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Edward Joseph Snowden was born June 21, 1983, Day 172 in Elizabeth City, North Carolina.  When he was nine, He moved with his family to Crofton, Maryland, a suburb of Washington, DC adjacent to the National Security Agency (NSA).  In 2001 when Snowden was a senior in high school, his mother filed for a divorce.  Snowden was reportedly sick that year and didn't graduate from high school.  He later got a GED to continue his education.

On May 7, 2004, Snowden enlisted in the US Army Reserve Special Forces, but washed out after breaking both legs in a training accident.  He was discharged on September 28, 2004.   In 2005 he was hired as a security specialist at an NSA facility at the University of Maryland.  He joined the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in 2006.  In 2007 he worked in Geneva, Switzerland, where he was considered the top cybersecurity expert.  He was chosen to provide President Obama with support at the 2008 NATO summit in Romania.  It was in Geneva that Snowden said he became disillusioned with US government operations.  In Geneva he said he thought for the first time about exposing government secrets.2

Snowden resigned from the CIA in February 2009 and went to work for Dell, a contractor for the National Security Agency (NSA).  He was a systems administrator with permission to access many parts of the computer system.  He was known as a genius among geniuses in the NSA.  He called himself a computer wizard.  He worked at a military base outside Tokyo.  His girlfriend moved to Japan with him.  In 2012 he worked in Hawaii.  He was employed by Booz Allen Hamilton in Hawaii in March 2013.  His girlfriend also lived with him in Hawaii.  He took a pay cut from $200,000 to $122,000 to work for Booz Allen so he could gather world-wide surveillance data to leak.

On May 20, 2013, Snowden flew from Hawaii to Hong Kong where he met with journalists Glenn Greenwald and Laura Poitras and gave them a treasure trove of classified NSA documents.  Leaks appeared in the press on June 5.  Snowden revealed his identity on June 9, and on June 14 the U.S. Department of Justice charged Snowden with two counts of violating the Espionage Act and theft of government property.  His passport was revoked on June 22, but he managed to leave for Moscow on June 23 Hong Kong time.  He was stranded at the Moscow airport for 39 days.  On August 1, he was granted a one-year temporary renewable asylum in Russia.

Snowden is an unbeliever (agnostic or Buddhist).  He is an ascetic and vegetarian.  And he is interested in martial arts.  He lived with his girlfriend in Hawaii before flying to Hong Kong.

Birth Chart

Ed Snowden Birth ChartThe Birth Chart of Ed Snowden contains a Skull, a Catwalk, and a Teeter-Totter.  A Skull is  a morbid symbol of death at the hand of Satan, who has the power of death, with God's permission.  A Catwalk symbolizes a transition across a chasm or gulf.  The Catwalk corresponds to Snowden's flight from the US to becoming a fugitive in Moscow.  The Catwalk connects planets in Scorpius to a planet in Taurus and one on the cusp of Gemini.  Taurus corresponds to Moscow.   The Catwalk shown can be expanded to include the planets in conjunction with the corners to make a total of six planets associated with it out of the ten in the Chart.  This expanded Catwalk with three planets on each end is a very powerful opposition.

The planets in the Chart fall into two groups to make a Teeter-Totter.  The Teeter-Totter combines with the strong Catwalk to elicit strong opposition.  The person with a Teeter-Totter tries to balance two ends against the middle, as a person standing over a fulcrum.  On one side there are three planets in Libra and two in Scorpius.  This becomes the basis for Snowden's very strong convictions.  He is willing to seek a safe haven to expose the US government.  This is also born out by Snowden's curled third finger (ring finger), which is a sign of clinging to hope, or hope against hope.  It is the sign of tenacity in the face of overwhelming opposition.

There were also three pairs of planets in the Chart.  This is the sign of a flood, which is a major Judgment.  The flood corresponds to the flood of documents stolen from the NSA and leaked.  However, it also refers to the avalanche of lies and deception exposed in the US government in violation of the Fourth Amendment.

The Sun was in Gemini, for a glorious marriage (or witness).  Although Snowden was not married, his idyllic life with his girlfriend symbolized a marriage.  The Red Planet was in conjunction with the Sun on the cusp of Gemini, for a bloody bridegroom.   A bloody bridegroom is a man who destroys his marriage.  Snowden did that by walking out on his girlfriend.  The Red Planet also corresponds to teeth the canines.  Snowden's canines appear large due to his small incisors.  This is another sign of the impact of the Red Planet in his life.

The Savior Planet was nearby in Taurus, for a champion.  Snowden was regarded as a champion in his work.  He is also regarded as a champion or hero of leakers.  Snowden carried out the greatest security breach in history and walked away with the crown jewels of the US NSA.  Taurus corresponds to Eastern Russia where Moscow is located.

The Moon was in Libra, for a jury.  This is indicative of Snowden's strong conscience.  It is as if he is carrying his own jury around with him to render verdicts in his favor.  Also in Libra was the conjunction of the God of the Covenants and Last Adam.

  1. God of the Covenants Law
  2. Last Adam cursed by the law.  Even if Snowden could be considered a whistleblower, he broke the law.
  3. Libra corresponds to Russia, where Snowden was granted temporary asylum.
Scorpius contained two planets in conjunction.
  1. Almighty God Satan as the ruler of the world.  This is where Snowden got his ideas to change the world.
  2. Mediator betrayer or accuser.  Snowden betrayed the NSA and accused it of violating the US Constitution.
The planets in Scorpius reveal the strong influence of Satan in Snowden's life.  It is common for people to talk about what should be done to change the world, but very few actually try to do it as Snowden did.  Satan worked through Snowden to expose the NSA.

The Redeemer Planet was in Sagittarius, for being redeemed from the enemy or war.  This corresponds to Snowden's ability to find safe haven in Moscow.

The Morning Star was in Cancer, for a taker of spoils or herald of alarm.  Snowden performed the largest security heist in NSA history, and the leaked documents were proclaimed all over the world.  The Morning Star corresponds to Snowden's small, short incisors.  The unevenness due to different lengths of his teeth makes them somewhat similar to shark's teeth or crocodile teeth.  This can be sign of Baal.

Physical Features

Thin lips concise, brief, and to the point
Moles on neck impurities associated with freedom; impurities from Satan's Cosmic System (2 Pet 2:19).
Tapered fingers limited perception of reality not seeing the whole picture.
Curled third finger hope against hope, clinging to a thread.
Long Little Finger good communicator
Pronounced Mount of Wisdom, Instinct awareness of danger
Teeth small incisors, large canines shark or crocodile teeth
  1. Incisor Savior in Taurus champion; great heist of state secrets
  2. Incisor Morning Star in Cancer taker of spoils (crown jewels of NSA)
  3. Canine Red Planet in Gemini bloody bridegroom (Ex 4:25-26)

Beyond Edward Snowden

What Snowden did for whatever reason was reprehensible.  He betrayed his country in a sinister way that stagers the imagination.  However, just as a detonator ignites a firestorm, the fire that Snowden unleashed is far worse than his crafty intentions.  Snowden was nothing in comparison to what he exposed.  In opening the lid to Pandora's Box, he was the pawn that Satan used to expose the USA to shame in the court of world opinion.

What Snowden did was bigger than Snowden.  Satan was behind the attack on the US on September 11, 2001.  That was not the end, however.  He has continued to attack the government, business, schools, and churches.  The Snowden attack on the NSA was just the latest.  Snowden's plot to change the world came from Satan.  In attacking the NSA, Satan again proved that he can compromise the security of any organization.  The security of an organization is no stronger than its people, and Satan can compromise anyone.

The public outcry that should have occurred when Snowden exposed a government spying on its own citizens, was only a whimper.  The Fourth Amendment against unlawful search and seizure is not respected by the government or the people.  Personal freedom does not seem to be a concern of either the government or the people.  People who forfeit their freedom are already slaves.  The personal attacks on Edward Snowden are a pitiful excuse compared to the blatant abuse of the Fourth Amendment committed by the government.

A free people must be free in their souls before they can be free in their country.

If I have freedom in my love,
And in my soul am free,
Angels alone, that soar above,
Enjoy such liberty.3
Spiritual freedom precedes temporal freedom.  Edward Snowden had a big black mole on the left side of his neck, and his girl friend had one on the right side of her neck.  These markings symbolize loss of freedom due to an impurity from the Cosmic System.  It is Satan who destroys freedom long before the government or the people decide to give it up.  Christians are the only ones who have Spiritual freedom, and the only ones who can deliver the country from slavery.  Just as Snowden and his girlfriend are marked as slaves, the nation is headed the same way.


Edward Snowden committed one of the greatest data thefts in world history.  He walked away with the crown jewels of the US National Security Agency.  He gave the data to journalists so they could expose the nation's most secret programs.  The Skull in his Birth Chart and the strong influence from Scorpius indicate Satan's power in his life.  Satan used Snowden to attack the NSA, and God allowed the lies in Pandora's Box to be exposed to the world.

The Catwalk in Snowden's Chart indicates the fugitive who fled his country and flew to Russia to escape prosecution.  The three planets, including the Moon, in Libra indicate the strong influence of justice in his life.  His overwhelming hope for justice needed to be satisfied.  He had strong convictions from a conscience that demanded justice.  His ring finger was curled in hope against hope.  Satan took over his justice department and used him to betray his own country.

What Satan unleashed through Snowden was a sign of a nation going down to slavery.  The government was spying on its own citizens in violation of the Fourth Amendment, and the citizens were apathetic.  The root of this cancer is loss of Spiritual freedom due to Christians who have fallen into apostasy.  Christians are failing.  They don't even Rebound.  The result is that the nation is on the road to slavery.   The only hope is the redemption solution:  For the unbeliever to believe in Jesus Christ and the carnal believer to Rebound (Matt 13:14, 15).

Edward Snowden Chart Planets

Sun Gemini Glorious marriage
Moon Libra Jury
Savior Taurus Champion
Morning Star Cancer Taker of spoils, herald of alarm
Red Planet Gemini Bloody bridegroom
Almighty God Scorpius Satan, world ruler
Ring Planet Libra Law
Mediator Scorpius Betrayer, accuser
Redeemer Sagittarius Redeemed from the enemy
Last Adam Libra Cursed by law



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Released June 1, 2014

Author: Larry Wood
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