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Belgium Train Wreck

Belgium Train Wreck

February 15 (Day 46, Pregnancy):   Two trains collided head-on in Belgium about 8:30 AM local (0730 GMT).  The death toll was 18, and 55 were taken to local hospitals.  The collision during the morning rush hour caused the front carriages to buckle up into overhead power lines.  The wreck was near Halle on the outskirts of Brussels.  It was snowing at the time.  Speculation is that one of the trains ran a stop signal.

A train wreck symbolizes a strategic failure.  NASA (ref. STS-130) had just completed installation of the new cupola hexagonal beehive window aboard the Space Station an hour earlier at 1:31 AM EST (0630 GMT).  Today was February 15, for a covering.  NASA put the coverings of the cupola and a docking port on the Space Station.  And it was Day 46, for pregnancy, which also corresponds to the beginning of a project.

Star Chart

Belgium Train Wreck 2-15-10The train wreck occurred as the Last Adam reached Midheaven in Sagittarius, which signifies a notorious enemy attack.  A Plow pointed to the Last Adam, which signified intensive suffering.  The Mediator Planet was rising above the Ascendant on the Cusp of Aquarius and Pisces, which symbolized a transition and corresponded to installation of the cupola on the Space Station.  The installation was completed an hour earlier just before the Mediator rose in the East.  A Boomerang and a Yod pointed into each other symbolized the head-on train collision on the tracks running northeast and south west.  The top of the Chart is South and the left is East.  The God of the Covenants in Virgo was on the Descendant and symbolized a caretaker, corresponding to emergency aid workers and medical personnel.

A Mystic Rectangle balanced two pairs of opposition and corresponded to a train carriage, which is rectangular.  One opposition was along the axis of the Boomerang between the Red Planet in Cancer, for suffering from a safety breach, and the Savior in Capricornus, for a rescuer.  Capricornus corresponds to Texas, the home of NASA Mission Control, which was coordinating the installation of the cupola on the Space Station.  Capricornus also corresponds to Italy, where the cupola was built.  The other opposition was along the Plow between the Mediator and the God of the Covenants.

The Sun was in Aquarius, which can symbolize an antichrist.  There were five planets in Aquarius, including the Sun and the Moon.  The Moon, which was New yesterday, in Aquarius symbolizes disciples, a congregation of believers, or adherents, such as NASA and it international partners supporting the Space Station.  The Morning Star in Aquarius symbolized a forerunner.  NASA certainly considered installation of the Tranquility node and cupola as making the Space Station the forerunner for future activities.  The Almighty God in Aquarius symbolized a flood, which is still ice and snow before the spring thaw.

The bottom of heaven, IC, was in Gemini, which symbolizes the death of a spouse.  Fifteen of the eighteen killed in the train wreck were men.


The Belgium train wreck occurred an hour after NASA attached the hexagonal (beehive shaped) cupola to the Space Station.  Thales Alenia Space in Turin, Italy, built the Tranquility node and its cupola for the European Space Agency, which bartered them to NASA.  Italy corresponds to Capricornus, which contained the Savior Planet, for a rescuer.  Rescuers responded to the train wreck.  A bloodbath occurred at the University of Alabama in Huntsville as NASA prepared to open up the Tranquility (Node 3) on the Space Station three days ago.  Three people were killed and three injured, which is a total of six casualties, corresponding to the six sides of the hexagonal cupola to be attached to the Tranquility node.  Today, an hour after NASA completed installation of the cupola, the train wreck occurred in Belgium.  A train wreck symbolizes a strategic failure.

The train wreck occurred as the Last Adam reached the zenith of Midheaven in Sagittarius at the point of a Plow, for notorious intensified suffering from an enemy attack.  The Mediator on the cusp of Aquarius and Pisces was rising on the Ascendant.  The Mediator in Aquarius symbolizes a transition, corresponding to installation of the cupola.  The Mediator was transitioning into Pisces, which corresponds to Alabama, where the bloodbath occurred three days ago.  The bloodbath was the work of Satan, who was a murderer from the beginning.  The Sun was in Aquarius, for an antichrist.  The story appears to be unfolding that Satan views the Space Station as his new throne.  It is like the Tower of Babel, and he is preparing to anoint an astronaut to be an antichrist.

The head-on train wreck was symbolized on the Chart by a Boomerang and a Yod pointed at each other in the northeast to southwest direction.  The axis of the Boomerang came from the Savior in Capricornus and pointed to the Red Planet in Cancer, for suffering from a safety breach.  The central axis of the Yod came from Leo and pointed to the Morning Star in Aquarius, for a forerunner.  Leo corresponds to Washington, DC, where the President has proposed ending most of NASA's manned space program.  The first workers to lose their jobs will come from Kennedy Space Center in Florida, which corresponds to Aquarius.  The train wreck after the installation of the cupola symbolized the strategic failure of the Space Station, but it could also symbolize the strategic failure of NASA's space program in its current form.

However, there is another version of the story.  The cupola dome was the crowning glory of the Space Station, which corresponded to the Capitol dome in Washington, DC.  However, an upside down, hexagonal dome is more like a pit than a crown.  It was perhaps meant to imitate the hexagonal pattern on the top of the Ringed Planet with an inscribed Star of David.  However, turned upside down, it was the opposite of the Star of David.  So, the Space Station as the Throne of Satan would oppose the Millennial Throne of David.

Author:  Larry Wood