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Marinette School Hostage Crisis

Albatross, 11-30-10, 0330 GMT, PSC Albatross, 11-30-10, 0345 GMT, UW
Albatross, November 29, 2010

Marinette School Hostage Crisis

November 29 (Day 333, Hurricane): Armed with two pistols, fifteen year-old Samuel Hengel took over his Western Civilization class and held the students and a teacher hostage for six hours in Marinette, Wisconsin.  While the class was watching a film of the Greek demon-god, Hercules, Hengel feigned sickness and went to the restroom.  He returned with a bookbag and two pistols, a .22 and 9 mm.  He shot the movie projector a couple of times along with another shot into the wall.  He went to the front of the class and sat on the teacher's stool and pulled a gun from his belt and put it on her podium.  The deafening sound of the gun left the class in stunned silence.  When his cell phone rang, he broke it in half, and made everyone stack their cell phones in the middle of the room.

The class began at 1:30 PM CST (1930 GMT).  So Hengel's rise to power must have been around 2:00 PM.  When the 7th Period Class began to arrive at 2:20 PM, Hengel made the teacher, Valerie Burd, 39, post a note to the door advising students to go to the library.  Hengel continued to hold the class hostage, although he never pointed a gun at anyone.  It wasn't until 3:45 PM that the principal came to check on the missing teacher and a student whose father was asking where his daughter was.  The principal unlocked the classroom door with his key about 3:45 PM and stepped into the room.  Hengel pointed a gun at him and told him to get out.  The girl whose father was looking for her was allowed to leave.  The principal called 911, and all the grand plans for a school shooting were put into motion.

A hundred law enforcement personnel, SWAT teams, fire department, and emergency responders showed up at school.  The police established contact with the teacher via the phone in the classroom.  However, Hengel was unwilling to talk to them or the teacher.  That foiled their negotiation plan.  Hengel paced the floor with sweaty palms and appeared to be depressed.  The other students talked to him about hunting, fishing, and movies. They tried to keep him calm, thinking he would snap out of it.  About 7:40, one of his friends asked if he could go to the bathroom, and Hengel let him go.  As soon as the boy cleared the door, the SWAT team made him lie on the ground face down and treated him like a criminal.  Then Hengel let four others go to the bathroom.  However, another was forced to use a garbage can in the room, which stunk up the place.

Then at 8:03 PM, apparently annoyed by the phone ringing, Hengel shot the phone.  He fired three shots.  Police, who apparently still did not have visual contact, breached the door and rushed into the class with guns drawn.  Hengel shot himself in the head and died at 10:44 the next day.  Thus ended the hostage crisis.

Everyone appeared at a loss to explain how Sam Hengel, who was such a model boy, could have done this.  He was a straight-A student, a boy scout, and without prior discipline problems.  He also studied martial arts.

Albatross Overhead

Over Marinette, Wisconsin on the satellite weather map was the image of an albatross.  The head of the albatross stretched over Wisconsin and the Great Lakes in the region of Naphtali and Virgo and the tail stretched into Louisiana in the region of Simeon and Scorpius.  An albatross is the eagle of the sea.  It flies over the sea and even sleeps on the wing.  The only time it comes to land is to mate.  It is monogamous, like the eagle, and stays with one mate for life.  It is the symbol of Marriage Culture and the Right Man - Right Woman relationship (ref. 8-24-02).

Marinette Hostage Crisis Chart

Marinette Hostage Crisis ChartAt the time of the Marinette High School hostage crisis about 2:00 PM CST, the God of the Covenants was setting in Virgo, symbolizing teaching in Wisconsin.  The Sun was in Scorpius, which corresponds to Simeon criminality and Louisiana.  The Sun in Scorpius symbolizes Satan, who disguises himself as an angel of light.  Satan perpetrated the hostage crisis with Hengel, who was the good kid angel of light.  A Plow pointed to the Red Planet in Scorpius for suffering from Satan.  And a Bowl, as a symbol of cursing, was the only other configuration.

The Moon was in Leo, for the government or politicians.  Congress had returned to Washington, DC, which corresponds to the region of Leo.  And Hengel was in a standoff against the government, which included the police and school administration.  The Moon was in opposition to the Almighty God planet in Aquarius, which can symbolize the Prostitute of Babylon, who sits on many waters.  Aquarius also corresponds to Greece, the home of the mythological lie about Hercules as the demon-god.  Hercules is actually one of the constellations in the Star Gospel in the region of Scorpius.  Hercules symbolizes the Lord Jesus Christ as the hero, Who won the victory over Satan at the Cross.2   The opposition of the Moon and Almighty God was resolved into the Red Planet in Scorpius at the point of the Plow, which symbolizes suffering, including bloodshed and violence, from Satan.

Although the precise time is not known, Midheaven was in Sagittarius near the Last Adam, which symbolizes an enemy attack.  Hengel, who was the victim of Satan, was the enemy, and the event was highly publicized.

The Morning Star was in Libra, for decisive judgment with a rod of iron, which could also symbolize the guns that Hengel used.  He used a .22 caliber, where 22 is for cursing, and a 9 mm., where 9 is for the Plagues of Egypt.

Sam Hengel Birth Chart

Sam Hengel Birth ChartSamuel O. Hengel was born in Green Bay, Wisconsin on June 27, 1995, Day 178, where 27 is for a horn, 95 is for a hero, and 78 is for sexual abuse.  Green Bay is in the region of Virgo and Naphtali.  The Birth Chart of Sam Hengel contains a Yod, a Plow, and a Coffin.  A Yod indicates  a critical sense of timing, such as the ability to seize the day.  A Plow symbolizes intense suffering, like being plowed under.  And a Coffin is for burying the dead.  Four pairs of planets in the Chart symbolize a flood.  The Noahic Flood was the worst disaster in human history.  Hengel was born under the sign of Gemini on the New Moon.  The Sun and Moon in Gemini correspond to the witness of Right Man and Right Woman in Marriage Culture, as symbolized by the albatross overhead.  The Sun and Moon are at the point of the Yod, which corresponds to Eclipse Testing.

The Plow, which is a sign of intense suffering, resolves the opposition of the Red Planet in Leo, for a lion den, and the God of the Covenants on the cusp of Pisces, for mystery doctrine, into the Morning Star in Taurus, for a champion or hero.  The point of the Plow is like being plowed under.  The attempt to plow under a hero corresponds to an iconoclast.  It corresponds to Satan's attack upon Jesus Christ as the hero symbolized by the constellation Hercules.  During the hostage crisis, Hengel shot the movie projector during the showing of a movie about the Greek demon-god Hercules.  Hengel was born in 1995, for a hero.  He was considered a hero by many because of his good grades and demeanor.  As he stood before his class with two pistols, he was like a Greek champion (such as Goliath) before the army.

The Yod symbolizes a critical sense of timing, like being able to strike while the iron is hot.  Hengel struck with a pistol.  The Yod in this Chart is a very powerful symbol  The timing window is between the Almighty God Planet in Scorpius, for Satan as the ruler of the world, and the Mediator in Capricornus, for expiation.  The Mediator in Capricornus is paired with the Redeemer on the cusp of Capricornus, for atonement.  The pair symbolizes the Great Day of Atonement as symbolized by the sacrifice of a goat while sending another goat away into the wilderness (Lev 16:7-10).  One goat was for atonement and the other for expiation.  The Great Day of Atonement foretold the Crucifixion of Christ.  The point of the Yod is the New Moon in Gemini.  Although it was not the day for a solar eclipse, it nevertheless symbolizes Eclipse Testing, corresponding to the Cross.  At the beginning of the timing window, Satan as the ruler of the world sent Jesus Christ to the Cross.  In the middle of the window, Jesus Christ paid for the sins of the world.  At the end of the timing window, Jesus Christ had made expiation for sin and Satan as the author of sin was defenseless.

Unlike the demon-god Hercules, Jesus Christ as the real Hercules became the true hero in His Resurrection.  He took over the rulership of the world from Satan.  He will become the new world ruler at the Second Advent.  In the meantime, Satan is the world ruler as symbolized by the Almighty God Planet in Scorpius.  The Lord Jesus Christ will conquer the world at the Second Advent as symbolized by the Savior in Taurus.  In the meantime, Satan will try to get the Antichrist to conquer the world as symbolized by the Savior in Taurus.

The signs of Satan, the world ruler, a hero, and world conqueror (Antichrist) are very powerful omens in the Birth Chart of Sam Hengel.  This played out with Satan using Hengel to act out Satan's rise to power in attempting to be like the Most High.  And it ended with Satan driving Hengel to the sin unto death as symbolized by the Last Adam in Scorpius, for the victim of Satan, the murderer.


The Marinette High School hostage crisis was a powerful statement in the Angelic Conflict and Human History on Day 333, for the powerful sanctifying Judgment of a hurricane.  There were no hurricanes on November 29, but there were tornadoes later that night in Mississippi.  Hurricanes are powerful storms that must be stopped by pastors, who are separate from the state.  In the Star Chart of the Marinette hostage crisis, the Mediator Planet in Pisces symbolized a priest, corresponding to a pastor separated from the state.  The Moon in Leo in opposition symbolized the state (government, police, school administration).  Samuel Hengel did not trust the state.  He refused to talk to the teacher, the principal, and the police.  This model student was smart enough to know that he had opposed them, and they were his enemies.

When he sat on the teacher's stool and took over the class, Samuel Hengel acted out the rise of Satan, who wanted to be like the Most High and sit on the Throne of God.

Isaiah 14:12-14
12 "How you have fallen from Heaven,
O shining one (star), son (Sun) of the dawn (Morning Star)!
You have been cut down to the Earth,
You who have laid low the nations!
13 "But you said in your heart,
'I will ascend into heaven (Throne Room);
I will raise my throne above the stars (Elect Angels) of God,
And I will sit in the summit assembly
In the recesses of the north.
14 I will ascend above the heights of the clouds;
I will make myself like the Most High.'
Satan took over Hengel and played out this scenario.  However, this did not happen without Spiritual Warfare.  The albatross overhead symbolized Marriage Culture and Right Man - Right Woman, which Satan tried to destroy in the antediluvian civilization, when angels cohabited with women and produced the mighty men of old from which the Greeks told the story of Hercules.  The class that was taken hostage was watching a film about the demon-god, Hercules.  This was a lie of the devil.  It's OK to teach doctrines of demons in school but not the gospel.  So, while they were studying the doctrine of demons perpetrated by the Prostitute of Babylon, who controlled the teacher, Satan entered the room and took over the class with the help of his pawn, Sam Hengel.

This hostage crisis, however, was different from previous ones in that the terrorist gunman did not try to shoot anyone, except himself when Satan had finished with him.  Hengel exhibited social anxiety.  He was irritated by cell phones.  Irritable male cell phone syndrome is a known problem among others in society.  Hengel had the problem of shooting the messenger.  He shot the film projector, a computer, and the telephone.  Other people have done similar things to express their frustrations.  Hengel collected all the students' cell phones to remove the distraction.  It is impossible to live the Spiritual life in fellowship with God while talking on a cell phone.

Hengel suffered from the same problem that fuels the Tea Party movement.  He felt disenfranchised.  He was smarter than others, and yet, the arrogant idiots around him got the attention that he thought he deserved.  That was exactly the same problem of Satan, who wanted to be God.  Hengel wouldn't talk to his teachers or police because he couldn't trust them.  When a hundred police and SWAT team members armed to the teeth can's stop a 15-year old with two pistols in five hours, there is a very serious lack of leadership.  Hengel wasn't out to hurt anyone.  Yet, the SWAT team never figured this out.  They even forced the first victim out of the room to the ground on his face and treated him like a common criminal.  They barged into the room when shots were fired, but after 5 hours they didn't have a clue that the shots were not aimed at people.

The school had spent years preparing for such an event.  Yet, the principal didn't even know that a whole class was locked in a room until a parent demanded help finding his daughter an hour later.  If the school had a security plan to handle this  typical crisis, it has now proven to be inadequate.  The plan couldn't even handle a 15-year old with no intention of harming anyone.

About 7:40 PM five hostages were released, where 5 is the number for a giant, such as the Greek Hercules.  The family members of the hostages were waiting at the Court House, a symbol of the government.  The hostages were released as Cancer was rising, where Cancer symbolizes security.  God provided the security.  He let Satan take Sam Hengel, who was so overcome that he committed suicide.  Hengel, like Judas Iscariot, did the devil's bidding and paid for it with his life.

The attack of Satan cannot be handled by the government.  Jezebel runs the government, the courts, the schools, and law enforcement.  The temporal establishment is helpless against Satan, who rules the world.  The only defense against Satan is the Christian who is separated from the  world.  Only separation between Church and state can handle the Satanic attack in Spiritual Warfare.  The state, which is under Satan's power, doesn't stand a chance.


1.  Todd Richmond, "Students chatted with Marinette gunman to keep him calm," AP, Wisconsin State Journal, Nov. 30, 2010.
2.  Larry Wood.  The Star Gospel.

Released December 1, 2010 - Revised December 3, 2010

Author:  Larry Wood