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NASA STS-130 Mission

STS-130 Mission Patch
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February 21, (Day 52, Wall):  NASA's Orbiter Endeavour landed successfully at night on Runway 15 at Kennedy Space Center, Florida.  The threat of rain in the area did not materialize.  Main gear touchdown was at 10:20/31 PM EST (0320/31 GMT), Mission Elapsed Time 13 Days 18 Hr. 6 min. 24 sec.  Nose gear touchdown was at 10:20/39 PM EST, and Wheel stop was at 10:22/10 PM EST, or 2222/10, where 22 is for cursing..

Landing occurred with the Red Planet in conjunction with Midheaven, which symbolizes notorious suffering from a safety or security breach.  The bottom of heaven, IC, was in Capricornus, for dying in sins.  The configurations of the planets were basically the same as those on the charts for the last few days.

Landing was heralded by flooding on the island of Madeira and by the deaths of three girls from a train in Florida.  Flash flooding and mudslides on the Portuguese island of Madeira off the coast of Morocco killed at least 42.  And three teenage girls were killed by a train on a railroad bridge over Crane Creek in Melbourne, Florida.  The three girls were killed at 6:30 PM EST (2330 GMT) as the bottom of heaven, IC, was in Scorpius, which symbolizes violent death from Satan.  The three girls symbolized Cosmic, Political, and Ecumenical Babylon.  Death from the train symbolizes a strategic failure, and death on a bridge symbolizes the breakdown of Marriage Culture.


The STS-130 Mission revealed a major Satanic counterattack in human history.  The installation of the Tranquility node 3 and its cupola introduced the symbolism of the Space Station as the Tower of Babel from which Satan would attempt to rule the world.  The Sun was in Aquarius during the last part of the mission, which symbolizes the Antichrist.  The Antichrist will rule Europe's ten states during the Tribulation.  During the first manned space mission of 2010, NASA installed the Tranquility node and its cupola, which were built by the European Space Agency.

The events in space during the mission were associated with a series of tragedies on the ground.  These included:

  1. Feb. 12 - shooting at University of Alabama in Huntsville occurred as NASA was preparing to open the Tranquility node and cupola on the Space Station.
  2. Feb. 15 - a train wreck occurred in Belgium an hour after the hexagonal (beehive shaped) cupola was installed.
  3. Feb. 18 - the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the cupola was heralded by a pilot crashing his airplane into the IRS building in Austin, Texas.
  4. Feb. 19 - After hatch closure before undocking a minaret collapsed on worshippers in a mosque in Morocco.  A minaret corresponds to the cupola and the Tower of Babel.
  5. Feb. 20 - heralds of landing - flash floods and mudslides on the island of Madeira, and three girls killed by a train in Melbourne, Florida.
The first Tower of Babel was Satan's attempt to rule the world.  God destroyed the Tower of Babel and instituted nationalism to preserve human freedom.  Satan's last attempt to rule the world will be through the Antichrist, who will rule the ten nations of Europe.  Satan put the hexagonal cupola on the Space Station through the European Space Agency.  The cupola symbolizes a capitol dome of the headquarters for ruling the world.  The string of tragedies on the ground during the STS-130 mission indicate God's opposition to something much bigger than the Space Station, and that is Satan's attempt to rule the world without the Church or Israel.



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February 19, (Day 50, Church):  The hatches between Endeavour and the International Space Station were closed at 3:08 AM EST (0808 GMT) ending 9 days, 52 minutes of joint operations in which the Tranquility node and its cupola were installed.   Undocking was at 7:54 PM EST.

Hatch closure and undocking was associated with the collapse of a minaret on a mosque in Morocco.  The minaret collapsed on worshippers during morning prayers and buried many alive.  A minaret, which is a dome on a tower, corresponds to the cupola, which is a dome for the Space Station.  The minaret symbolized the Tower of Babel, and it is becoming increasingly apparent that Satan is trying to claim the Space Station as his Tower of Babel.  The stern warnings of the tragedies on the STS-130 mission as the Space Station nears completion are indications of God's Judgment upon any symbol of the Tower of Babel.

Cupola Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Cupola Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

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February 18, (Day 49, Days Before Pentecost):  Late today, astronauts on the Space Station held a ribbon cutting ceremony.  Space Station Commander Jeffrey Williams and Endeavour Commander George Zamka cut a red ribbon to open the new cupola observation deck for business.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony was heralded by another tragedy on Earth.  A pilot crashed his airplane into the IRS building in Austin, Texas.  One person in the building was killed and two injured.  The four-story building burned.  This relates to the cupola, which is a dome, like one that crowns a capitol building.  Austin is the capital of Texas, and the capitol building is only a few miles from the crash site.

Cupola Installed

Cupola Installed

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February 15, (Day 46, Pregnancy):  NASA completed installation of the cupola window this morning.  According to the NASA status report:  "The second stage capture of the cupola was at 1:31 a.m. EST, signifying the completion of the module’s relocation. It is securely latched and all Common Berthing Mechanism bolts have been driven in. The crew relocated the cupola from the Tranquility node’s forward side to Tranquility’s nadir (Earth-facing) port."

An hour after the hexagonal (beehive shaped) cupola was installed, a train wreck occurred in Belgium.  Two trains collided head-on.  A train wreck symbolizes a strategic failure.  Three days ago as NASA was preparing to open up the Tranquility node, a bloodbath occurred at the University of Alabama in Huntsville.  Today, with the installation of the cupola, the Space Station is 98% complete, and the train wreck an hour after symbolized a strategic failure.  So, the Space Station has been declared a strategic failure.

The Sun was in Aquarius, for an antichrist.  The Antichrist will come from Europe during the Tribulation.  The Tranquility node and its cupola were manufactured in Italy for the European Space Agency..  The Sun was in Capricornus for the opening of the Tranquility node and the bloodbath in Huntsville.  Capricornus corresponds to Texas, home of NASA Mission Control, and Italy.


The tragic train wreck after the installation of the cupola is a strong statement of the wrath of God.  So, there must be more to the cupola.  From the analysis of the Star Chart of the train wreck, the story is beginning to come to light.  The hexagonal cupola was meant to be the crowning glory of the Space Station like the Capitol dome in Washington, DC.  However, the hexagonal dome pointing to the nadir symbolizes a pit.  The cupola was perhaps meant to be the counterpart of the hexagonal pattern on top of the Ringed Planet.  It was to be the opposite of the Star of David, which can be inscribed in a hexagon.  Thus, the nadir cupola dome was to identify the Space Station as Satan's throne in opposition to the Millennial Throne of David of Jesus Christ.


Launch STS-130, NASA


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February 8, (Day 39, Sin Leading to Death):  NASA successfully launched STS-130 from Kennedy Space Center, Florida in the dark before dawn at 4:14/07 AM EST (914/08 GMT).  Orbiter Endeavour (OV-105) is enroute to the International Space Station with the Tranquility note and the hexagonal cupola window.  Tranquility, the final US addition to the Space Station, will provide additional room for crew members and life support and environmental control systems.

Today's Launch followed a scrub yesterday due to cloud cover.  Yesterday Launch was schedule for 4:39 AM, and today's Launch was on Day 39, for the sin leading to death.  It was the first Space Shuttle Launch of the year and the next to last Launch planned for Endeavour.

Launch Control Center Flooded


Launch Control Center Flooded

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January 28, (Day 28, Cosmic Stronghold):  Major flooding occurred in NASA's Kennedy Space Center Launch Control Center (LCC) when a large Fire Extinguisher Water System pipe burst.  An estimated 60,000 gallons of water spilled in the LCC and Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB).  A pipe on the fourth floor of the LCC burst about 8:22 PM EST (2022 GMT) during a test of the FIREX (Fire Extinguishing) System, which is connected in the two buildings.  Most of the water was confined to the stairwells and lobby of the LCC, but some leaked into the main Firing Room.  Water five inches deep was reported in the LCC lobby.

Earlier in the morning the tenth and final section of a 345-foot Ares 1 mobile launcher tower was added.  The construction location is just north of the VAB.  The tower is mounted on a square platform on which the Ares 1 rocket will be transported from the Vehicle Assembly Building to Launch Pad 39B.  However, the President's budget does not call for funding the Ares rockets; so the tower may never be used.

NASA CupolaThe LCC flooding is not expected to impact the STS-130 Shuttle Launch of Endeavour, which is scheduled for  February 7, 2010, at 4:39 AM EST.  The STS-130 mission will deliver to the Space Station the Italian-built Tranquility node and its seven-windowed cupola, which will be used as a control room for robotics.  On one end of Tranquility is a cupola, which has six side windows plus one on top.  The cupola, which resembles a circular bay window, will provide a good view of the Space Station exterior.

Star Chart

LCC Flooding ChartAt the time of the LCC flooding, the Star Chart contained a Catwalk and a trapezoidal configuration that symbolized the VAB.  The Catwalk could be construed to symbolize the crawler way from the VAB to the launch pads.  Three distinct pairs of planets symbolized a flood, since animals entered Noah's Ark in pairs at the time of the first flood.  A flood symbolizes the breakdown of Marriage Culture due to female promiscuity.  And floods of water in the streets, or LCC, symbolize the Prostitute of Babylon (Prov 5:16).  The bottom of heaven, IC, was in Scorpius, which symbolizes the death of Jezebel.  The Almighty God Planet was in Aquarius, which symbolizes a flood as predicted in the meaning of the year, 2010.  Today, the tenth and final section was added to the Ares mobile launcher tower, where the number, 10, corresponds to the meaning of the year, 2010, for the Laws of Establishment.

The Sun was in Capricornus, which symbolizes Gentile glory.  Topping off the Ares mobile launcher tower was a sign of Gentile glory.  Capricornus corresponds to Texas and Italy.  The cupola for the Tranquility node was built in Italy.

The Moon was in Gemini, for a tribe or agency, which corresponds to NASA, the space agency.  The Ascendant Sign was Leo, which corresponds to Washington, DC and the President's intention to kill the Constellation Program with the Ares rockets.  The Descendant Sign was Aquarius, which corresponds to Florida, the home of Kennedy Space Center.  The Mediator Planet in Aquarius symbolizes a fireman and a tower.  The LCC was flooded during a test of the Fire Extinguisher (FIREX) System on the day the top section of the Ares mobile launcher tower was added.  The Redeemer Planet was also in Aquarius, for hospitality.  Visiting dignitaries go to the LCC to view launches at KSC.

The Red Planet in Cancer, for suffering from a safety breach, was in opposition to the Sun and Morning Star in Capricornus.  The Sun in Capricornus symbolizes Gentile glory, corresponding to NASA finishing the Ares mobile launcher tower, and the Morning Star in Capricornus symbolizes a Gentile leader.  In balancing the oppositions, NASA's leadership and glory was offset by suffering from a safety breach of a broken water main in the Launch Control Center for the upcoming STS-130 mission.

Mission Patch

The STS-130 Mission patch features the image the hexagonal cupola of the Tranquility node.  The cupola is a dome-shaped window.  The cupola has six side windows with a seventh top window.  The number, 6, corresponds to man, and 7 is for the completion of a category, or Categorical Punishment.  The Space Station is nearing completion.  Crossing the view of the window is a belly-up Orbiter, outlined in red with a yellow vapor trail.  Belly-up symbolizes a dead fish.  Red is for suffering, and yellow is for a capacity for life test.  The Orbiter crossing the view is like a mote in the eye, which symbolizes self-righteous hypocrisy (Matt 7:3-5).  On the other side of the cupola is a view of the Earth.

The hexagonal pattern of the cupola corresponds to a bee hive with its hexagonal cells.  Bees symbolize an invading army and male rapists.  An hexagonal structure corresponds to a cosmic stronghold.  The image of the cupola resembles the pictures from the recent Viera tornado of tangled debris from screened porches and pool enclosures.

The mission number, STS-130, symbolizes the double blessing of Israel (13) and a priest (30).


The flooding of the Launch Control Center on the day the tenth and final section was added to the Ares mobile launcher tower was an omen.  The flooding, which was predicted on New Year's Day, symbolizes the Judgment of the Prostitute of Babylon.  The bottom of heaven, IC, was in Scorpius, for the death of Jezebel, the Prostitute of Babylon.  The Ares mobile launcher tower symbolizes a cosmic stronghold, like the Tower of Babel.  The International Space Station also symbolizes the Tower of Babylon, as learned from the Miami crane collapse just prior to landing of the STS-123 Mission.  The picture at the top of the page reveals that the Ares mobile launcher tower, VAB, and LCC were in parallel to symbolize Cosmic, Political, and Ecumenical Babylon of Satan's cosmic system.

The LCC flooding occurred as Leo was rising, corresponding to Washington, DC and the power of the President, who has, in effect, cut off NASA's Constellation Program.  At the same time, Aquarius, corresponding to Florida, the home of Kennedy Space Center, was setting, or going down.  In Aquarius was the Almighty God, for a flood, and the Mediator Planet, for a fireman and a tower.  A test of the Fire Extinguisher System caused the flooding of the LCC, and the top section of the Ares mobile launcher tower had just been added.  Further, the Star Chart at the time of the LCC flooding contained the semblance of the VAB and the crawler way (as symbolized by a Catwalk).

The STS-130 mission patch, which always comes true, is hexagonal, which symbolizes a bee hive.  A bee hive symbolizes a cosmic stronghold.  The patch portrayed the cupola, which will be delivered to the Space Station on STS-130.  Thus, added to the Space Station Tower of Babel structure will be an hexagonal window to symbolize a cosmic stronghold associated with bees.  This corresponds to ancient evil doctrines of demons associated with bees and honey as the word of Satan.

Author:  Larry Wood