Tropical Storm Fay in Florida

Tropical Storm Fay, 8-19-08, 1023 GMT Tropical Storm Fay, 8-20-08, 1338 GMT
Tropical Storm Fay in Florida
Fay Landfall Chart
Fay Landfall Chart Planets

Tropical Storm Fay in Florida

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August 20 (Day 233, Purification of Holy Spirit):  Tropical Storm Fay came ashore at Cape Romano, Florida at 5 AM EDT (0900 GMT) yesterday with winds of about 50 knots.  The storm was in a favorable environment with a well-defined architecture.  The eye constricted and the storm strengthened as it proceeded over land.  Note the eyewall in the upper left radar picture.  It maintained an eyewall until it reached Ft. Drum, where it stalled and began to weaken.  Then it moved northeast and went into the Atlantic briefly today before coming back onshore and moving up the coast over Cape Canaveral.  By then the winds onshore were only a gentle breeze less than 8 knots in the large eye of the storm (ref. right radar picture).  About 3 PM the storm drifted offshore north of Cape Canaveral and stalled about 20 miles offshore with the eyewall pounding the coast.
Tropical Storm Fay, 8-20-08, 1045 GMT Tropical Storm Fay, 8-20-08, 1615 GMT

The image of the storm on the satellite map over Florida was a cicada, which is the symbol of the Resurrection (Rapture).  Over the Mississippi River was the image of a goose.  The goose was sitting on what later appeared to be a crocodile.  A goose is a symbol of Baal and the Prostitute of Babylon.   The cicada and goose images earlier resembled a horse and pony and a bull and deer, but the two images were distinct on the weather map.  The westerly image began over east Texas and stretched into Arkansas.  The two images symbolized a witness, such as the witness of husband and wife in Marriage.  A tropical storm symbolizes rejection of the Grace message of the pastor like the rebellious female who rejects the authority of her Right Man.  The flooding from the storm symbolizes female promiscuity.  Thus, the Prostitute of Babylon (goose) fits the description of the rebellious female associated with a tropical storm.  As the day progressed, the cicada and goose appeared to be in a standoff.

The name, Fay is from fairy, and the name, Romano, is Italian for Roman.

Fay Landfall Chart

Tropical Storm Fay Landfall ChartThe Star Chart at the time of landfall of Tropical Storm Fay formed a beautiful and simple picture of the Second Advent, which was very similar to the charts for the recent Solar Eclipse and Covenant Signs in the Sky.  A symbolic Catwalk connected Heaven and Earth to symbolize the Lord's return with the Church (the Moon) at the Second Advent.    A Plow pointed to the enemy attack upon the Lord and Israel at the Second Advent.  And the nearby Almighty God Planet in Sagittarius symbolized the conquering army of the Lord, which will destroy the enemies of Israel.  The Ascendant sign was Cancer, the Crab, and symbol of safety and security.

On the Heaven side of the Catwalk, the Moon in Pisces and the Mediator Planet in Aquarius formed a pair, the sign of a witness.  The Moon symbolized the Church, and the Mediator symbolized the Lord Jesus Christ the Mediator between God and man as well as the Mediator of the New Covenant to Israel for the Millennium.  Aquarius, the Water Bearer, symbolizes Florida, where there was heavy rain and flooding from Tropical Storm Fay.  On the Earth side of the Catwalk, four planets in Leo symbolized the Second Advent of the Lord to rule in the Millennium and fulfill the unconditional covenants to Israel.


Tropical Storm Fay made landfall in Florida on August 19, 2008, Day 232, where 19 is for the federal judiciary and 232 is for a conspiracy (32).  This was during the time of the US and NATO standoff with Russia over the invasion of Georgia.  Russia is ruled by Baal, as symbolized by the goose.  And Russia signed a major weapons deal with Syria this week.  Syria is usually associated with a conspiracy, number 32.

Tropical Storm Fay hit Florida only after surviving the most difficult journey, which included Sahara dust intrusion out in the Atlantic, the Leeward Islands, Puerto Rico, the mountains of Hispaniola, the mountains of Cuba, Key West, and finally, a diagonal path across Florida.  The storm finally weakened and formed a big eye over Cape Canaveral where NASA is preparing STS-125, the Hubble repair mission.  The mission patch has the symbol of a vortex with symbols of galaxies that also resemble tropical storms.

The weather angels helped explain the significance of Fay with the cicada and goose.  The cicada symbolizes the Resurrection (Rapture) and Marriage of the Church and the Lamb.  The goose symbolizes Baal, the enemy of Marriage, children, and Israel.  The goose is like the Prostitute of Babylon, who destroys Marriage.  This corresponds to the meaning of a Tropical Storm, which symbolizes rejection of the Grace message of the pastor like the rebellious female who rejects the authority of her Right Man in Marriage.  The conflict between the cicada and the goose also symbolizes the conflict between Russia and the Western nations over the conflict in Georgia.

A tropical storm making landfall also symbolizes the invasion of an army, like the Army of the Lord at the Second Advent when the Lord will return as the Lion of the Tribe of Judah to destroy the enemies of Israel.  The nations who reject the Abrahamic Covenant are the enemies of Israel.

Fay Landfall Chart Planets

Sun Leo King of glory
Moon Pisces Church
Savior Leo Lion of Judah
Morning Star Leo King of kings
Red Planet Virgo Bloody son
Almighty God Sagittarius Conquering army
Ring Planet Leo Covenants fulfilled
Mediator Aquarius Landfall, mediator
Redeemer Capricornus Water in the desert
Last Adam Sagittarius Enemy attack



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Released February 2, 2010

Author: Larry Wood
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