Pontius Pilate Lunar Eclipse 2008

Pontius Pilate Lunar Eclipse 2008
Lunar Eclipse Chart
Navy Shoots Down Spy Satellite
Lunar Eclipse Chart Planets

Pontius Pilate Lunar Eclipse 2008

February 20 (Day 51, Arrogance):  The first total lunar eclipse of 2008 occurred the night of Feb. 20/21.  It was visible over South America and most of North America (on Feb. 20) as well as Western Europe, Africa, and western Asia (on Feb. 21).  At the instant of mid-totality (0326/03.3 UT), the Moon stood at the zenith for observers in French Guiana.  In some areas, the Moon was reddish-brown.

The time of the partial eclipse first umbral contact was at 0143/17 GMT (Feb. 21).  Totality was at  0301/09 GMT (10:01/09 PM EST) and lasted until 0350/55 GMT.  Duration of totality was 49 min. 46 sec.

In general, a lunar eclipse represents the judgment of the Right Woman and the Church as explained for the lunar eclipse of January 20, 2000.  The lunar eclipse was on February 20, for the external gates of the military, and Day 51, for arrogance.  The Navy shot down a spy satellite at the instant of greatest eclipse at 0326 GMT (Feb. 21).

Lunar Eclipse Chart

Lunar Eclipse ChartThe Star Chart for the lunar eclipse of Feb. 20, 2008 is quite revealing.  The Star Chart is shown over the point of greatest eclipse in French Guiana.  At greatest eclipse at 0326/04 GMT, the Moon was in the sign of Leo in conjunction with the Ringed Planet.  Leo symbolizes the Lord Jesus Christ as the "Lion of the Tribe of Judah," the King of kings who will return at the Second Advent and conquer the enemies of Israel and rule in the Millennium from the Throne of David.  The Moon symbolizes a woman or congregation of believers.  And the Ringed Planet, or God of the Covenants, in Leo symbolizes the powers of a ruler, or king.  The Moon in conjunction with the Ringed Planet symbolizes a married woman.  The woman in Leo could be the wife of a ruler, such as Pilate's wife, or a queen.

The Star Chart contains a Mystic Rectangle. The Mystic Rectangle requires balance between the planets in opposition at the corners of the rectangle.  One arm is the Moon in opposition to the Sun in Aquarius.  The Sun symbolizes the Lord Jesus Christ, the Light of the world, and the Right Man, and Aquarius, the water bearer, symbolizes carrying the water of the word (the Gospel) to evangelize the world.  Jesus Christ brought the Good News of Salvation to the world, and Pilate's wife suffered intensely in a dream when her husband, Pointius Pilate, was seated as Tribune to judge the case of Jesus Christ.  She sent word to him while he was sitting on the tribunal to hear the case.

And while he was sitting on the Tribunal, his wife sent to him, saying, “Have nothing to do with that righteous Man; for today I suffered intensely in a dream because of Him.” (Matthew 27:19)
Pilate's wife had heard about Jesus Christ, but she had not believed in Him for Salvation.  She suffered greatly in a dream because she was rejecting the Gospel, and because her husband was sitting in judgment of Jesus Christ.  In His trials Jesus Christ was giving the Gospel to Pilate and his wife.  Pilate's wife was suffering because she and her husband were a corporate team.  So she sent word to her husband to do nothing to "that righteous Man," which could also be translated "that innocent Man."  By calling him "righteous," she was calling him upright, or innocent.  She had not believed in Him as being the Righteous Son of God.

By interrupting her husband when he sat in judgment, Pilate's wife was going beyond the bounds of trying to help her husband.  She was violating the authority of the judicial system.  She was behaving as the Prostitute of Babylon, who tries to usurp her husband's authority.  Pilate, however, was not swayed by his wife.  He demonstrated in hearing the case of Jesus Christ that he was the symbol of the Evil King.  For he found Jesus Christ innocent and still caved in to political expediency and sent him to be crucified to please the mob.  He washed his hands in front of the mob, saying, "I am innocent of this Man’s blood" (Matt 27:24).

In the Chart of the Lunar Eclipse, the Sun was in Aquarius, which can also mean divine light, or inspiration.  Pilate's wife received a warning from God, which was divine inspiration.  However, the Sun was in conjunction with the bottom of heaven, IC, in Aquarius, which symbolizes an inglorious death.  The Lord Jesus Christ was crucified with criminals.  And the spy satellite also had an inglorious death.  The Mediator Planet in Aquarius symbolized the launch of the missile to shoot down the spy satellite.

Now the Blood of Christ is symbolized by the Red Planet in Gemini, the twins, and symbol of marriage and a witness, as in court.  The Red Planet in Gemini could also symbolize Pontius Pilate, who was married, and who tried to wash his hands of the Blood of Christ.  The Red Planet was in opposition to the Last Adam planet in Sagittarius.  The Last Adam planet symbolizes the impeccable Jesus Christ in Hypostatic Union, who was uniquely qualified to bear the sins of the world.  Sagittarius, the archer, symbolizes both the attack of Jesus Christ in advancing to the Cross to be pierced as well as the conspiracy formed against Him.  Satan inspired the conspiracy as well as the political expediency of Pilate.  The Ascendant sign on the Star Chart is Scorpius, which symbolizes Satan.  So Pilate, as symbolized by the Red Planet, was confronted by Jesus Christ as the Last Adam.  And in spite of the fact that Pilate found Him innocent, Pilate went ahead and sentenced Him to be crucified.  And this was all the will of God so that Jesus Christ could pay for the sins of the world.

The pairs of planets in the Chart symbolize the Flood, which was the Judgment due to the breakdown of Marriage Culture through female promiscuity.  A Lunar Eclipse symbolizes the judgment of the woman in Eclipse Testing.

Note, Star Charts for other locations during the Lunar Eclipse will have a different Ascendant, but will otherwise be the same.  Those charts would also apply to other people, especially married ones living in the locality.

Navy Shoots Down Spy Satellite

The Navy fired a missile that destroyed the failed spy satellite at 0326 GMT, which is precisely the time of greatest eclipse over French Guiana.  This put that operation on the Lunar Eclipse Star Chart.  It corresponds to the Red Planet in Gemini.  Red is the color of the Hydrazine vapor cloud, and Gemini corresponds to both France and California.  The Navy ship was in the Pacific probably in the general vicinity of Hawaii, which is west of California (and thus is related to Gemini).  The satellite was USA 193, where 93 is for guilt because Adam lived 930 years.  The Red Planet was in opposition to the Last Adam planet in Sagittarius, the archer, which symbolizes an enemy attack.  The enemy attack was upon the spy satellite.  And a ship is one of the symbols of Salvation per the meaning of the year, 2008.  USA 193 was launched by United Launch Alliance from Vandenberg Air Force Base, California, which corresponds to Gemini.  United Launch Alliance is composed of Boeing and Lockheed Martin, where the two corporations are another sign of Gemini as a witness.


The story in the Star Chart reveals a Roman Evil King and his wife the Prostitute of Babylon (see also Marriage of the Evil King and the Prostitute).  Earlier in the day, NASA Orbiter Atlantis returned from delivering the European Laboratory to the International Space Station.  The European Laboratory of the European Union symbolizes the rise of the Evil King of the Revived Roman Empire, the beast of Revelation, who will be destroyed by the Lion of the Tribe of Judah at the Second Advent after the Evil Kings destroy the Prostitute of Babylon (ref. Fall of Babylon and Armageddon War).  The Moon will be turned to blood before the Second Advent (Joel 2:31; Acts 2:20; Revelation 6:12).  The Moon is blood-colored during eclipses and when ash is in the atmosphere.

There is an underlying theme of marriage and politics here, which will not be developed in order to preserve the separation of Church and State, which Pilate and his wife did not do.  The four corners of the Mystic Rectangle can be correlated to the final four contenders in 2008 for the nomination for President.  Hint:  the bottom two are Republican and the top two are Democratic.

Lunar Eclipse Chart Planets

Sun Aquarius Divine Light, or inspiration
Moon Leo Queen's glory
Savior Capricornus Rescuer
Morning Star Capricornus Gentile military leader
Red Planet Gemini Bloody bridegroom
Almighty God Sagittarius Mighty army or warrior
Ring Planet Leo Ruler's powers
Mediator Aquarius Launch
Redeemer Capricornus Redeemed by blood
Last Adam Sagittarius Enemy attack



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Released February 6, 2010

Author: Larry Wood
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