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Weather Angel Crossing Mississippi

Angel, 12-31-10, 2215 GMT, UW SPC Storm Report, 12-31-10

Weather Angel Crossing Mississippi

December 31 (Day 365, Going Down): The killer tornadoes that crossed the Mississippi River and killed seven people in Arkansas and Missouri were the work of the weather angel who posted his picture.  The awesome picture of the angelic warrior with wings and hands appeared on the satellite weather photo.  It is quite rare for an angel to reveal a picture of himself.  The tornadoes crossing the Mississippi symbolize crossing the Jordan to invade the Promised Land and the Second Advent.

Blackbirds Fall from Sky

Shortly before midnight an estimated 4,000 to 5,000 blackbirds began falling from the sky in Beebe, Arkansas.  Arkansas Fish and Game officials are investigating and autopsies are being run, but the most likely explanation is that the birds were roused from their roost and killed in midair by New Year's Eve fireworks.

Beebe is under the arm of the weather angel.  And at the time the birds fell, the Morning Star was on the cusp of Libra, for cataclysmic judgment, about to enter Scorpius, for Satan's Fall leading to his doom.  The falling blackbirds, thus, symbolize Satan's Fall in the Tribulation leading shortly to his doom.

Beebe Tornado History

January 21, 1999:  As former Senator Dale Bumpers from Arkansas was concluding the arguments for the defense in the Impeachment Trial (of President Clinton), three tornadoes struck near Conway, Arkansas (northeast of Little Rock).  Preliminary reports are that six were injured when the tornadoes struck at 3:49 PM CST (4:49 EST). Later the death toll rose to 4, two in the Little Rock area, a baby in Beebe in White County, and one in Center Hill (45 miles northeast of Little Rock).  There were numerous injuries.

In the Little Rock area, a supermarket imploded, and a Waffle House Restaurant was damaged.  Trees around the Governor's mansion downtown were damaged but the mansion was spared.  Many had to take cover more than once as violent storms developed again and again over the same areas.

Beebe, Arkansas is where the 2.5 month old baby died in the Arkansas tornadoes. The city was also destroyed.  The baby's name was Kirk McAfee, the son of Colleen McAfee and Vaudie (husband).  Colleen was on duty at the fire station where she was a paramedic.  Her mother was baby sitting young Kirk.  After the tornado, when her fellow workers were doing their job, Colleen went to check on her baby.  She crossed through the 300 block of Cherry Street, which was the most devastated part of town,  to 412 Cherry (her mother's address).  Her mother's house was gone.  She found her mother, but she didn't find baby Kirk until an hour and a half later.  Kirk was dead.

The other victim in Beebe was Marie Taylor, 65, who lived at 313 Cherry.  Marie had polio.  She used a wheelchair and had a speech impediment.

Beebe, in White County, Arkansas was destroyed.  "Cherry Street looked and sounded like a war zone. National Guardsmen and airmen from Little Rock Air Force Base were patrolling the area in  Humvees and other military vehicles."  Lois Evans of 318 Cherry said,  "It only took 45 seconds, and look, there's nothing left. And we lost two of our neighbors, our friends."   The roof of the First Baptist Church was neatly peeled off and flopped over in one piece on the lawn. The brick walls of the auditorium "were bowed out and cracked, and rain pelted the pews that seat around 300 every Sunday morning."

Baby Kirk left a message from the tornado angel.  Kirk means church, Old Norse kirkja.


The devastating tornadoes and wind storms crossed the Mississippi on December 31, Day 365, where the numbers mean 31, evil king, and 365, going down (65).  The tornadoes crossing the Mississippi symbolize the Second Advent when the Lord will return with His angelic army and the Church to conquer the enemies of Israel.

Regarding the link to Beebe, Arkansas, the weather angel who destroyed Beebe in 1999 left a message by taking a 2.5 month old baby Kirk and 65-year old Marie Taylor (from the 300 block of Cherry Street).  Arkansas is the home state of former President Clinton, who was being impeached at the time.  Tornadoes symbolize the breakdown of Marriage Culture due to the uncircumcised male.  The baby and 65-year old woman symbolized the Four Generation Curse.  The number, 300, is for Judgment.  And 65 is for going down.  Kirk means Church, which is the only solution for Salvation and deliverance.  The Church will return with Christ at the Second Advent.

The devastating tornadoes on December 31, 2010, were on Day 365, for Judgment (300) and going down (65).  Eleven years after the Beebe tornado in 1999, on New Year's Eve before 2011, a weather angel struck Arkansas and Missouri as a witness (11) and left his picture behind.  The birds fell from the sky in Beebe as a memorial of the previous warning Judgment in 1999 when Beebe was devastated as a sign of the destruction of a nation.  The number, 365, stands for going away, never to return, as Enoch who lived 365 years and departed this Earth, never to be seen again.  Thus, the tornadoes on December 31 symbolized final apocalyptic Judgment, the ultimate doomsday.  Satan would fall to Earth in the Tribulation, never to rise again.  The blackbirds falling from the sky symbolized Satan's Fall leading to his doom in the Tribulation.  When the Lord returns, Satan will be incarcerated for a thousand years during the Millennium.  Satan will have lost his Appeal Trial.  The Church is a witness for the prosecution.

Author:  Larry Wood