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Hurricane Earl Peace Summit,

Washington Israeli-Palestinian Peace Conference

Hurricane Earl, 9-3-10, UW Hurricane Earl, 9-3-10, UW Hurricane Earl, 9-2-10, UW

Hurricane Earl Peace Summit

September 3 (Day 246, Pregnancy):  Hurricane Earl moved off the coast of North Carolina during the Israeli-Palestinian peace conference in Washington, DC.  The conference sponsored by President Obama was attended by five leaders.  They were President Obama, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, and Jordan's King Abdullah.  The number, 5, symbolizes a giant.

The peace conference began with a state dinner on the night of September 1, as Hurricane Earl approached (top right) as a horse, the symbol of war and a male phallic reversionist.  A rod, the symbol of punishment, stretched through the Great Lakes, the region of Naphtali and peace, to Texas, the region of Reuben, the adulterer.  The rod, or staff, stretching through the Great Lakes into Texas was a reminder of how Reuben lost the rulership of Israel because of his adultery with Bilhah (Gen 35:22).  The rod, or staff, has also frequently been linked to President Obama.  The symbolism was that he called the peace conference to beat the Israelis and Palestinians into line.  It was also a symbol of the wrath of God.

During the peace conference, Netanyahu and Abbas met with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.  They also met alone for about an hour and a half.  They pledged to begin peace negotiations and be finished in a year.  The same promise was made by the previous Israeli Prime Minister at the end of the Bush administration.  The peace conference lasted one day, September 2.

As the conference ended, Hurricane Earl was just off the coast of North Carolina and weakening.  After the conference, Earl was still in the shape of a horse, a staff stretched from the Great Lakes to Texas, and Tropical Storm Fiona was in the shape of a hawk (top middle picture).  The hurricane and tropical storm obviously symbolized Netanyahu and Abbas, where Netanyahu was the horse and Abbas was the hawk.  A hawk symbolizes an evil throne angel, like an evil king.  Later in the morning, the hawk turned into a cobra as Tropical Storm Fiona fell apart.  The scene in the Atlantic corresponded to the symbol of the Tribe of Dan as a serpent that bit the horse's heel and caused its rider to fall off.


Hurricane Earl approached North Carolina as a horse during the Washington, DC peace summit.  North Carolina corresponds to the leadership Tribe of Judah and the military establishment.  A horse symbolizes war and a phallic reversionist.  A hurricane symbolizes rejection of the Grace message of the pastor like the rebellious female who rejects the authority of her Right Man.  So, the Washington peace conference symbolized the Church's rejection of Grace, which forced the pastor to stand in the gap for the nation.  The rod, or staff, that stretched through the Great Lakes in the region of Naphtali to Texas in the region of Reuben symbolized the adultery of Reuben, which cost him the leadership of Israel.  The staff has also been associated with President Obama and the judgment that he brings upon the US.

The peace conference was a rejection of the Abrahamic Covenant, which carries a solemn curse upon all who reject the Jews (Gen 12:3).  No true Jew would ever reject the Abrahamic Covenant, nor would a true Jew reject the Savior of Israel, who is Jesus Christ.  The Washington peace conference was symbolized by a hurricane shaped like a war horse on one side and a rod of punishment on the other.  Not even the devil can make peace between Israel and the Arabs (Gen 16:17; 25:17-18).

Author:  Larry Wood