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Demon Attacks General Petraeus


Demon Attacks General Petraeus

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June 15 (Day 166, Worldliness):  Gen. David Petraeus, commander of the US Central Command, was attacked by a demon while testifying before the Senate Armed Services Committee hearing on Afghanistan.  As Senator McCain from Arizona began questioning him, the General leaned forward and appeared to be choking, one of the signs of a demon attack.  The demon choke hold is caused by pressure to the brain stem, which produces a choking sensation like an asthma attack.

Star Chart

Petraeus ChartGeneral Petraeus was attacked by the demon at 10:23 AM EDT (1423 GMT).  The configurations in the Star Chart at the time were a Grand Cross, a Yod, and a Catwalk.  The Grand Cross is the most intense sign of suffering.  It is like going to the cross.  A Yod indicates a crisis in timing.  The Yod pointed to the Morning Star in Cancer, which symbolizes a guard.  The Senate Armed Services Committee was pressuring Petraeus on meeting the President's schedule for withdrawal from Afghanistan in 2011.  The military requirement to guard the people must be considered over arbitrary schedules.  The Catwalk corresponds to a bridge that symbolizes entering and leaving Afghanistan.  The pairs of planets in the Chart symbolize a flood.  There have been floods in Arkansas and Oklahoma during the past week.

The Sun was in Taurus, which symbolizes royal majesty, corresponding to the prestige of the Congressional hearing.  Nearby in Taurus was the Savior Planet, which symbolizes a hero.  Both Petraeus and Sen. McCain, who was questioning him, could be considered heroes.  Midheaven was in Aries, for a famous leader, which corresponds to Petraeus.  And the bottom of heaven, IC, was in Libra, which symbolizes the judgment of death, or capital punishment.

At the time of the demon attack, the sign of Cancer had risen.  It contained the Morning Star, for a guard, and the Moon for group security, such as the security provided by an army.  At the time of the demon attack, the sign of Leo, corresponding to Washington, DC and the government, was about to rise.  In Leo was the Red Planet, corresponding to the Lion's mouth.  General Petraeus had walked into the lion's mouth as he faced Senators Levin and McCain.  Levin is from Michigan in the region of Virgo.  The God of the Covenants was in Virgo, which symbolizes a caretaker.  Petraeus was checked by a doctor (caretaker) after the attack.  Senator McCain is from Arizona, which corresponds to Sagittarius, the raiding band or terrorists.  One of the points of the Grand Cross was on the Last Adam Planet in Sagittarius, which symbolizes a Satanic attack.  The demon attack, which came while McCain was speaking, was from Satan.

The sign of Aquarius was approaching the Descendant.  Aquarius corresponds to Florida and water.  Petraeus blamed his problem on dehydration.  The Redeemer Planet, which was in Aquarius, symbolizes hospitality, which Petraeus received after the demon attack.  He was allowed to relax and eat two bananas and drink some water.


The demon attack upon General Petraeus is typical of a demon sent by Satan under his power as Beelzebub.  The demon puts pressure on the bran stem, which causes a choking sensation, like asthma, which is also caused by the demon.  God allows the attack just as he did upon the Apostle Paul.  The attack was a sign of Satan running the Senate committee.

Author:  Larry Wood