The Royal Wedding

The Royal Wedding
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The Royal Wedding

Prince William married Kate Middleton in a royal wedding ceremony in Westminster Abbey with 1,900 guests and a million spectators outside along the parade route in addition to perhaps a billion television viewers.  It was billed as the wedding of the century.  Prince William wore a red tunic of an Irish Guards colonel, where red is a symbol of suffering, and the bride wore white (ivory), for sanctification.  The couple became the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

The ceremony was led by the Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury, the Reverend Dr. Rowan Williams.  The couple repeated a weakened version of the classical wedding vows with the soft voices of clueless children being forced to make statements demanded by adults.  The bride did not promise to obey her husband, but the Bishop bound their wrists together to symbolize their new bondage.1

Royal Wedding Chart

Royal Wedding Chart 4-29-11At the time the couple were pronounced man and wife at 11:20 AM BST, the Astrological Chart contained a Skull and a Plow with a de facto Stellium of six planets in Pisces.  The Skull is a morbid sign of death and Satan, who has the power of death.  The Plow is for intensive suffering, like being plowed under.  The combination symbolizes stripes of scourging and destruction, like the paths of the killer tornadoes through the southern United States on April 27, 2011.  The de facto Stellium of 6 planets in Pisces adds great significance to the power of the sign in the Chart.  The Royal Wedding was a powerful statement of beliefs and relationships corresponding to Pisces, which symbolizes a priest.  In the wedding ceremony the couple stood before a bishop (priest) who claimed to represent them to God.

The Sun was in Aries, for a husband's glory.  In Marriage the husband is the glory of his wife, or Right Woman.  The Moon was in Pisces, for the Church or a congregation of believers.  The Wedding was in Westminster Abbey with a million spectators outside and television coverage all over the world.
Midheaven was in Pisces, for a festival (wedding).  It was in conjunction with the Savior Planet, which symbolizes the Lord Jesus Christ as the Savior of the world.  The wedding ceremony, although watered down, was based on Christianity.

The Bottom of Heaven was in Virgo, for a virgin (young woman) going down to the grave.  It was in conjunction with the God of the Covenants, for a virgin betrothed.  So, this was a morbid sign of a virgin betrothed going down to the grave, which corresponds to the sin unto death from the Marriage.  The meaning is that so long as two people live together out of wedlock, they face intensified divine discipline, but when they take the Marriage vows "till death do us part," they are destined for the grave.  The Lord will decide which one dies first.

The Ascendant was Cancer, which symbolizes feasting and security.  The wedding was a celebration that included feasting both for the Royal Family and people all over town.  Regarding security, the royal couple would be protected by palace security.  And in Marriage, they would be bound together in the bondage of matrimony until death.  The Archbishop symbolized this during the ceremony by binding the wrists of the couple together with a strip of cloth.

The Descendant was Capricornus, which symbolizes Gentile lawlessness.  The wedding received recognition because Kate Middleton was considered a commoner, but in marriage she was a commoner no more.

The Plow and the Skull

The Plow pointed to the Last Adam in Sagittarius, for a Satanic attack.  Evidence of Satan was all around in the morbid omens.  The Plow was inscribed in a Skull, the morbid symbol of death and Satan.  A wedding is supposed to be a happy occasion with great celebration.  How can there be happiness with a Skull hanging over the head?  The wedding was held in the Church where the funeral of Prince William's mother was held.  Prince William wore red, the color for suffering.  His bride also had a Skull with inscribed Plow in her Birth Chart.  She was born the day of a Lunar Eclipse, which corresponds to Eclipse Testing from her Right Man.  And Prince William was born on the day of a partial Solar Eclipse, which corresponds to Eclipse Testing from his Right Woman.  The Moon was in Gemini in both their Birth Charts, for wedding guests, which certainly came true with over a million going to their wedding.  Matching Moon Signs is one of the indicators of Right Man - Right Woman.  The Sun was in Gemini in Prince William's Chart, for a glorious marriage, and the Morning Star was in Capricornus in Kate's Chart, for a Gentile Queen.

Prince William Birth Chart

Prince William Birth ChartThe Birth Chart of Prince William Arthur Philip Louis contains a Teeter-Totter, a Boomerang, and a Coffin.  A Teeter-Totter signifies a politician who straddles the fulcrum and plays two ends against the middle.  A Boomerang indicates a crisis in timing.  The Boomerang pointed to the conqueror of an empire.  Prince William might achieve this through inheriting the Throne of England.  And a Coffin is for burying the dead.  Prince William is the son of Princess Diana, who suffered a violent death.  Three planets in Virgo add great significance to the power of that sign in the Chart.

The Sun Sign was Gemini, for a glorious marriage.  However, the sign was setting and it was the day of a partial Solar Eclipse to boot.  Setting means going down, and Eclipse Testing is the ultimate curse of the Right Woman on the Right Man.  So, the glorious marriage will be doomed.  The Moon in Gemini is for wedding guests, which came true in the Prince William's Royal Wedding.

The Ascendant Sign was Sagittarius, which corresponds to a person attacking the tasks of life as if he were mounted cavalry in battle.  Prince William is actively following a military career.

Kate Middleton Birth Chart

Kate Middleton Birth ChartThe Birth Chart of Kate Middleton contains a Skull and a Plow.  The Plow is inscribed in the Skull as a morbid symbol of death and destruction.  The same sign was in the Chart of her Royal Wedding.  The Plow pointed to the Red Planet in Virgo, for a bloody son, which is a sign of suffering associated with a child.

The Sun Sign was Sagittarius, for a shining army (which could be the palace guard).  She married Prince William, a career military officer.  She was born on a Lunar Eclipse, which is the ultimate curse from the Right Man.  The Moon was in Gemini, for wedding guests.  That came true at her Royal Wedding.

The Morning Star was in Capricornus, for a Gentile Queen.  The Almighty God Planet was in Libra, for judge of all.  And the Last Adam had just entered Libra, for being cursed by the law, which could be the law of Marriage.  Marriage is a curse for those who cannot execute it Spiritually.  Births on eclipses are further indicators of curses in Marriage.  Like Prince William, who was also born in 1982, the Mediator Planet was in Scorpius, for a deceiver.


The Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton was orchestrated in Heaven, ambushed by Satan, performed by the weakness of man with royal pomp and fanfare, and witnessed by millions.  The couple have matching Moon Signs in Gemini, which is one of the indicators of Right Man - Right Woman.  Prince William was born on a partial Solar Eclipse on June 21, 1982, Day 172, where 82 is for a breakpoint in history and 72 is for the criminal justice system, which is associated with Pisces.  There was a Stellium of 6 planets, including the Moon, in his wedding Chart.  Kate Middleton was born on January 9, 1982, where 9 is for the Plagues of Egypt.  The wedding was preceded by the uprising for freedom and overthrow of President Mubarak in Egypt, the leader of the Arab world.

Being born on Solar and Lunar Eclipses is the ultimate curse of Right Man and Right Woman.  Only Right Man and Right Woman can really hurt each other.  All others are but trivial inconveniences in comparison.  The Marriage of Prince William and Kate is an opportunity for great blessing, but otherwise subject to double doomed Divine cursing to insure that blessing can only come God's way.  The sign of the Skull and Plow pointed at the Last Adam indicate that Satan is available to administer the cursing and implement the sin unto death when God permits.

The long red carpet that the bride walked to the altar symbolizes plowing suffering, corresponding to the paths of destruction plowed by the tornadoes in the US two days before.  The green trees in the cathedral symbolize the extravagance of the Prostitute of Babylon (Rev 18:3, 7, 9; Psa 37:35).  The miter on the head of the Archbishop symbolizes Dagon, the fish god idol.  And the balding spot on the back of Prince William's head corresponds to the Skull in the Chart.

A part of the wedding vows was "for better or for worse."  The Right Man Right Woman relationship can be the best or the worst.  That will be the case with Prince William and Kate.  It could be the best, but more likely the worst.  They have a choice, but the only hope they have is the Spiritual solution.  Otherwise, they will be damned and doomed.

Royal Wedding Chart Planets

Sun Aries Husband's glory
Moon Pisces Church
Savior Pisces Savior
Morning Star Pisces High priest
Red Planet Pisces Suffering saint
Almighty God Pisces Monster Whale
Ring Planet Virgo Virgin betrothed
Mediator Pisces Balaam, intercessor
Redeemer Aquarius Service of a Redeemer
Last Adam Sagittarius Satanic attack



1.  "Balcony kisses seal royal wedding," BBC News, April 29, 2011.

Released May 1, 2011

Author: Larry Wood
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