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Alex Tomcat Takes on the Taliban,

Petraeus Confirmed, Hurricane Alex Landfall Mexico

Hurricane Alex, 7-1-10, 0145 GMT, NASA Hurricane Alex, 7-1-10, 0045 GMT, UW Hurricane Alex, 7-1-10, 0030 GMT, PSC

Alex Tomcat Takes on the Taliban

June 30 (Day 181, Grace Counterattack):  Hurricane Alex made landfall in Mexico about 100 miles south of Brownsville, Texas with 90 knot winds about 7:45 CDT (0045 GMT).  It was the strongest June hurricane in 44 years.  Alex had previously made landfall in Belize and crossed the Yucatan Peninsula.  The image of Alex on the satellite map was clearly a tomcat on the attack.  Landfall of a hurricane symbolizes an army invasion.  At the time of landfall, the Last Adam Planet was rising on the Ascendant in Sagittarius, which symbolizes an enemy attack of an army.

The meaning of the tomcat points back to the the confirmation of General David Petraeus as commander in Afghanistan earlier in the day.  The Senate confirmed Gen. Petraeus unanimously by a vote of 99-0, where 99 symbolizes almost but not quite.  It is highly unusual for the Senate to agree on anything.  So, this must have been divine providence.  The weather angels broke the story by portraying Hurricane Alex as a tomcat.  They noticed the crouched posture of Gen. Petraeus and his quiet demeanor.  It was Day 181, for an authority counterattack from Jezebel.  The Taliban are ruled by Jezebel, who sponsors religion.  Their tactics are similar in that they creep around and attack unarmed civilians to achieve political recognition.  Then they run to hide behind women and children.  So, God did not send a bulldog after them.  He sent a tomcat.


Hurricane Alex made landfall in Mexico in the form of a tomcat on the satellite map.  The tomcat symbolized Gen. Petraeus, who appears to crouch with his hands raised like paws.  This is not just a cartoon.  It is some rare divine humor.  Gen. Petraeus was confirmed as commander for Afghanistan on Day 181, where 81 is for the grace counterattack of  Jezebel.  The Taliban believe the Islamic doctrine of Jezebel.  So, God sent a tomcat to attack them.

A cat symbolizes a carnal female as well as Jezebel.  Tomcats are rapists and not a bad symbol for an invading army.

Author:  Larry Wood