Miami Crane Collapse

Miami Crane Collapse
Crane Collapse Chart
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Miami Crane Collapse

March 25, 2008 (Day 85, Eye):  As Orbiter Endeavour returned to Earth from the Space Station for a landing the next day, a crane fell in Miami into a house and killed 2 men and injured 5.  The crane crashed through the roof of a two-story house that was being used by the construction project.  It crashed into the safety office at 1:45 PM EDT (1745 GMT) at 2066 N. Bayshore Dr. just north of downtown Miami.  The crane fell from the Paramount Bay Condo, a 46-story luxury building under construction.  A 20-foot vertical extension was being hoisted to raise the crane from near the 37th floor when the section fell.  A crane fell in Manhattan on March 15 during the installation of Dextre on the Space Station.

Later in the day at 5:25 PM EDT a Passenger Train was hit by a boxcar loaded with lumber near Canton Junction, Massachusetts.  About 50 passengers received minor injuries and about 10 were taken to hospitals.  The passenger train was MBTA No. 917.  Canton Junction is at 42 N., for Baal, and 71 W., for a strait.  A train wreck symbolizes a strategic failure.

Crane Collapse Chart

Miami Crane Collapse ChartThe Star Chart at the time of the Miami crane collapse contained an overturned Castle, a Plow, and a Coffin in the shape of a tower.  The Red Planet was rising in Gemini and the Last Adam was setting in Sagittarius.  This was basically the opposite of the STS-123 Launch Star Chart in which the Last Adam was rising and the Red Planet was setting.  The opposition in the Plow between the Red Planet and the Last Adam corresponds to the beam that fell from the crane in Miami.  The overturned Castle corresponds to the house on which the crane fell.  The Coffin corresponds to the two people who died as well as to a tower.  The tower corresponds to the Miami 46-story Paramount Bay Condo building as well as to the International Space Station, which is like a tower in the sky corresponding to the Tower of Babel.  The Almighty God planet in Sagittarius was setting, which symbolizes the waning influence of victory of a raiding band.

Miami Crane Collapse ChartThe opposition of the Red Planet and the Last Adam in the Chart was directed toward the Sun in Pisces.  This formed a Plow in which the opposition of two planets is directed toward a third at right angles.  Pisces is the sign of a priest, who represents others before God.  The Sun symbolizes the Lord Jesus Christ, the Light of the world.  Thus, the Sun in Pisces symbolizes Jesus Christ the High Priest of the Church.   The Sun in conjunction with Midheaven symbolizes divine glory.  The message of the Last Adam and Red Planet in opposition with the Plow directed toward the Sun in Pisces is found in Hebrews 9:11-12.

Hebrews 9:11-12
11 But when Christ Himself (Last Adam) appeared, the High Priest of divine good, having come by means of a greater and more perfect Tabernacle (third heaven), not hand made, that is not of this creation. 12 And not by means of the blood of goats and young bulls, but by means of His own blood (Red Planet) He has entered once and for all into the Holy of Holies, having obtained eternal redemption.
The Star Chart also contains a Stellium of the Mediator, Savior, and Morning Star in Aquarius, which corresponds to Florida, where Endeavour was scheduled to land the next day.  The Mediator in Aquarius symbolizes a tower, and the Morning Star in Aquarius symbolizes a ship's captain or a crane operator.

Train Wreck Chart

Train Wreck ChartThe Chart of the train wreck at Canton Junction later in the day had the same configurations as the Chart of the crane collapse, but the orientation of the Chart was different.  The Ascendant Sign was Leo, which contained the God of the Covenants, for powers of rulers.  The Descendant Sign was Aquarius with its Stellium of three planets, which were arranged like the cars of a train.  The meaning of the planets is:
  1. Morning Star - train engineer.  The front of the train hit the loose boxcar, and the engineer was injured.
  2. Savior - a reporter.  The train wreck made news, but this also applies to passengers, who were saved from death in spite of the wreck.
  3. Mediator - train conductor, coupler.  The wayward boxcar was not coupled to another train.
Thus, the train wreck was symbolized by the three planets on the Descendant.  The train was going down to destruction.

Midheaven was in Taurus, which symbolizes royal glory of Jesus Christ.  This was opposite the bottom of heaven, IC, in Scorpius, which symbolizes the death of Jezebel, or the Prostitute of Babylon.  This corresponds to the Latitude of 42 N., for Baal, or Jezebel.

The Red Planet in Gemini symbolizes bloody witnesses, corresponding to the injured.  And the Moon in Libra symbolizes the Judgment of a tribe, corresponding to the train passengers.


The end of NASA's STS-123 mission was heralded by a crane collapse in Miami and a train wreck in Massachusetts.  The Miami crane collapse, like the New York crane collapse, corresponds to the installation of Dextre on the Space Station.  In the Chart of the Miami crane collapse, the Mediator Planet was in Aquarius, for a tower (or crane).  A configuration in the Chart was shaped like a tower or building along with an upside down Castle, which symbolized the fall of a house.  Putting this all together, the Space Station with its connecting steel beams symbolizes the Tower of Babel, which the Lord will knock down.

Miami is at 25 N., for Sovereignty, and today was March 25.  The Almighty God planet, which symbolizes Sovereignty (per the number 25) and victory, was setting in Sagittarius.  This means the waning influence of a mighty warrior or the end of victory of the raiding band.  The raiding bands in the news today were the Shiite militias fighting in Basra.  The Almighty God planet setting can also symbolize the fall of the giant.

The train wreck symbolizes a strategic failure.  It was at 42 N., for Baal, which matches the symbolism of the pentagram on the STS-123 Mission patch.  The train was hit by a boxcar loaded with lumber.  Lumber is symbolized by the color, yellow.  The crane section that fell in Miami was yellow.  The Pentagram on the STS-123 Mission patch was yellow.  Jesus Christ was crucified on a wooden cross.  The train wreck occurred as the three planets in Aquarius reached the Descendant, which symbolizes going down to destruction.  The bottom of heaven, IC, was in Scorpius, which symbolizes the death of Jezebel.

Endeavour is OV-105, for a giant, such as Baal.  Two men were killed and 5 injured in the Miami crane collapse.  The total of 7 casualties corresponds to the 7-pointed stars on the STS-123 Mission patch.  The two men who were killed corresponds to the Red Planet in Gemini, for bloody witnesses as well as to the passengers injured in the train wreck.

Crane Collapse Chart Planets

Sun Pisces Divine glory
Moon Libra Judgment of a nation
Savior Aquarius Reporter
Morning Star Aquarius Crane operator
Red Planet Gemini Bloody witnesses
Almighty God Sagittarius Mighty warrior
Ring Planet Leo Powers of rulers
Mediator Aquarius Tower
Redeemer Capricornus Wealth of Gentiles
Last Adam Sagittarius Enemy attack



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Released January 31, 2010 - Revised March 5, 2010

Author: Larry Wood
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