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US House Passes NASA Reauthorization Act

Goose, 4-29-10, 2045 GMT, Navy Goose, 9-29-10, 2130 GMT, PSC

US House Passes NASA Reauthorization Act

September 29 (Day 272, Internal Gates):  In the final minutes before adjournment, the US House of Representatives passed the NASA Reauthorization Act to fund a new NASA Heavy Lift Vehicle after President Obama's policy left the Agency with no launch vehicle.  In a final vote at 11:36 PM EDT, the House approved the Senate version of the bill for $19 billion in NASA funding.  The Senate bill was authored by Senator Bill Nelson of Florida.  The bill authorized $6.9 billion for a new Heavy Lift Launch Vehicle and a third Shuttle Mission to be launched in 2011.  In addition, the bill authorized $1.6 billion rather than Obama's proposed $3.6 billion for private industry to develop a new rocket for a Space Station ferry.

From the momentum supporting the NASA authorization bill S-3729, Senator Nelson appeared to have pulled off a master victory.  The bill had previously passed unanimously in the Senate, and it was passed by 2/3 majority of the House as the bill that no one wanted but the last chance to save NASA from demise.  In two days NASA would be laying off around 1,200 contractor personnel as the Shuttle Program was ending.  With NASA not slated to build a new launch vehicle and with President Obama's policy geared toward privatizing NASA, Senator Nelson engineered a great compromise to salvage NASA.  He secured the backing of the Obama Administration and got it passed in the Senate.  Then, as time war running out before adjournment of the House, the bill was sold as the only hope to preserve NASA's space leadership.  The momentum of the House was clearly behind the bill even though it was opposed by former NASA Administrator Michael Griffin and Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, Chairwoman of the NASA science subcommittee.

The satellite weather photo overhead featured a giant goose floating on the sea.  The image of the goose was formed by the combination of a weather elephant from the eastern US and the remnants of a tropical system off Florida  that had been named Nicole.  The giant goose floating on many waters was obviously the symbol of the Prostitute of Babylon (Rev 17:1).

Star Chart

House NASA Vote, 9-29-10The Astrological Chart contained two Plows pointed in opposite directions.  The Plows were not quite perfect and not quite able to form a Grand Cross.  The two Plows symbolized the opposition of the two houses of Congress.  The NASA Reauthorization Act was passed in both Houses of Congress to keep NASA from being plowed under by the Obama Administration.  A Plow is a sign of suffering that resolves the opposition of two planets in opposition into a third at a right angle.  The left Plow resolved the opposition of the Savior in Leo, for a Royal son, and the Almighty God in Pisces, for the Monster Whale, a sign of the Prostitute of Babylon and the proposed NASA Heavy Lift Launch Vehicle.  The point of the Plow was the Moon in Taurus, for a prosperous group.  The prosperous group was Congress and NASA, the recipient of the money.  The Moon was rising in the East just above the Ascendant, which was Gemini, a symbol of Congress with its two houses.  The Royal son could be interpreted as NASA as the recipient of the Obama budget, or Kim Jong-un, the son of North Korea's Kim Jong-il, who was promoted to four-star general as the likely successor of his father.

The other Plow resolved the opposition of two conjunctions into the Last Adam in Sagittarius on the Descendant.  This pointed to the opposition to the Nelson bill from Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords.  The Last Adam was setting, and she had no clout.

Midheaven was in Aquarius, for glorious good news.  The passage of the NASA Reauthorirzation Act by the House was glorious good news for NASA and for Senator Nelson, who was obviously reveling in a great victory.  The bottom of heaven, IC, was in Leo, to mark the death of the President's space policy for NASA destruction. Leo corresponds to Washington, DC.

The pairs of planets symbolized a flood.  The Noahic Flood was the worst Judgment in human history.  And the tropical system that formed the base of the goose on the weather photo, caused extensive flooding in Jamaica.  A flood symbolizes the breakdown of Marriage Culture due to female promiscuity.Camel, 10-1-10, 0215 GMT, UW

Aftermath - Drought Changed to Flood

October 1 (Day 274, Spiritual Freedom):  The storm system from the remnants of Nicole proceeded to caused flooding in North Carolina, Washington, DC, Pennsylvania, New York, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine.  When it reached Washington, DC, it was met by the head of a camel on the satellite picture.  The camel is a desert creature.  The camel appeared taking a drink from the deluge from the South.  The floods of water in the streets symbolized the Prostitute of Babylon (Prov 5:16).

The northeastern US is in the region of Issachar, which is symbolized by a donkey, the symbol of a deployment or redeployment.  This corresponded to the adjournment of Congress and the exodus of laid-off Shuttle workers from NASA, which occurred today.


The passage of the NASA Reauthorization Act by the House in the last minutes of the session will be hailed as good news for NASA and a great political feat by Senator Bill Nelson of Florida.  It appeared that NASA was doomed when the House was convinced to pass a bill that it didn't like in order to save NASA.  This was revealed in the Astrological Chart by two Plows pointed in opposite directions, a sign that corresponds to Reverse Process Reversionism.  Rather than choose the right way, the House in desperation opted for a paramour.

It was a big day in the history of NASA.  After Nelson's bill was passed unanimously by the Senate, the House passed the bill by 304-118 to secure the 2/3 majority required.  The momentum was clearly behind the bill, but the weather angels marked the occasion with a giant goose, the symbol of the Prostitute of Babylon who sits on many waters.  Although the bill received the approval of  temporal authority, it was inspired by the Prostitute of Babylon from the Cosmic System.  The tropical depression that was temporarily named Nicole symbolized the rejection of Grace by those who succumbed to the power of the Prostitute.

However, the silver lining is that adding a Shuttle Mission will end the Shuttle Program with STS-135 instead of STS-134.  The big deal is that 135 stands for rest from enemies, as in rest in peace; whereas, 134 stands for the division of the land, as per the Tower of Babel.

Today was September 29, for victory over Edom (or Laws of Establishment victory).  It was Day 272, for the internal gates of the criminal justice system.

Author:  Larry Wood