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Seung-hui Cho was born in Seoul, South Korea on January 18, 1984, where the numbers mean:  1st month - unity, 18 - pillar, for maximum historical impact, 84 - weakness of the Church.  South Korea is in the region of Leo, which corresponds to the ruling Tribe of Judah.  Cho's parents lived in a two-room apartment, and his father ran a used book store.  Cho had serious health problems from 9 months to 3 years, was frail, and after unpleasant medical procedures did not want to be touched.  Otherwise, he was quiet and obedient.  Cho's family immigrated to the United States on September 2, 1992 when Cho was eight years old. They settled in Detroit, but then moved to the Washington metropolitan area, which has a large Korean community.  They lived in Centreville, Virginia about 25 miles (40 km) west of Washington, DC, where they worked for a dry-cleaning business as pressers from 8 AM to 10 PM, six days a week.  The family became permanent residents of the United States as South Korean nationals with green cards.

In the summer between 6th and 7th grades, Cho began receiving counseling at the Center for Multi-cultural Human Services, where he was diagnosed with selective mutism.  In the 8th grade his teachers identified suicidal and homicidal ideations when he identified with the Columbine shootings in his writings.  He was prescribed antidepressant medication.  After responding well, he was taken off the medication about a year later.

Cho's selective mutism meant that although he was capable of talking and did at times, he was generally mute.  This ailment can be caused by a curse from an Elect Angel (Luke 1:19-22, 64) or by a demon.  Spiritual pressure on the person's brain stem renders him too weak to force air through the vocal cords and speak without difficulty.  The solution is Grace Orientation (2 Cor 12:8).  Because of his problem, Cho was isolated and refused to interact socially or speak in class.  He was given special education classes, but he had no problem learning his lessons, and he did well in school.

At Westfield High School, Cho was enrolled in the Individual Educational Program, a special education program to deal with him separately from the normal classroom setting because of his shyness.  He graduated with a 3.5 GPA in the honors program.  Then he decided to attend Virginia Tech against the advice of his parents and counselors, who did not think he could get adequate attention at the larger school.

When he was a high school freshman, his mother took him to church with her and prayed for him to be cheerful.  She did not attend church regularly, and the pastor said that Cho was about 20% interested.  When Cho was home for the Summer from Virginia Tech, some local Christians thought he needed an exorcism and convinced his mother to take him to another church and seek help from the pastor.  That pastor, however, was unable to establish communication with Cho and there was no exorcism.  The exorcism would not have worked anyway, since Cho's problem required Grace Orientation and Spiritual growth.

Cho entered Virginia Tech as a business information systems major, but by his sophomore year he took an interest in writing and decided to switch to an English major beginning in his junior year.  His parents initially visited him weekly.  During the spring of his sophomore year, he submitted an idea for a book to a New York publisher, who later turned him down.  That depressed him.

When Cho started his junior year in the Fall of 2005, his older sister, with whom he was close, noticed a loss of enthusiasm for writing in him.  Then his poetry professor, Nikki Giovanni, became concerned about the violence in his writing and also complained about him taking pictures of others from a camera held under his desk.  Dr. Lucinda Roy, head of the English Department, removed Cho from the class and tutored him privately.  When Cho refused to go to counseling, she reported him to health care organizations, but they could not intervene.

On November 27, 2005, a female student from West Ambler Johnston Hall reported Cho to the campus police for annoying contact via the Internet, phone, and in person.  Cho was referred to the Office of Judicial Affairs when the female refused to press charges.  Another female student complained to the campus police about him December 12, 2005.  Cho was interviewed by phone by the Cook Counseling Center.  The next day after campus police ordered him to stay away from the second female, Cho sent an instant message to his suitemate saying, "I might as well kill myself now."4  The suitemate reported him to the campus police, and he was subsequently evaluated by the New River Valley Community Services Board as "an imminent danger to self or others."  After a judge ordered detention, he was taken to Carilion St. Albans Psychiatric Hospital.  After an overnight stay and evaluation, he was found not to be a danger, nor psychotic, and was a person with normal judgment.  So he was released to Cook County Counseling Center, who again interviewed him for the third time in three days.

In the Spring of 2006, Cho wrote a paper for a creative writing class about a young man who hated the students at his school and planned to kill them and himself.  The writing contained parallels to events that were later fulfilled by Cho in his rampage on April 16, 2007.

At the beginning of his senior year, Professor Lisa Norris alerted the Dean of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences, Mary Ann Lewis, about him and offered to take him to counseling.  However, no police reports or mental health records were found, and Cho refused to go to counseling.  Later in the Fall, another of Cho's instructors, Professor Falco, learned from Professors Roy and Norris that they had both reported him to Dean Mary Ann Lewis.

In February 2007, Cho bought a .22 caliber Walther P22 pistol online.  His plan was in motion.  On March 12, he rented a van, which he kept for almost a month and from which he later videotaped some of his diatribe.  On March 13, he bought a 9 mm Glock 19 pistol from a Roanoke gunshop.  On March 22, he spent an hour practicing at a pistol range.  On April 8, Cho spent the night at the Hampton Inn in Christianburg, Virginia, where he videotaped segments of his diatribe.  On April 14, the doors of Norris Hall were chained shut and a hooded Asian male was seen in the area.  That was probably Cho practicing.

Virginia Tech Shooting

On April 16, 2007, Day 96, Cho was awake at his computer at 5:00 AM EDT in his suite 2121 in Harper Hall.   At 6:47 AM, he was spotted outside West Ambler Johnston (WAJ) Hall where he had his mailbox.  At 7:02 AM Emily Hilscher entered the dorm after being dropped off by her boyfriend with whom she spent the weekends.  About 7:15 AM, Cho shot Hilscher in her room 4040.  When Ryan Christopher Clark, a Resident Advisor who roomed next to her, came to investigate, Cho also shot him.  Both Hilscher and Clark were killed.

Cho returned to his suite in Harper Hall and changed out of his bloody clothes.  At 7:25 AM he accessed his email and deleted his files and his account.  The Virginia Tech Police were called at 7:20 AM about a student who had possibly fallen out of her loft bed in Room 4040.  The police and rescue squad arrived at 7:24 AM and found the dead bodies.  A friend of Hilscher's arrived later to walk with her to class.  She told the police about Hilscher's boyfriend from Radford University, who was an avid gun user.  The boy was later picked up.

At 7:57 AM, the Virginia Tech Police Chief notified the Virginia Tech Vice President's Office about the shootings, which led to a meeting of the Virginia Tech Policy Group.  Later, after not finding Hilscher's boyfriend's car on campus, the Chief told the Policy Group that the possible suspect was probably off campus.

A person fitting Cho's description was seen near the Duck Pond on campus at 8:20 AM.  At 9:01 AM, Cho mailed a package to NBC News from the Blacksburg Post Office.  The package was a carefully documented 1800 word diatribe with video clips and pictures about a coming massacre.  The package was sent from A. Ishmael.  Cho had written Ishmail Ax on his arm in red.  Between 9:15 and 9:30 AM, Cho was spotted at Norris Hall.  At 9:26 AM Virginia Tech administration sent emails to students and staff about the WAJ shooting.

At 9:40 AM (by best estimate), Cho began shooting in Room 206 Norris Hall after having chained the doors shut.  After killing the professor and 9 of the 13 students (and injuring 3), he went across the hall to Room 207.  He went down the aisle shooting students after killing the professor.  Students in Room 205 barricaded the door and prevented Cho from entering.  After hearing gunshots, the teacher in Room 211 asked a student to call 911.  A desk was pushed against the door, but Cho forced his way in and killed all but three.  The Blacksburg Police Department (PD) received the first call at 9:41 AM and transferred it to the Virginia Tech PD.  The first 911 call reached the Virginia Tech PD at 9:42 AM.  Although the campus police arrived by 9:45 AM, they were unable to get in through the locked doors.

Cho tried to return to Room 207, but two injured and two uninjured students held the door shut.  Then Cho returned to Room 211 and shot people again.  A janitor spotted Cho reloading and fled down the stairs.  When Cho came to Room 204, Professor Liviu Librescu braced himself against the door and told the students to jump out the window.  He was killed and all but two students made it out.  Then Cho returned to Room 206 and shot more students.

Police were finally able to gain entrance to Norris Hall at 9:50 AM by shooting the outside lock of a side door off with a shotgun.  At 9:51 AM when they reached the second floor, Cho killed himself with a shot to the temple that blew off his face.  In 11 minutes in Norris Hall he had fired 174 rounds and killed 30, plus himself, and injured 17.

Virginia Tech Shooting Chart

Virginia Tech Shooting ChartThe Chart of the Virginia Tech shooting at Norris Hall contains a Castle, or fortress, to symbolize the University.  There were three pairs of planets to symbolize a flood, which is cataclysmic Judgment that symbolizes the breakdown of Marriage Culture from female promiscuity.  Midheaven was in Aquarius near the Red Planet to symbolize famous martyrs.  The Virginia Tech shooting was the deadliest in US history.  Also in Aquarius was the Mediator Planet, for an actor.  Seung-hui Cho made videos and pictures of himself in various poses to present himself as an actor.  The bottom of heaven, IC, was in Leo, for death at the footstool.  Most of the victims at Virginia Tech died at the foot of their chairs or desks.  Leo corresponds to Virginia as well as South Korea, where Cho was born.

The Sun Sign was in Aries for a leader's glory, and the Moon was near New in Pisces, for the Church.  The Moon was in conjunction with the Savior Planet, for the Savior of believers.  The Ascendant Sign was Taurus, which contained the Morning Star, for the conqueror of an empire.  Cho was trying to be like Nimrod, the Evil King, and conquer an empire (the USA).


A Castle symbolizes the domain of a king and his loyal subjects.  Here it symbolizes Virginia Tech University with it population of students and faculty.  The points of the Castle were:

  1. Moon in Pisces - the Church, or the students of Virginia Tech.
  2. Morning Star in Taurus - conqueror of an empire.  This symbolized Cho, who was trying to conquer.
  3. God of the Covenants in Cancer - Law enforcement, which converged on Virginia Tech after the shootings.
  4. Almighty God in Scorpius - Satan, the ruler of the world.  The shootings were the work of Satan.
  5. Redeemer in Capricornus - redeemed by blood.

The Last Adam in Sagittarius symbolized an enemy attack.

Birth Chart

Cho Seung-hui Birth ChartThe Birth Chart of Seung-hui Cho contains a Sling with an inscribed Plow.  A Sling is for slaying giants, and a Plow symbolizes intensified suffering directed at the point of the Plow, which is like being plowed under.  The point of the Plow was the Last Adam in conjunction with the Red Planet, which symbolizes cursed by the law and mass murder.  The Sling and Plow combination could also be taken to portray a sickle for reaping or a pistol.  Seung-hui used pistols to murder his victims.
Cho Sueng-hui Birth Chart
The Sun Sign was Capricornus to symbolize a lawless Gentile.  The Moon, which was Full, was at the Center of the Sling in Gemini to symbolize a tribe, or in this case, a school.  The center of attention would revolve around school.  Cho's family had instilled in him the value of an education.  His parents considered it the key to success for their children.

Since the time of birth was not known, the Ascendant and Midheaven cannot be determined.

The Sling

The Sling is used for slaying giants, which symbolize Baal.  The Sling in combination with the Plow also corresponds to a sickle or a pistol.  Nidal Hassan, the Fort Hood shooter, had an almost identical configuration.  He also used a pistol for mass murder.  The Center of the Sling, around which it rotates, was the Moon in Gemini, which symbolizes a tribe or a school.

The Plow

The Plow symbolizes intense suffering.  A Plow directs the opposition of two planets into a third.  The planets in opposition in Cho's Chart are the Moon in Gemini, for a school, and the Sun in Capricornus, for a lawless Gentile. The opposition of the two was translated into the Last Adam in conjunction with the Red Planet in Libra, where the Last Adam symbolizes cursed by the law, and the Red Planet symbolizes mass murder.


Libra contained the conjunction of two planets plus a third to symbolize a family.  The planets in Libra were:

  1. Last Adam - cursed by the law.  This corresponds to the curse of sin as a violation of the Law as well as the curse upon the enemies of Israel (Gen 12:3).  US foreign policy in the Middle East peace process between Israel and the Palestinians brought the Virginia Tech curse, since the peace proposal of a Palestinian State was a violation of the Abrahamic Covenant.
  2. Red Planet - mass murder.
  3. God of the Covenants - law.  This corresponds to the Mosaic Law as a sign of Israel and the Royal Law (James 2:7) as a sign of a Christian.  Satan, who motivated Seung-hui, hated both.

Two planets were in Scorpius.  The Mediator Planet in Scorpius symbolizes a deceiver.  Cho, the deceiver, was able to carry out his plan without detection.  The Morning Star in Scorpius symbolizes Satan's fall leading to his destruction at the Second Advent.


Sagittarius, the raiding band, contained a Stellium of three planets, which adds strong significance to the influence of the sign in the Chart.  The planets were:

  1. Almighty God - mighty warriors.
  2. Redeemer - redeemed from the enemy.
  3. Savior - deliverer.
The real Cho revealed himself in a battle scene on the day of his death.


The Birth Chart of Seung-hui Cho depicts him as a lawless Gentile mass murderer, who was preoccupied with school and strongly motivated to be a raider and a mighty warrior.  However, Cho had a problem fitting in at school, since he had selective mutism.  The problem of selective mutism is first a spiritual problem, which results in a psychological problem.  The best the educational system could do was to send Cho to psychiatrists.  That didn't work because his problem was due to demon oppression, which is spiritual - not soulish.  Only the Church could provide the solution if Cho wanted it.  Exorcism would not have worked.  He needed to grow out of the problem through Grace Orientation.

With some exceptions, everything about the Virginia Tech shootings was a SNAFU (Situation Normal All Fouled Up).  Security was a failure.  The leadership was nonexistent.  Cho was reported to teachers, the Dean, the police, and health care workers.  Doctors, educators, and pastors were incapable of recognizing the devil when he stared them in the face.  Cho used pistols that were designed for target practice and shooting rats, not people.  The only way to kill people with those weapons would be to execute them, and many of the students lay down and let him kill them.  Others acted valiantly.

However, the real explanation was contained in Cho's Birth Chart.  The point of the Plow pointed to the Last Adam in Libra, for cursed by the law (Gal 3:13).  Anyone who breaks the Law of Moses was cursed by it, but the real meaning of the curse is stronger.  Jesus Christ was cursed by the Law when He died on the Cross.  Cho was under a curse with his demon problem, and he cursed others when Satan took over.  But the meaning behind it all was that the Virginia Tech curse was due to violation of the Abrahamic Covenant by President Bush, who was pushing for a Palestinian State on the land promised to Israel.  That was tantamount to cursing Israel, which qualified the US for cursing (Gen 12:3).

Cho called himself A. Ishmael and Ishmail Ax.  Ishmael was a wild ass of a man whose hand was against everyone and everyone's hand was against him (Gen 16:11-12).  Cho had the physical body type corresponding to a donkey, which is a short person in the second generation of a Four Generation Curse.  He also behaved like Ishmael.  His Sun Sign was Capricornus, for a lawless Gentile.

On the world stage, the name Ishmail is connected to Ishmail Haniyeh, who was the Hamas leader elected Prime Minister of the Palestinian National Authority in 2006.  However, he was strongly opposed by the West due to support of terrorism.  He resigned February 15, 2007 during an attempt to form a unity government.  He was subsequently sworn in on March 18, 2007 as head of the new cabinet.   Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas removed Haniyeh from office on June 14, 2007, but Haniyeh refused to step down and continued to act as prime minister in Gaza.  Thus, the name, Ishmail, connects the Virginia Tech shootings to the Palestinians and the peace process sponsored by the US government.

Satan devised the Israeli-Palestinian peace plan, and Satan empowered Cho in the Virginia Tech shootings.  Cho, who was spiritually weak, could have rejected Satan, but he found him irresistible.  Murder is the work of Satan.  God allowed the Virginia Tech murders to curse the US for attacking the Abrahamic Covenant (Gen 12:3).

Seung-hui Cho Birth Chart Planets

Sun Capricornus Lawless Gentiles
Moon Gemini Tribe, school
Savior Sagittarius Deliverer
Morning Star Scorpius Satan's fall
Red Planet Libra Mass murder
Almighty God Sagittarius Mighty warriors
Ring Planet Libra Law
Mediator Scorpius Deceiver
Redeemer Sagittarius Redeemed from the enemy
Last Adam Libra Cursed by the law



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Author: Larry Wood
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