Hurricane Ike Landfall Galveston

                  Ike, 9-13-08 Hurricane Ike Radar, 9-13-08 Hurricane Ike Turkey, 9-13-08 Hurricane Ike Turkey, 9-13-08 Hurricane Ike Beast
Hurricane Ike Landfall Galveston
Ike Landfall Chart
Ike Landfall Chart Planets

Hurricane Ike Landfall Galveston

September 13 (Day 257, Zebulun):  Hurricane Ike made landfall at Galveston, Texas beginning about 1:00 AM CDT (0600 GMT) with winds of 50 to 70 knots.  On the back side of the storm some areas on the northeast side reached 80 knots (ref. NOAA Windfield Maps and Recon Vortex Reports).  .The storm surge unofficially was only 9-11 feet at Galveston and not the 22 feet predicted by the weather service.  The eye of the storm passed directly over NASA's Johnson Space Center and proceeded up I-45 over the east side of Houston.  There was heavy rain and flooding.  There was widespread flooding  in Galveston and the areas near the bay and waterways.  Electrical power was knocked out over a wide area, except in downtown Houston, where the cables are underground.  Around 1.2 million customers were without electrical power.  And some buildings burned during the storm when fire departments could not respond.  Brennan's Restaurant at 3300 Smith in Houston burned from a transformer fire.

After flooding Haiti and crossing Cuba, Hurricane Ike emerged on September 8th in the shape of a beast (like a lion) rising from the sea.  The beast stretched from the horse's neck of Cuba, over the turtle of Hispaniola, and through the snake's tale of the Lesser Antilles.  As Ike entered the Gulf of Mexico, it encountered a combination of dry air and northerly shear, which broke it up and scattered it over a wide area.  It became a lumbering giant that was larger than Hurricane Katrina.  It began to take the shape of a turkey just before landfall.  The dire predictions of a major hurricane, catastrophic wind damage, devastating flooding, and certain death, never happened.  Nor was there ever any hard proof to back up the speculative claims.  Over two million people evacuated the area.  After the storm, there was the damage to trees and power lines typical of a hurricane, but there was not the roof damage and devastation characteristic of a powerful hurricane.  After landfall, the image of Ike quickly transformed back to a horse (actually multiple horses), the symbol of war and a male phallic reversionist.

The name, Ike, is short for Isaac, the firstborn of Israel.  Texas is in the region of Reuben, the firstborn of Jacob.  Reuben was an adulterer and lost his firstborn blessing.  Water in the streets and flooding from Ike symbolizes the breakdown of Marriage Culture from female promiscuity and adultery.  It symbolizes the cursing of the Prostitute of Babylon.

NASA's Johnson Space Center was closed due to the hurricane and flooding.  The hurricane forced NASA to cancel the Flight Readiness Review for STS-125, the Hubble Repair Mission,  The Mission Patch bears the insignia of hurricanes.

Ike was the sixth consecutive tropical storm or hurricane to make landfall in the US in 2008.  The number, 6, stands for a man stripped of his power standing before the footstool of the conquering king (ref. 2006).

Ike Landfall Chart

Hurricane Ike Landfall
        ChartThe Chart of Hurricane Ike at the time of landfall had planets grouped in pairs all around the chart.  Grouping in pairs symbolizes the Flood, corresponding to the flooding caused by the hurricane in Texas.  The Chart contained the configuration of a Bowl, which symbolizes a bowl of blessing or cursing with the planets all on one side of the chart.  The Bowl is also like the sea basin with the seashore being the rim of the Bowl.  Abraham's offspring would be as numerous as the sand on the seashore.   A Plow pointed to the Last Adam in Sagittarius.  This symbolized being plowed under by an enemy attack, like the attack on Israel before the Second Advent.  Landfall of Hurricane Ike was like an enemy attack from a weather angel.

Hurricane Ike Landfall
          ChartThe Moon and the Redeemer Planet were in conjunction in Capricornus, which corresponds to Texas.  The Moon represented a congregation of Gentiles.  This corresponds to the millions of people in Texas affected by Hurricane Ike.  The Redeemer in Capricornus symbolizes water in the desert and the wealth of the Gentiles.  The beach houses that were destroyed by Ike illustrated the wealth of the Gentiles.

The pair of planets in Leo symbolized the government.  The Sun in Leo symbolized the Lord at the Second Advent as the King of glory, and the God of the Covenants planet in Leo symbolized government powers.  The government was heavily involved in managing the people during Hurricane Ike.  Beside Leo in Virgo were three planets in conjunction.  This Stellium symbolized powerful impact from Virgo, the Virgin.  The five planets in Leo and Virgo emphasized the significance of the King and the Virgin.  On the good side, this symbolizes the Lord Jesus Christ, the King, at the Second Advent with His Bride, the Church.  However, on the bad side, it calls attention to the Evil King and the Prostitute of Babylon, such as King Ahab and Jezebel.  This corresponds to a rejection of Grace, which is the meaning of a hurricane.  When the congregation rejects Grace, the pastor must stand up to the hurricane.

On the other side of the chart, the Mediator Planet in Aquarius symbolized landfall and an ambassador.  The Mediator was in opposition to the Sun in Leo.  The US Government has just been involved in expulsion of ambassadors associated with Bolivia and Venezuela.  These countries are being influenced by the Prostitute of Babylon associated with the oil market and Russia.  Hurricane Ike passed over the oil refineries southeast of Houston.

The Ascendant, the sign rising over the horizon at the time landfall began, was Gemini, the Twins.  Gemini symbolizes Marriage, but it also symbolizes the double blessing of the firstborn and Ephraim and Manasseh.  Ephraim and Manasseh corresponds to California where there was a head-on train wreck the afternoon before landfall of Ike.  A train wreck symbolizes a strategic failure.  The planning for Hurricane Ike was a strategic failure.


Hurricane Ike made landfall in Galveston, Texas on September 13, 2008, Day 257, where 13 symbolizes the double blessing of the firstborn, and 57 is for Zebulun, which corresponds to Florida.  The STS-125 Space Shuttle on the launch pad in Florida had been impacted by hurricanes and tropical storms in Florida and Texas.  The eye of Ike passed directly over NASA's Johnson Space Center.  The targets of Ike were the Space Center and the oil refineries southeast of Houston.  The image of Ike at landfall was a turkey, a stupid bird.  The turkey has characterized US foreign policy.  It also related to forecast and leadership failures associated with the weather crisis of Hurricane Ike (1 Cor 1:19).

The Chart of landfall of Hurricane Ike contained pairs of planets, the symbol of the Flood (Gen 6:19).  The hurricane caused flooding.  A flood symbolizes judgment for the promiscuity of the Prostitute of Babylon (Prov 5:19).  The Plow symbolized the suffering on the Last Adam by an enemy attack.  The people in the path of Ike were under attack.  A thousand people have been killed in the tropical storms and hurricanes that have flooded Haiti this year.  The five planets in Leo and Virgo further emphasized the King and the Virgin of the Second Advent.  However, this also corresponds to the Evil King and Prostitute of Babylon, who oppose the Plan of God.  This combo has infiltrated churches, institutions, governments, commerce, and NASA.

Ike Landfall Chart Planets

Sun Leo King of glory
Moon Capricornus Gentile congregation
Savior Virgo Rachel's children
Morning Star Virgo Sons of Light
Red Planet Virgo Bloody son
Almighty God Sagittarius Conquering army
Ring Planet Leo Government powers
Mediator Aquarius Landfall
Redeemer Capricornus Riches of the Gentiles
Last Adam Sagittarius Enemy attack



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Author: Larry Wood
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