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04-01-16  Added to Dealing with Demons in Grace, Frog Demon
04-24-16  Revised Doctrinal Definition, Four Generation Curse
05-18-16  Added to Biblical Astrology, Transits, Savior Planet 2016
05-28-16  Added to Doctrinal Definition, Garden of Eden, Two Gardens
06-03-16  Revised Fellowshipwith God, "Fellowship in the Levels of Maturity"
06-06-16  Added to Biblical Astrology, Muhammad Ali, Death Chart
08-12-16  Added to Biblical Astrology, Configurations, Bucket, Eye
09-02-16  Revised Doctrinal Definition, Jealousy, ref. Satan's Original Sin
09-04-16  Added to Doctrinal Definition, Arrogance, ref. Arrogance in Hardness of the Heart
09-23-16  Released The Four Generation Curse
10-03-16  Released Doctrinal Definitions, Grace and Living Grace
10-28-16  Added to Doctrinal Definition, Grace , Growing in Grace
11-18-16  Added to Doctrinal Definition, Perception
11-19-16  Added to Doctrinal Definition, Perception, Perception of the Spirit of Human Life and Satan
11-21-16  Added to The Four Generation Curse, Conclusion
12-11-16  Added to Doctrinal Definition, Lawlessness
01-01-17  Added to Doctrinal Definition, Curses, Jacob's Family, Jacob's Hip
01-04-17  Revised Planets, Last Adam
02-03-17  Added to Fellowship with God, Christ's Shining Light
02-04-17  Released Doctrinal Definitions, Sleep
04-15-17  Released Doctrinal Definitions, Shame
06-05-17  Released The Morning Star
06-23-17  Added to Doctrinal Definition, Arrogance, Arrogance from Satanic Influence
07-11-17  Expanded explanation of 1 Tim 5:14 in Satan
07-16-17  Added to Satan, Paul and the Python Demon
07-17-17  Revised Cramps
08-25-17  Revised Hands in Scripture, Line of Intuition
09-17-17  Added to Hands in Scripture, Outcast Line
09-18-17  Revised Animals and Prehistoric Man, Animals and Spirituality

Current Events

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11-05-17  Texas Church Massacre
10-31-17  New York Truck Terror Attack
10-29-17  Lawless Tropical Storm Philippe
10-01-17  Las Vegas Mandalay Hotel Mass Shooting
09-24-17  Hurricane Maria Curse and Church Shooting
09-20-17  Hurricane Maria Crosses Puerto Rico
09-15-17  Hurricane Irma Signs of Prostitute of Babylon
08-30-17  Tropical Storm Harvey Landfall Louisiana
08-26-17  Resuscitated Hurricane Harvey Texas Landfall
08-21-17  The Eclipse of the American Presidency
06-04-17  London Bridge Terror Attack
04-20-17  Rare April Tropical Storm Arlene
03-24-17  House Republican Health Care Vote Fails
02-11-17  Schizophrenic Dog Attacks in Florida and New Jersey
01-21-17  Bull Moose Tornadoes Strike Hattiesburg
01-20-17  Inauguration of Donald Trump
01-20-17  Melbourne Driver Rampage
01-16-17  Florida Manhole Deaths
01-09-17  Orlando Day of Lawlessness
01-08-17  California Giant Tunnel Tree Falls
01-07-17  Esteban Santiago Birth Chart
01-06-17  Ft. Lauderdale Airport Mass Shooting 01-04-17 Attack of Doves
01-04-17  Women Crushed Under Green Tree
01-03-17  Brazil Prison Riots
01-01-17  Meaning of 2017 - Lawlessness
11-30-16  Bowl Judgments 11-25-16  Hurricane Otto, Earthquake Hit Central America
11-20-16  Over 100 Dead in India Train Wreck
11-16-16  Florida Train Wreck
11-14-16  New Zealand Earthquake
11-09-16  Roaring Lion Donald Trump Elected President
10-24-16  Election 2016 Horse Race Begins
10-10-16  Hurricane Matthew
09-01-16  Florida SpaceX Explosion and Hurricane Hermine
07-17-16  Parrish Hospital Shooting
07-14-16  French Bastille Day Mass Murder
07-07-16  Dallas Police Ambush
07-02-16  Angelic Signs in the Heavens and on Earth

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