Florida Power Blackout, Red Planet Rising

Florida Power Blackout, Red Planet Rising
Ariel Sharon Birthday Observed
Florida Power Blackout Chart
Florida Power Blackout Chart Planets

Florida Power Blackout, Red Planet Rising

February 26, 2008 (Day 57, Zebulun):  A massive power blackout that knocked out power to over 584,000 customers occurred on Florida's East coast from Miami to Jacksonville.  The blackout resulted from a fire that broke out in the Flagami substation at West Flagler and SW 90th Avenue about 1:08 PM EST (1808 GMT) and the failure of a disconnect switch that should have shut down the facility.  Within a minute automated shutdowns at the two Turkey Point nuclear reactors occurred, followed by a cascade of shutdowns of other plants that contribute to the power grid.  Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties were blacked out.  Traffic snarled as traffic lights went out at 1:09 PM in Miami.  People were stuck in high-rise elevators, and school buses were delayed.
Note:  Subsequent investigation found the power outage began as a result of human error from a Florida Power employee working on the faulty switch.  Two levels of protection were disabled, and a short circuit during a measurement of the switch produced smoke that appeared to be a fire.  The problem cascaded and affected 26 transmission lines and 38 of substations, where 26 is for Political Babylon and 38 is for dying in the wilderness.
Now, there were run-off elections in Florida at the time of the blackout.  And the counties that were blacked out first (Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach) were the very ones involved in the disputed Presidential election of 2000.  A power blackout symbolizes the Judgment of Political Babylon, which has characterized President Bush's foreign policy between Israel and the Palestinians.  The substation that started the blackout was at SW 90th Ave., where 90 symbolizes the new order of Israel.  The two Turkey Point reactors went down, where the number two is for a witness, as in court.  President Bush's foreign policy has also been called turkey (4-25-02 | 6-17-02 ).  Turkey has also invaded Iraq.

WeatherEllephant, 2-26-08, 1915 GMT, NOAA

A huge weather elephant moved through Florida and across the US East coast.  An elephant symbolizes a demon commander, such as Baal, the enemy of Marriage, Israel, and children.  Two tornadoes were reported in Florida.  One was in Waldo in Alachua County #11, for a witness, as in court.  Waldo means ruler.  The other was near Glen St. Mary in Baker County #52, for a wall.  Glen St. Mary is located on US Highway 90, where 90 is for the new order of Israel.

There were numerous reports of trees blown down and uprooted in Georgia and Florida.  Trees blown down and uprooted are a sign of the chaff driven away by the wind of the Fifth Cycle of Discipline.  The two tornadoes corresponded to the candidates in the Democratic Presidential debate later in the evening.  A tornado symbolizes the breakdown of Marriage Culture due to the uncircumcised male.

Ariel Sharon Birthday Observed

Friends and family went to the hospital to observe the birthday of Ariel Sharon, who is still comatose from a stroke.  Note, his birthday is considered to be February 27, 1928, but the Hebrew calendar is different with days beginning at 6 PM.  Sharon suffered a massive stroke on January 4, 2006 following his decision to separate from Gaza in violation of the Abrahamic Covenant.

Florida Power Blackout Chart

Florida Blackout ChartAlthough Florida Power has some explaining to do, the blackout was written in the stars overhead.  At the time of the blackout the Red Planet rose over the horizon.  The Star Chart shows it moving over the Ascendant in Gemini, the Twins.  The Red Planet in Gemini is a sign of the Blood of Christ, i. e. His substitutionary spiritual death on the Cross resulting from His trials (the sign of a witness, Gemini).  As the Red Planet sign of suffering rose over the horizon, the Florida Blackout began.  It was February 26, for Political Babylon.  A blackout is the judgment for Political Babylon, which symbolizes the darkness of the Cosmic System.  And it was Day 57, for the Tribe of Zebulun, which symbolizes Florida.

The blackout occurred with the Red Planet in opposition to the Last Adam Planet, which was on the Descendant.  That means the Red Planet was rising above the horizon and the Last Adam was going down (setting).  The Blood of Christ, suffering of the Cross, was rising; and the Last Adam, which symbolizes the perfect humanity of Christ in Hypostatic Union, was setting.  The suffering of Christ was rising and the Son of Man was dying.  The Last Adam was in Sagittarius, the raiding band and symbol of the conspiracy that sent Jesus Christ to the Cross.

The Star Chart contained a Mystic Rectangle as it did during the recent Lunar EclipseThe Mystic Rectangle requires balance between the planets in opposition at the corners of the rectangle.  The Mystic Rectangle is shaped like a car, and traffic was snarled due to the power blackout.  One arm of the Mystic Rectangle was the Red Planet in opposition to the Last Adam, as already discussed.  The other arm was the God of the Covenants (Ringed Planet) in Leo in opposition to the Sun in Aquarius. Leo symbolizes the Lord Jesus Christ as the "Lion of the Tribe of Judah," the King of kings who will return at the Second Advent and conquer the enemies of Israel and rule in the Millennium from the Throne of David.  At the Second Advent, the Lord will fulfill the unconditional covenants to Israel, including the Abrahamic, Davidic, and New Covenants.  Aquarius, the water bearer, symbolizes carrying the water of the word (the Gospel) to evangelize the world.  Aquarius also corresponds to Florida.  The meaning of the God of the Covenants in Leo in opposition to the Sun in Aquarius is that believers, who accept the Gospel, will be delivered at the Second Advent, and unbelievers will be destroyed.

Florida Blackout ChartAnd by way of application, the Red Planet in Gemini in opposition to the Last Adam in Sagittarius also corresponds to the Democratic and Republican front-runner Presidential candidates.  Sagittarius corresponds to the region of Arizona and New Mexico, and by a stretch, Gemini (California) could be associated with Hawaii.  The next US President will be number 44, for suffering, which corresponds to the meaning of the Red Planet.  He will be inaugurated in 2009, which symbolizes the Plagues of Egypt, where Egypt is a type of the world.

The temporal meaning of the planets in opposition of the Mystic Rectangle is:

  1. Red Planet - suffering of witnesses.  The power blackout in Florida brought suffering for those in it.  These people suffered because the blackout covered the same counties as those in the disputed 2000 Presidential election.  The Moon in Libra can symbolize an election as well as the judgment of a state.  It was an election day in Florida.
  2. Last Adam in Sagittarius - enemy attack.  The enemy in Florida was God or an Elect Angel, like the weather angel who made the elephant and caused the power blackout.
  3. God of the Covenants in Leo - powers of rulers.  This was being decided in the Florida election, and the Presidential candidates, Obama and McCain, were running for President.
  4. Sun in Aquarius - an antichrist.  Lies of politicians came from Satan and characterized an antichrist.
As history turned out, Obama became the 44th President of the US.  He came to office with the economy in a deep recession and heavily in debt.  So, he was indeed the Red Planet rising, and John McCain, who lost, was the Last Adam in Sagittarius.  He is from Arizona and is famous for being a prisoner of war in Vietnam.


The Florida blackout symbolized the Judgment of Political Babylon.  The blackout was a reminder of the disputed Presidential election of 2000.  The counties involved were the first ones blacked out after the Turkey Point reactors shut down.  The turkey and Political Babylon have been associated with the foreign policy of President Bush.  The power blackout began with a single-point failure of a switch, although that might be argued since a fire also occurred.  The President is analogous to a single-point failure, although that also might be argued.

The Star Chart had the Red Planet on the Ascendant rising in Gemini and the Last Adam setting in Sagittarius.  This was a sign of the rise of the next President of the USA, who will be #44, for suffering.  He will be inaugurated in 2009, for the Plagues of Egypt.  The two planets in opposition represented the Democratic and Republican front-runners for President.  The celebration of the birthday of Ariel Sharon, who was comatose, was a reminder of the cause of the blackout and US suffering.  Both Ariel Sharon and US foreign policy have defied the Abrahamic Covenant.  Sharon suffered a massive stroke following his decision to withdraw from Gaza.  And Florida in the region of Zebulun (# 57) has been associated with the Palestinians at Gaza.

Florida Power Blackout Chart Planets

Sun Aquarius Antichrist
Moon Libra Election, judgment of a state
Savior Capricornus Rescuer
Morning Star Capricornus Gentile leader
Red Planet Gemini Suffering of witnesses
Almighty God Sagittarius Mighty warrior
Ring Planet Leo Powers of rulers
Mediator Aquarius Representative
Redeemer Capricornus Wealth of Gentiles
Last Adam Sagittarius Enemy attack



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Released January 29, 2010 - Revised March 3, 2010

Author: Larry Wood
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