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Hurricane Igor Angelic Centaur

Ram - Lamb, Igor - Karl, 9-18-10, 1530 GMT, PSC Angelic Centaur, Igor, 9-19-10, 1830 GMT, PSC

Hurricane Igor Angelic Centaur

September 20 (Day 263, Outcast):  After Hurricanes Karl, Igor, and Julia portrayed the battle for Israel last week, two revealing satellite pictures emerged.  The peace talks ended in failure on September 16 after the Arabs announced they would not negotiate after Israel's latest settlement freeze expires.  Hurricane Karl, which had appeared as a baby in the manger of the Yucatan, made landfall in Mexico on September 17.  On September 18, the cloud pattern that resulted from Karl appeared as a Lamb (or some kind of baby animal).  The Lamb was exactly eye level with a Hurricane Igor, which appeared as a Ram (or Sheep).

On September 19, after dropping from Category 4 status down to Category 1, Hurricane Igor appeared as a Centaur Angel taking a bow.  It had a horse's head, an angel head, wings, and the tail of a scorpion.  Thus, it resembled the Centaur Demons of the demon assault army of the Tribulation (Revelation 9:1-11).  The Centaur Angel bowed after completing his main mission, which was to reveal the status of the evil Israeli-Palestinian peace talks.  He revealed himself and bowed on Day 262, for the end.  At 5:54 AM CDT that day, the BP well of the Deepwater Horizon was officially declared killed.  The well is off the coast of Louisiana, which corresponds to Scorpius and the scorpion's tail.

Yesterday, a weakened Hurricane Igor side swiped Bermuda.

Almighty God Planet

Today, the Almighty God planet was the nearest to Earth since 1963.  Today was Day 263, where 63 stands for an outcast.  The forest fire in Utah was being brought under control today.  It was sparked by National Guard firing artillery.  Utah in the US corresponds to the region of the Gershonites, which symbolizes an outcast.  About 1300 houses were evacuated and people were thrown out of their homes because of the forest fire.

However, there's more to the story.  The Almighty God is in conjunction with the Mediator planet in Pisces.  The conjunction symbolizes Propitiation, which is God's satisfaction with the work of Jesus Christ (in Hypostatic Union) on the Cross.  Propitiation is symbolized by the Mercy Seat in the Tabernacle.  Jesus Christ was cast out and sacrificed outside the city of Jerusalem on Golgotha (the Skull) (Matt 27:33).  There was also a skull overhead in the Star Chart (see Sun Halo Chart, which is close to today's Chart).  During the Times of the Gentiles, Jerusalem will be trodden down and the people dispersed.


The image of the Lamb from the clouds from the remnants of Hurricane Karl, corresponds to the previous scene of the baby in the manger of the Yucatan.  The baby was Jesus Christ, who is the Lamb, which is the name of the sacrifice for sins.  The sacrifice for sins was portrayed overhead in the Star Chart.  The Ram looking at the Lamb may have symbolized Abraham, who, as the father of the Jewish race, is symbolized by a Ram.  God gave the Abrahamic Covenant to Abraham, which means that it is unconditional.  It will not fail regardless of Satanic or political attacks.

The Centaur Angel image of Igor appeared after it had finished portraying the status of the Israeli-Palestinian peace talks.  It appeared on Day 262, for the end.  When it was up to Category 4, the talks were in full swing.  The talks ended in failure because the Abrahamic Covenant is the issue.  The Jewish settlers believe the Abrahamic Covenant.  They believe they should live on the land.  The settlement of the land torpedoed the peace talks.  The tail of the scorpion on the Centaur Angel corresponds to Louisiana, which is symbolized by Scorpius.  The Deepwater Horizon oil well was also officially declared killed on Day 262, for the end.

Hurricane Igor, along with the other hurricanes in the Atlantic, symbolized rejection of the Grace message of the pastor-teacher by the congregation like the rebellious female who rejects her Right Man.  This meant that the pastor had to stand in the gap to resist the powerful Throne Angel of Igor just as demon assault armies must be resisted.

Author:  Larry Wood