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Gen. McChrystal Relieved of Command

Donkey 6-23-10, UW

Gen. McChrystal Relieved of Command

June 23 (Day 174, Spiritual Freedom):  Gen. Stanley McChrystal was relieved of his command of US forces in Afghanistan following a meeting with President Obama at the White House.  Gen. McChrystal was recalled from Afghanistan yesterday after disrespectful remarks attributed to McChrystal were published in a Rolling Stone magazine article.  Disrespect for the office of President and Vice President by a military officer amounts to the sin unto death under the US Constitution.

Gen. McChrystal arrived at the White House at 9:45 AM EDT and went into the Oval Office with the President about 9:51 AM.  He explained the magazine article to the President and offered his resignation, which the President accepted.  The meeting was over at 10:26 AM.  At 1:45 PM, President Obama held a news conference and announced that Gen. Petraeus would replace Gen. McChrystal in Afghanistan.  After the news conference a couple of images appeared over the region of the Great Lakes on the satellite weather map.  The images appeared to be donkeys, also known as jackasses.

Oil Gushes after Robot Hits Containment Cap

At 9:45 AM EDT, the same time McChrystal arrived at the White House, a BP underwater robot hit the containment cap on the leaking oil well in the Gulf of Mexico.  The cap had to be removed for inspection when it was feared that the hotwater line would not prevent crystal build-up.  When the cap was removed, oil gushed from the pipe unimpeded.

Star Chart

Petraeus ChartThe Star Chart at the time of Gen. McChrystal's meeting in the White House with President Obama at 10:00 AM EDT (1400 GMT) contained a Grand Cross and a Catwalk.  The Grand Cross is the most intense sign of suffering.  It is like going to the cross.  McChrystal symbolically went to the cross.  The Catwalk symbolizes a bridge that crosses a chasm or gulf.  It corresponds to McChrystal entering and leaving the White House, leaving his command, and to the bigger issue of the US entering and leaving Afghanistan per the President's schedule.  Midheaven was in Aries, which symbolizes a famous leader, which applied to Gen. McChrystal.  And the bottom of heaven, IC, was in conjunction with the Moon in Scorpius, which symbolizes the death of the Prostitute of Babylon, correspond to the meaning of the oil spill in the Gulf.

The Sun was in Gemini, which symbolizes a glorious witness.  It was paired with the Savior Planet in Gemini, which symbolizes a faithful witness, corresponding to Gen. McChrystal bearing witness before the President in a one-on-one meeting.  The Ascendant sign was Leo, which contained the Red Planet, for an Evil King, corresponding to the President and US Government administrators.  The descendant sign was the Redeemer in Aquarius, corresponding to hospitality and to the redeemer of oil from the Gulf (the leaking oil rig).

Cancer contained the Morning Star, for a guard, corresponding to Gen. McChrystal and military security.  The Last Adam Planet in Sagittarius symbolized a raiding band or terrorists.  One of the points of the Grand Cross was on the Last Adam Planet in Sagittarius, which symbolizes the victim of an attack, including a Satanic attack.  McChrystal was the victim of an attack from the Rolling Stone magazine article as well as Satan as the author of sin.


As Gen. McChrystal entered the White House at 9:45 AM EDT for his meeting with President Obama, a BP robot hit the containment cap, which had to be removed.  This left oil gushing unimpeded into the Gulf.  The cap was removed because it was suspected that the hotwater line was not preventing the formation of crystals in the containment dome.  The General's name was McChrystal.  The oil containment cap problem was synchronized with the removal of McChrystal.  The oil leak without a cap symbolized the Judgment of the Prostitute of Babylon and a root of bitterness (Heb 12:15).  The President was angry at McChrystal, and the residents of the Gulf Coast are angry at BP.

During McChrystal's meeting with President Obama, the bottom of heaven, IC, in Libra was in conjunction with the Moon in Scorpius, which symbolizes the death of the Prostitute of Babylon.  This is precisely the meaning of the oil leak off Louisiana.  Scorpius corresponds to the location of Louisiana.  But how does the Prostitute of Babylon relate to McChrystal's demise?  The simple answer is that the head of the US military in Afghanistan was brought down by a root of bitterness springing up from a Rolling Stone magazine article, which was associated with the Prostitute of Babylon.  The extended answer is that all this is tied to the Congressional and White House decision to overturn the  "Don't Ask Don't Tell" policy of homosexuals in the military.  Further, it is God who appoints authority (Rom 13:1).  Even the planets overhead lined up with the events on the ground both in Washington, DC and in the Gulf.

Author:  Larry Wood