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Mosque Minaret Collapses on Worshippers

Mosque Minaret Collapses on Worshippers

February 19 (Day 50, Church):  A minaret collapsed on worshippers at a mosque in Meknes, Morocco.  At least 41 were killed and 75 injured.  The minaret fell at 12:45 PM local time (1245 GMT) just as the imam was about to start his sermon to about 300, who were gathered for afternoon prayers.  The minaret tower of the Bab Berdieyinne mosque buried worshippers alive.  The 400-year old minaret was thought to have been weakened by several days of heavy rain that have battered the city.

STS-130 Undocks

At 0808 GMT this morning, NASA closed the hatches between Endeavour and the Space Station on the STS-130 mission in preparation for undocking and return to Earth.  On the mission the Tranquility node with its cupola dome were installed.  Endeavour undocked for the trip to Earth at 7:54 PM EST (0054 GMT).

Star Chart

Minaret Collapse ChartThe Chart at the time of the minaret collapse contained a Mystic Rectangle that symbolized the mosque into which the minaret fell.  A Yod and a Boomerang in opposition to each other symbolized the critical timing of a revolution.  The pilot who crashed his plane into the IRS building in Austin yesterday was trying to start a revolution, and al-Qa'eda is trying to start a revolution.  A Plow pointed to the Moon in Aries, which symbolizes Jezebel, who tries to usurp authority.  The Plow is a sign of intense suffering, like being plowed under.  Those who died in the collapse of the minaret were buried alive.

A Stellium of four planets, including the Sun and Midheaven, was in Aquarius.  The Sun in Aquarius symbolizes an antichrist.  The Almighty God in Aquarius symbolizes a flood.  There have been heavy rains in Meknes, Morocco for several days, and there was heavy rain today.  The Morning Star in Aquarius can symbolize a herald, such as calling Muslims to prayer.  And the Redeemer in Aquarius can symbolize hospitality, which corresponds to the addition of the Tranquility node and cupola to the Space Station.

The Savior Planet in Capricornus symbolizes a rescuer, which corresponds to rescuers at the collapsed mosque.  Capricornus corresponds to the location of Texas and Italy, which are both related to STS-130.  The God of the Covenants in Virgo symbolizes a caretaker, which corresponds to the emergency medical personnel who helped with the injured.  And the Red Planet in Cancer symbolizes suffering from a safety breach, which corresponds to the collapsed minaret.

Midheaven was in Aquarius, which adds notoriety to the news of the event.  And the bottom of heaven, IC, was in Leo, which symbolizes a footstool, or the death of a king.  The rubble from the minaret collapse reduced the tower to a footstool of rubble.  The enemies of the Lord will become His footstool.


The collapse of the minaret on the mosque in Morocco symbolized the collapse of the Tower of Babel.  The collapse of the minaret was heralded by the Austin plane crash into the IRS building yesterday.  The collapse of the minaret occurred after Endeavour's hatch was closed early this morning prior to undocking of the STS-130 mission at 7:54 PM EST.  Thus, the minaret collapse adds to the list of tragedies associated with the STS-130 mission to install the Tranquility node and its cupola.  The tragedies include the University of Alabama shooting, the Belgium train wreck, and the Austin plane crash.  A minaret, which is a dome on a tower, corresponds to the cupola dome that was installed on the Space Station.

The collapse of the minaret, symbolizing the fall of the Tower of Babel, further corroborates the emerging story of the Space Station as Satan's Throne, corresponding to the Tower of Babel.  In the Chart of the minaret collapse, the Mystic Rectangle also symbolized the mosque with its minaret.  The opposition of the Yod and Boomerang piercing the Mystic Rectangle symbolized the timing of the minaret collapse as well as a revolution.  The pilot of the plane that hit the IRS building was trying to start a revolution, as are al-Qa'eda terrorists.  The Moon at the tip of the Plow in Aries symbolizes the suffering of Jezebel, corresponding to her power over the Islamic religion.

Morocco is in the region of Taurus in Africa, which corresponds to the location of Belgium in Europe.  The train wreck in Belgium occurred an hour after the installation of the cupola on the Space Station.  Taurus also corresponds to Millennial prosperity.  Satan is trying to start a revolution and establish a false millennium without Israel or the Church and without the Lord Jesus Christ as King.

Author:  Larry Wood