing or cursing, the year 2011 may also be associated with double blessing or with double cursing.

Witnesses in Court

The concept of a witness was introduced in the Mosaic Law in which two individuals authenticate the truth (Deut. 17:6; 19:15; Matt 18:16).  Under the Law, the testimony of a single witness could not convict.  Two or more witnesses were required to establish validity under the laws of evidence.

Witnesses in Marriage

The man and woman in Marriage symbolize the corporate testimony of two witnesses.  The precedent began in the Garden of Eden with the creation of Adam and then 'Ishah as witnesses for the Appeal Trial of Satan.  The Right Man Right Woman relationship also involves two witnesses.

Sign of Gemini

The sign of Gemini, the Twins, symbolizes the corporate witness of the Marriage of Right Man and Right Woman, which began in the Garden and became the basic building block of society.  The geographical location corresponding to Gemini includes California, France and Portugal, and Israel as well as the West side of a city.

Double Blessing

Witnesses may symbolize double blessing or cursing.  Ephraim and Manasseh, received a double blessing from Jacob (Gen 48:8-9, 13-20). Under the laws of primogeniture, the first-born son received a double portion of the inheritance (Gen 21:5-7; Deut 21:17).  Marriage of Right Man and Right Woman may also bring double blessing as with Abraham and Sarah or Jacob and Rachel (parents of Joseph).


Twins and other people or things side-by-side symbolize witnesses.  These witnesses can also symbolize challengers, since twins may compete with each other, like Jacob and Esau.  Since the Lord hardened Esau's heart and had mercy on Jacob, the two were in competition (Gen 25:22-34; 27:27-29, 35-36, 39-40).

Witness of the Lord Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ is a witness of Himself (Jn 8:14).  He is the faithful and true witness (Rev 1:5; 3:14; 19:11).

Jesus is the amen, "truly, truly" in the Gospels.   The Greek amen, comes from the Hebrew and means true and binding, or truly.  Jesus Christ is the Amen (Rev. 3:14). He acknowledges and obediently responds to the will of God for Him and is thus, the reliable and true Witness of God.

God the Father and the Holy Spirit are witnesses for Jesus Christ.  John the Baptist, the Disciples, and the Apostles were witnesses for Jesus Christ.

Christian Witnesses

Christians are witnesses for Christ (Rom 8:16; 2 Cor 5:20; Eph 6:20; Heb 12:1; 1 Jn 1:2; 4:14; 5:10; Rev 12:17).  They evangelize the world and serve as witnesses for the prosecution in the Appeal Trial of Satan.


The two cherubim at the ends of the Mercy Seat n the Tabernacle symbolized angelic witnesses.  The cherubim were positioned with their faces looking down at the blood on the Mercy Seat to symbolize witnesses of the propitiation of God the Father through the offering of Jesus Christ.

Astrological Issues

Grand Crosses will occur nine times in 2011.  All but two will be with the Moon in Gemini, the sign of a wedding party or household.  Two will be with the Sun in or leaving Gemini, the sign of a glorious Marriage.  However, the Grand Cross is the most intensive sign of suffering in a chart.

The last of a Triple Conjunction of the Mediator and Almighty God in Pisces, for Propitiation, will occur on January 2.  There is a Bow in the Chart for that date centered in Sagittarius, which symbolizes Christ, who was "pierced for our transgressions" (Isa 53:5).

There will be six planets, including the Moon, in Pisces on April 29, the date of the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate in London's Westminster Abbey.   Pisces symbolizes a priest, and the Moon in Pisces symbolizes the Church or a congregation of believers.  The configurations include a Skull, a morbid symbol of death, and a Plow pointing to the Redeemer Planet in Aquarius, for suffering of a redeemer.  Westminster Abbey was the location of the funeral of Princess Diana, Prince William's mother.

For the first six months of the year Gemini will be empty except when the Moon passes through once a month.  Then on June 14 the Savior Planet will enter Gemini, for a faithful witness.  On June 15 there will be a total Lunar Eclipse as the Moon enters Sagittarius, for an army.  The Sun will enter Gemini the next day, June 16, for a glorious Marriage.

On July 1, there will be a Partial Solar Eclipse with the Sun in Gemini and a Grand Cross, for intense suffering of the man.  On July 18, there will be another Grand Cross as the Sun leaves Gemini.

More suffering begins on July 27 when the Red Planet enters Gemini (bloody bridegroom) in conjunction with the Moon (Right Woman).  The next day, July 28, the Moon will be in Gemini with a Grand Cross.  The Red Planet will not leave Gemini until September 11.

On October 18, a Pit configuration will appear.  A Pit symbolizes a trap, destruction, or going down to Sheol, the grave.

On November 14, a Star of David will appear with Moon in Gemini.  A Star of David is a sign of great blessing and high standards of quality.

There will be a Partial Solar Eclipse on November 25 and a total Lunar Eclipse on December 10 with a falling Castle (destruction of a stronghold or family) and the Moon in Taurus (a queen).


Gemini empty except when Moon passes through
Jan 2 - Triple Conjunction Mediator, Almighty God in Pisces (Propitiation)
Jan 4 Partial Solar Eclipse
Feb 14 - Moon in Gemini, Grand Cross
Mar 14 - Moon in Gemini, Grand Cross
Apr 10 Moon in Gemini, Grand Cross
Apr 29 Six planets in Pisces
May 7 Moon in Gemini, Grand Cross
Jun 1 - Partial Solar Eclipse
June 3 - Moon in Gemini, Grand Cross

Savior enters Gemini
Jun 14 Savior enters Gemini Faithful witness
Jun 15 Total Lunar Eclipse Moon enters Sagittarius, Savior in Gemini
Jun 16 Sun enters Gemini (Glorious Marriage)
July 1 - Partial Solar Eclipse Sun in Gemini, Grand Cross
July 18 Sun leaves Gemini Grand Cross
July 27 Red Planet enters Gemini (bloody bridegroom) in conjunction with Moon (Right Woman)
July 28 Moon in Gemini, Grand Cross
Sep 11 Red Planet leaves Gemini
Sep 21 - Moon in Gemini, Grand Cross
Oct 18 - Pit
Nov 14 Star of David with Moon in Gemini
Nov 25 - Partial Solar Eclipse
Dec 10 Total Lunar Eclipse Falling Castle, Moon in Taurus (Queen)


The year, 2011, stands for a witness, as in court.  Witnesses in court will be an issue in 2011.  The year 2011 begins the double digit years that do not carry the intensive suffering of the single-digit years of the first decade of the new millennium.  However, 2011 is stacked with its own brand of intensive suffering, since there will be nine Grand Crosses, primarily associated with the Moon in Gemini.  The Moon in Gemini is the sign of a wedding party or household; however, the Grand Cross over the Chart signifies intensive suffering, like going to the Cross.

The year, 2011, will be associated with the many different kinds of witnesses.  Foremost is the corporate testimony of the witness of the man and woman in Marriage and the Right Man - Right Woman relationship.  The royal wedding of Prince William and Kate is scheduled for April 29.  There will also be the witness of twins.  Twins may support each other or oppose each other.

Witnesses in the Spiritual life include God the Father, the Lord Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, and Christians.  The Father bears witness of the Son and people on the Earth.  The Lord Jesus Christ is a witness for God the Father as well as Himself.  He is the faithful and true Witness.  The Holy Spirit bears witness for Christ.  Christians are witnesses for Christ to man and angels.  Christians evangelize mankind and serve as witnesses before God and angels in the Appeal Trial of Satan.

The year, 2011, is associated with the sign of Gemini, the Twins.  For the first six months of the year, there will be no planets in Gemini other than the Moon each month.  Seven of the nine Grand Crosses this year are associated with the Moon in Gemini.  The Savior Planet will enter Gemini on June 14, which symbolizes a faithful witness.  The Red Planet will be in Gemini from July 27 to September 11, which stands for a bloody bridegroom (a bridegroom under suffering and condemnation of the sin leading to death).  On July 27, the Red Planet (bloody bridegroom) will enter Gemini in conjunction with the Moon (Right Woman).  Gemini also corresponds to the geographical location of California, France and Portugal, and Israel as well as the west side of cities.  It is also associated with Alachua County in Florida, which is county #11.  California is currently under cursing from the weather associated with the Judgment of the Prostitute of Babylon in the economy and the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell.  Alachua County and Gainesville in Florida are under cursing due to violation of the separation of Church and State.

The tooth of the year will be the upper left canine, which is tooth number 11 according to dental charts.  That tooth symbolizes the temporal relationship with Right Man and corresponds to the Red Planet, per the astrological relationship to the teeth.  Since the Red Planet symbolizes suffering and the canine is for tearing, the Right Man could be prone to tear into the Right Woman and others to bring suffering this year.

In sports, football could be significant, since there are 11 men on a football team.  And poets should be able to find rhymes about going to Heaven in 2011.

Author:  Larry Wood