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Iran Earthquake

December 26 (Day 360, Ai):  A strong earthquake devastated the ancient Iranian city of Bam.  The Sunset over central Florida yesterday predicted the Iran earthquake and showed the earthquake angel.  And six bodies were found after the California mudslides.

Benin Jet Crash

December 25 (Day 359, Simeon):  A Boeing 727 passenger jet crashed on takeoff from Cotonou, Benin in west Africa.  Four Israelis were killed in a terrorist homicide bombing east of Tel Aviv.  And heavy rains have produced mudslides in southern California.

Mad Cow Disease in USA

December 24 (Day 358, Levite):  The first known case of mad cow disease was reported in a cow in the USA.  Air France Paris to Los Angeles flights were canceled due to credible threats that al-Qa'eda had infiltrated the flights.  And three US soldiers were killed by a roadside bomb in Baghdad.

California Earthquake

December 22 (Day 356, Dropping):  A powerful 6.5 Magnitude earthquake struck California and was felt from San Francisco to Los Angeles.  The world's largest ocean liner, the Queen Mary II, was delivered to it's British owner and left France.  And an Australian man was killed by a crocodile yesterday.

Green River Killer Sentenced to Life

December 18 (Day 352, Wall):  Gary Leon Ridgway, the Green River Killer, was sentenced to life in prison without possibility of parole for 48 murders in the Seattle, Washington area.  Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon proposed a new unilateral separation strategy for dealing with the Palestinians.   And Lee Malvo was convicted by a jury of capital murder.

Saddam Hussein Captured

December 14 (Day 348, Inheritance of the Levites): Saddam Hussein was captured by the US Army near Tikrit as he hid in a hole in the ground.  US Deputy ASS (Assistant Secretary of State) David Satterfield met with Israeli officials today and arranged a three-way meeting for tomorrow.

US Satterfield Meets Palestinian PM

December 13 (Day 347, Peace):  US Deputy ASS (Assistant Secretary of State) David Satterfield met with Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmed Qureia.  A fire in a Kentucky horse barn killed 22 horses yesterday.  And the European Union constitution convention in Brussels collapsed in total disarray.

US Colonel Fined

December 12 (Day 346, Pregnancy):  US Lt. Colonel Allen West of the 4th Infantry Division was fined $5,000 and allowed to retire for threatening to shoot an Iraqi terrorist.  A man committed suicide on the spot that John Kennedy was killed in Dallas.  And President Bush signed legislation calling for economic penalties against Syria.

Bush Meets Chinese Premier

December 10 (Day 344, Suffering):  President Bush met with Chinese Premier Wen Jiaboa at the White House.  A Florida jogger was killed by a falling tree.  Earthquakes struck the US and Taiwan.  A Dutch ship capsized in Albany, NY.  Tropical Storm Peter formed.  And Taiwan President Chen Shui-bian refused to back down to President Bush's demands.

Naked Samurai Murder

December 8 (Day 342, Division of the Land): A naked man killed his wife with a samurai sword in New York, and a teen killed another with a kitchen knife on a school bus in Oklahoma.  And the United Nations asked the World Court to issue an advisory opinion on the legality of Israel's border fence.

Elephant and Horse Storms

December 6 (Day 340, Division of the Land): A blizzard from a weather elephant in the northeastern US brought much of New England to a standstill.  And Tropical Storm Odette, shaped like a horse, made landfall at Cape Beata, Dominican Republic.

Blizzard Blankets Eastern US

December 5 (Day 339, Sin Unto Death):  A major winter storm with snow, sleet, and strong wind belted the eastern US.  Terrorists bombed a Russian commuter train near the Chechen border.  Secretary of State Colin Powell met with the authors of the Geneva Accord.  And President Bush appointed James Baker III envoy for Iraqi debt.

Bush Scraps Steel Tariffs

December 4 (Day 338, Purifying Judgment of Dying in the Wilderness):  President Bush scrapped import tariffs on steel.  A Goodyear blimp crashed in California.  And there are floods in Europe.

UN Condemns Israeli Fence

November 28 (Day 332, Conspiracy):  United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan accused Israel of violating a General Assembly resolution to halt construction of the fence and to dismantle the 90-mile section already built.

Bush Visits Baghdad

November 27 (Day 331, Evil King):  In a surprise visit, President Bush became the first US President to visit Iraq.  And a small piece of space junk hit the Space Station.

Miss Conde Trims Israel's Money

November 26 (Day 330, Judgment of Holy Spirit): National Security Advisor, Condoleezza Rice, decided to deduct $289.5 million dollars from loan guarantees for Israel.  President Bush traveled to Las Vegas and Phoenix, Nevada.  And a Chinese double agent pleaded guilty in Alexandria, Virginia in helping to export sensitive US technology to China

Solar Eclipse Antarctica

November 24 (Day 328, Cosmic Stronghold): The first total solar eclipse in a hundred years occurred over Antarctica and represented Eclipse Testing from the world's most frigid female.  The jury in the trial of the DC sniper recommended death.  And President Bush visited Fort Carson, Colorado.

More Turkey Bombings

November 20 (Day 324, Strategy):  Terrorists struck a London-based bank and the British consulate with truck bombs in Istanbul, Turkey.  And the Free Trade Area of the Americas summit abruptly ended in Miami with an outline agreement.

Bush Meets the Queen

November 19 (Day 323, Spiritual Uptrend): Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip greeted President and Mrs. Bush at Buckingham Palace.  The United Nations Security Council approved a Russian sponsored resolution to adopt the Road Map for Middle East peace.  And Egyptian President, Hosni Mubarak, fell ill during a speech.

Houston Fastow Floods, Tornadoes

November 18 (Day 322, Cursing):  Yesterday, the Houston area was flooded and ravaged by tornadoes.  A judge in Houston announced plans to continue with the trial of Lea Fastow without a plea bargain.  And President and Mrs. Bush flew to Great Britain on the first US presidential state visit.

DC Sniper Convicted

November 17 (Day 321, Providential Preventative Suffering):  John Allen Muhammad, known as the Washington, DC sniper, was convicted of capital murder.  Arnold Schwarzenegger was sworn in as California Governor.  And tornadoes struck the Houston area along with extensive flooding.

Blessing and Curse

November 15 (Day 319, Dan):  A new transitional Iraqi government will be in place and US occupation will end by the end of June.   Islamic terrorists bombed two synagogues in Turkey.  A pair of Black Hawks crashed in Mosul, Iraq.  People crashed to their death when the Queen Mary 2 gangplank collapsed.  And a crocodile is loose in Hong Kong.

LA Prostitute of Babylon Storms

November 13 (Day 317, Lawlessness):  Powerful thunderstorms with heavy rain and hail disrupted rush hour traffic yesterday and knocked out power to thousands.  The leader of the largest prostitute ring in Los Angeles history was convicted.  And a large whirlwind over the Great Lakes knocked down trees and knocked out power to nearly a million customers.

Iraqi Terrorists Bomb Nasiriyah

November 12 (Day 316, Sanctification):  Iraqi terrorist homicide bombers blew up a truck of explosives at an Italian paramilitary base and killed at least 26 people.  L. Paul Bremer, the top US administrator in Iraq, held meetings at the White House.  And a new Palestinian Cabinet was approved.

Lunar Eclipse

November 8 (Day 312, Authority):  This year's second total lunar eclipse occurred tonight.  Explosions from a homicide car bombing tore through a residential compound in western Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.  Arafat reached an agreement with Ahmed Qureia that will allow Arafat to control security forces.  And Tennessee beat Miami.

Green River Killer Guilty

November 5 (Day 309, Plagues of Egypt): Gary Leon Ridgway, 54, known as the Green River Killer, pleaded guilty to 48 murders today in a Seattle, Washington courtroom.

US Helicopter Shot Down in Iraq

November 2 (Day 306, Man):  A Chinook, CH-47,  helicopter carrying US soldiers was shot down by missiles.  Ariel Sharon traveled to Russia.  Virginia Tech beat the Miami, and Florida beat Georgia.  And Kenyans won the New York marathon.

California Firestorms

October 29 (Day 302, Division):  Thousands of fire crews in southern California struggled to save homes as a towering inferno of flames 200-feet high raced through the mountains.  Arnold Schwarzenegger visited members of Congress on Capitol Hill.  And a ceremony was held yesterday for the Columbia astronauts at the national Space Mirror Memorial in Florida.

Florida Marlins Win World Series

October 25 (Day 298, Glory Has Departed): The Florida Marlins defeated the New York Yankees to win the World Series by a score of 2-0.  Firestorms in California destroyed homes.  And Israel destroyed Palestinian buildings.

Wal-Mart Raided

October 23 (Day 296, Spoils of Victory): Federal agents raided Wal-Mart businesses across the US and arrested illegal aliens.  Madame Chiang Kai-shek died in New York at the age of 105.  And the Florida Marlins beat the New York Yankees in Game 5 of the World Series.

Russia Launches Space Station Crew

October 18 (Day 291, Coup de Grace): The Expedition 8 Space Station crew of two were launched by Russia.  And the satellite weather maps depicted rams and goats.

Goat Curse

October 16 (Day 289, Authority Counterattack): The Florida Marlins beat the Chicago Cubs amid cries of the goat curse.  The UN Security Council adopted the US sponsored Iraq Resolution.  And President Bush met with California Gov.-elect Arnold Schwarzenegger.

New York Ferry Crash

October 15 (Day 288, Blessing):  A New York Staten Island ferry crashed into a pier.  Terrorists in the Gaza strip bombed a US diplomatic convoy and killed three Americans.  China became the third country to successfully launch a man into space.  And Tropical Storm Nicholas was named.

Houston Tornadoes and Floods

October 10 (Day 283, High Priest):  Six tornadoes and flooding hit the Houston area yesterday.  President Bush began defending his Iraq policy, and he introduced new policy to pressure on Fidel Castro of Cuba.  And the Cubs beat the Marlins in game 3.

Bears Kill Grizzly Advocate

October 7 (Day 280, Cosmic Stronghold): A grizzly bear advocate and his camping companion were mauled to death by grizzly bears yesterday in Alaska.  The Japanese government will investigate a big orgy in China involving Japanese tourists.  And Tropical Storm Olaf  made landfall in Mexico.

Terrorist Bomber Strikes Israel

October 4 (Day 277, Reverse Process Reversionism): A Palestinian female terrorist bomber blew herself up in a Haifa restaurant.  In a duel of the catchers, the Florida Marlins beat the San Francisco Giants to win best of the Division.  And
Tropical Storm Larry began creeping ashore in the saddle of the Yucatan.

Israel Plans New Settlement Homes

October 2 (Day 275, Sovereignty):  Israel is planning to build over 600 new homes in Jewish settlements in the West Bank.  Pakistan military forces attacked an al-Qa'eda hideout near the Afghan border.  And Tropical Storm Larry was named last night in the Bay of Campeche.

Hurricane Juan Hits Nova Scotia

September 29 (Day 272, Internal Gates): Hurricane Juan made landfall just west of Halifax, Nova Scotia about 0245 GMT with wind estimated at 85 knots.  A 300 pound gorilla escaped from the Franklin Park Zoo south of Boston last evening.  And Kate was upgraded to a Hurricane.

Massive Italy Blackout

September 28 (Day 271, Strait):  All of Italy except Sardinia was blacked out in the worst power outage in Italy since World War II.  The blackout was caused by the weather angels on the day of the Pope's announcement of 31 new Cardinals.

Bush-Putin Camp David Summit

September 26 (Day 269, Running the Course): Russian President Vladimir Putin is meeting with President Bush at Camp David.  A strong Magnitude 8 earthquake struck the northern island of Hokkaido, Japan.  A fire raged through a nursing home in Nashville, Tennessee last night.  And Hurricane Juan is in the Atlantic.

Virginia's Incurable Wounds

September 23 (Day 266, Worldliness):  No sooner had power been restored to some areas of Virginia after Hurricane Isabel than 5 tornadoes reopened the old wounds and knocked out power again.  All members of the NASA's Safety Advisory Panel resigned.  And President Bush appealed to the United Nations for help in rebuilding Iraq.

Isabel Landfall with Mercy

September 18 (Day 261, Income Tax):  A merciful, Hurricane Isabel came ashore on Cape Hatteras with 85 knot winds as the eye touched the outer banks of North Carolina.  President Bush ran to the mountains to Camp David and met with Jordan's King Abdullah II.

Isabel the Horse

September 17 (Day 260, Political Babylon): Hurricane Isabel turned upside down to simulate Jezebel falling and later became a horse to simulate Jezebel being trampled by a Jehu's horse.  And retired Army General Wesley Clark entered the presidential race.

Isabel Hits the Wall

September 16 (Day 259, Simeon):  Hurricane Isabel continued to weaken as it ran into the wall formed by the trunk of a weather elephant.  And the US vetoed a UN Security Council resolution to prevent deportation of Yasser Arafat.

Isabel Faces Authority

September 15 (Day 258, Levite):   When Hurricane Isabel ran into the crosshairs of authority at 25 N. and 70 W., its eye fragmented and the storm weakened from its monster status.  And a man jumped to his death from the bell tower in St. Marks Square in Venice, Italy.

Meet the Devil

September 14 (Day 257, Zebulun):  Yasser Arafat, in his duplicity, has become a real example of the devil as the master of deception.  World Trade Organization talks in Mexico collapsed in confusion.  And Hurricane Isabel, a symbol of Jezebel, has brought pertinent doctrine of the Prostitute of Babylon.

Johnny Cash and the Cicada Chorus

September 12 (Day 255, Grace Blessing): Country and Western singer, Johnny Cash, 71, died in Nashville, Tennessee. And Typhoon Maemi, meaning cicada, crashed ashore in South Korea.

September 11th Remembered

September 11 (Day 254, Redemption):  The people of New York, America, and the world paused to remember the September 11th, 2001 terrorist attack on the New York World Trade Center.  And Israel's Security Cabinet voted to remove Arafat.

US Intelligence Unit in Iraq Bombed

September 10 (Day 253, Big Fish or Ship): A terrorist homicide bomber tried to drive a TNT-laden SUV into a US intelligence compound in northern Iraq.  The Bali bombing mastermind was given the death sentence.  President Bush met with the Dalai Lama.  And frogs have invaded a New Jersey shopping center.

Terrorist Bombs in Israel

September 9 (Day 252, Wall):  Two Palestinian terrorist homicide bombers struck Israel in separate bombings hours apart. One of the waterspouts today was near Lignumvitae Key, which means tree of life.  And Hurricane Isabel increased to 115 knots.

NASA Plans Return to Flight

September 8 (Day 251, Arrogance):  NASA released it's Implementation Plan for Return to Flight and Beyond, and the angels called it a skink.  Arafat nominated a new Palestinian Prime Minister.  And Hurricane Isabel strengthened to 110 knots.

Palestinian Confusion

September 6 (Day 249, Time Before Pentecost): The Palestinians are in disarray after Prime Minister, Mahmoud Abbas, resigned.  Tropical Depression Henri crossed the Florida peninsula.  And Hurricane Isabel was named in the Atlantic.

The Apple of His Eye

September 5 (Day 248, Inheritance of the Levites): With 104 knot winds, Hurricane Fabian scored a direct hit on Bermuda.  Bermuda appeared as the pupil of the eye to herald Zechariah's prophecy of the Second Advent.  And Tropical Storm Henri was named off Florida in the Gulf of Mexico.

Angels Mark NASA Congressional Inquiry

September 3 (Day 246, Pregnancy):  NASA administrator Sean O'Keefe and Columbia Accident Investigation Board (CAIB) chairman, Ret. Navy Adm. Harold W. Gehman Jr., testified before the Senate committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation.  The weather angels marked the spot.

Arafat Declares Road Map Dead

September 2 (Day 245, Victory Over the Stronghold): Yasser Arafat again took center stage in Middle East diplomacy and declared the Road Map dead.  Typhoon Dujuah hit China, and Hurricane Fabian appeared with the face of a horse.

Russian Sub Sinks

August 30 (Day 242, Baal, the Bear, Russia): A Russian nuclear submarine sank in a gale in the Barents Sea as it was being towed to a scrap yard and killed 9 of the 10 crew onboard.   Fabian became the third hurricane of the season.  And Tropical Storm Grace was named in the Gulf of Mexico.

Columbia Investigation Report Released

August 26 (Day 238, Dying in the Wilderness): The final report of the Columbia Accident Investigation Board (CAIB) was issued.  It was heralded by the tornado angels.

Hurricane Ignacio

August 24 (Day 236, Ai):  Packing winds of 90 knots, Hurricane Ignacio skirted the tip of the Baja California peninsula and entered the Sea of Cortes (Gulf of California).  A forest fire has swept through Kelowna, British Columbia and force the evacuation of 26,000.  And Israel killed 4 Hamas terrorists in a missile strike.

Gaza Strip Divided

August 22 (Day 234, Division of the Land): Israel killed three terrorists and divided the Gaza Strip into three sections while an estimated 100,000 Palestinians attended the funeral of an Hamas leader.  Bush visited the forest fire holocaust in Oregon and froze assets of Hamas supporters from Europe.

Blasts in Baghdad and Jerusalem

August 19 (Day 231, Evil King):  Terrorists blew up the United Nations compound in Baghdad and a bus in Jerusalem.  A thunderstorm flooded Las Vegas.  And Barry Bonds homered to beat Atlanta.

Erika Landfall Mexico

August 16 (Day 228, Cosmic Stronghold): Tropical Storm Erika made landfall near Matamoros, Mexico just south of the Texas border.  And the times of the transmission line failures that led to the blackout were during President Bush's San Diego speech.

Israel to Retreat from 4 More Towns

August 15 (Day 227, Horn):  Israel agreed to retreat from four more Palestinian towns.  A serial sniper in West Virginia has killed 3 people.  And Tropical Storm Erika strengthened and became better organized.

Bush in California for Northeastern Blackout

August 14 (Day 226, Political Babylon): A massive electrical power blackout hit the northeastern USA and Canada in an ironic Judgment of Political Babylon.  The UN Security Council approved the Iraqi Governing Council.  And Tropical Storm Erika was named west of Florida in the Gulf of Mexico.

Three Held in Missile Sting

August 13 (Day 225, Sovereignty):  Three men attempting to buy Russian surface-to-air missiles and sell them to terrorists have been arrested and charged in an FBI sting.  And two waterspouts came ashore in Mississippi and Florida.

Two Terrorist Bombs Strike Israel

August 12 (Day 224, Strategy):  Two terrorist homicide bombers in Israel struck within an hour of each other and killed 2.  Powerful thunderstorms with drenching rain and damaging wind pounded central Texas.  And there were two waterspouts in Florida.

Rare Baseball Triple Play in 2003

August 11 (Day 223, Spiritual Uptrend): In one of the rarest and most spectacular events in baseball, Atlanta Braves shortstop Rafael Furcal turned the 12th unassisted triple play in major league history.  NATO took over peace keeping responsibilities in Afghanistan.  And the Dow Jones Industrial Average rose up 26.

Israel Puts Peace Plan on Hold

August 10 (Day 222, Cursing):  Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, declared the Road Map for peace on hold until the Palestinians dismantle terrorist organizations.  Five whales that beached in Florida April 18th were released.  England hit a new heat record.  And there was a tornado in Plantation, Florida.

Florida Tornado

August 8 (Day 220, Cursing):  A tornado suddenly appeared in a thunderstorm yesterday over West Palm Beach, Florida and ripped through the suburbs of Palm Beach Gardens and Riviera Beach.  The Army's 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Infantry Division began arriving in Fort Stewart, Georgia today.  And President Bush planned military strategy.

Jordanian Embassy Bombed

August 7 (Day 219, Federal Judiciary):  A car bomb exploded outside the Jordanian Embassy in Baghdad.  The weather angels heralded the bombing with a picture of the incest of Lot along the Mississippi River Valley.  And the Dow was up 64.

Israel Releases Palestinian Prisoners

August 6 (Day 218, Pillar):   Israel released 334 Palestinian prisoners today.  And the Dow was up 25.

River of Fire

August 4 (Day 216, Sanctification):  A Jim Beam bourbon warehouse in Bardstown, Kentucky burned in a towering inferno after it was struck by lightning.  Palestinian terrorists resumed attacks on Israel.  And a rainbow appeared in Brevard County, Florida.

Ships Collide in Bahamas

August 2 (Day 214, Passover):   A commuter ferry and a cargo ship collided off Eleuthera in the Bahamas.  A car bomb killed a Hizbullah official in Lebanon.  Arafat is holed up with 17 terrorists.  And President Bush went to Crawford, Texas for a month-long vacation.

Terrorist Bombs Russian Hospital

August 1 (Day 213, Double Blessing):  A terrorist blew up a Russian hospital on the Chechnya border.  President Bush went out for a game of golf oblivious to a weather elephant, but the weather angels chased him down and drenched his party.  And Palestinian terrorists in the Gaza Strip rallied for Saddam's dead sons.

Israel Outlaws Palestinian Marriage

July 31 (Day 212, Authority):   The Israeli Knesset passed a law that would force Palestinians who marry Israelis to live separate lives or move out of Israel.  And there are signs of missionary success in Iraq.

The Ancient of Days

July 30 (Day 211, Witness):   The Hand of the Ancient of Days, the theophany of God, appeared on the SPC Storm graphic.  This is a dire warning of grace before Judgment upon the entire USA.

Sharon and Bush's Premillennial Peace

July 29 (Day 210, Providential Preventative Suffering): United by a common vision of premillennial peace, President Bush met with Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, at the White House.  The interim Governing Council of Iraq elected 9 men to a rotating presidency.  And the Dow fell 62 points.

Operation Footstool

July 27 (Day 208, New Birth):  Operation Footstool was portrayed on the SPC Storm graphic, which is a dire warning for the USA.  Lance Armstrong rode into history today with his fifth straight victory in the Tour de France.  He was also the fifth person to win five tours.  Bob Hope died.  And the Israeli Cabinet agreed to release 540 Palestinian prisoners.

Armstrong Races Against Baal

July 26 (Day 207, Category):  Lance Armstrong kept his lead in the Tour de France after finishing third today in pouring rain under a weather elephant.  Three strong earthquakes have struck northern Japan.  Japan's Parliament voted to send troops to Iraq.  And Tropical Depression #7 made landfall in Georgia.

Bush Meets With Abbas

July 25 (Day 206, Man):  President bush met with Palestinian Prime Minister, Mahmoud Abbas, in the White House. An elderly Florida man drove through a fruit stand at the Flagler Beach farmer's market.  Colin McMillan, President Bush's nominee for Navy Secretary, committed suicide.  Tropical Depression #7 formed.  A Florida marina burned, and the Dow rose 172.

Tennessee Storms

July 23 (Day 204, Weakness):  Violent thunderstorms raked the Tennessee and Ohio valleys yesterday.  Brooklyn Councilman James Davis was gunned down in the New York City Hall.  A gunman shot three women in the Century 21 office in northeast San Antonio.  And Typhoon Imbudo made landfall near Maoming on the southern coast of China.

Saddam's Sons Dead

July 22 (Day 203, Justice of Holy Spirit): Uday and Qusay, the two sons of Saddam Hussein were killed by US soldiers in Mosul in northern Iraq.  Former Prisoner of War, Jessica Lynch, returned to her home.  And Super Typhoon Imbudo hit Luzon in the Philippines.

Peace Tornado

July 21 (Day 202, Division):  The worst damage from the 14 tornadoes reported last night was on Peace Avenue in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  Lance Armstrong recovered from a wreck and charged ahead to win Stage 15 of the Tour de France.  Typhoon Koni barreled over Hainan Island, and Super Typhoon Imbudo is bearing down on Luzon.

Bill Bright Dies

July 20 (Day 201, Unity):  There have been tropical storms in tropical storms in the Ecumenical, Political, and Cosmic theaters this week.  Bill Bright, founder of Campus Crusade for Christ, died.  Lightning struck a Utah family of five.  Ariel Sharon met with Abu Mazen.  And a plane crash in Africa killed 12 Americans.

California Carnage

July 16 (Day 197, Reduction in Force):  A man in his 80s drove through two blocks of a crowed market in Santa Monica, California and left a trail of dead bodies behind.  Palestinian Prime Minister Abu Mazen was invited to the White House.  And the Dow fell 34.

Hurricane Claudette Landfall Texas

July 15 (Day 196, Spoils of Victory):  Hurricane Claudette made landfall at Matagorda, Texas with 70 knot winds.  And the Governing Council of Iraq agreed to set up a war crimes tribunal to try Saddam Hussein and other Baathist criminals.

Sharon Meets Blair

July 14 (Day 195, Hero):  Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, had dinner with British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, tonight.  A Palestinian terrorist killed an Israeli with a knife.  And Lance Armstrong avoided a wreck in which Joseba Beloki was injured in the Tour de France.

New Iraq Governing Council Inaugurated

July 13 (Day 194):  A new Iraqi Governing Council appointed by the US Administration was introduced.  Lance Armstrong took the overall lead in the Tour de France.  Tropical Storm Claudette is in the Gulf of Mexico.  And jazz legend, Benny Carter, died.

Bush Begins Africa Visit

July 8 (Day 189, Authority Counterattack): President Bush followed in Clinton's footsteps and visited Goree Island to begin his 5-nation African tour.  The sole survivor of a plane crash in Sudan was a little boy.  Five were found dead in a California home, and 5 were killed in a Mississippi factory.  And Tropical Storm Claudette was named.

First Run of the Bulls

July 7 (Day 188, Blessing):  The first day of the annual running of the bulls through the streets of Pamplona, Spain began.  Lightning struck a Dave Matthews Band concert yesterday in Wisconsin.  The Columbia Investigation team produced tile damage with foam.  And General Tommy Franks retired.

Mass Bicycle Wreck in Tour

July 6 (Day 187, Donkey):  A mass bicycle wreck in the final kilometer sent 150 riders onto highway in the last turn of the Tour de France Stage 1.  And 14 bicyclists were injured when a car drove through the pack of cyclists in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Illinois, Indiana, Michigan Storms

July 5 (Day 186, Arab Persecution of the Jew): Strong winds that ravaged Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan broke large trees off at the trunks and knocked out power to hundreds of thousands.  Seven people drowned yesterday in Lake Michigan.

227th Anniversary Cursing

July 4 (Day 185, Eye or Spy):  July 4th celebrations of the 227th Anniversary of the USA were marked by cursing.  A frame fell on the stage at the dedication of the National Constitution Center and narrowly missed the guest of honor, Supreme Court Justice, Sandra Day O'Connor.  And a dust devil stopped a Church party in Montana by injuring 4 on a portable slide.

Bethlehem Given to Palestinians

July 2 (Day 183, High Priest):  Israel turned over Bethlehem to the Palestinian Authority.  Last night a factory worker in Missouri killed 3 employees and himself.  A semi-truck loaded with fireworks exploded in Bonita Springs, Florida and killed 4, and lightning set off fireworks shells in Altamonte Springs, Florida.

Bill Landfall Louisiana

June 30 (Day 181): Tropical Storm Bill made landfall near Houma, Louisiana with 52 knot winds at 2:30 PM CDT (1930 GMT).  A man with a Samurai sword killed two people in California.  The British House of Commons voted to ban fox hunting.  A gas canister exploded and destroyed a two-story house in Tel Aviv.  And Palestinian terrorists murdered one.

Chicago Porch Collapse Kills 12

June 29 (Day 180, Pillar):  A third story back porch collapsed during a party in Chicago and killed 12.  The Israeli Army retreated from the northern Gaza Strip.  And Tropical Storm Bill was named in the Gulf of Mexico.

Condoleezza Rice in Jericho

June 28 (Day 179, Hardness of the Heart): US National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice is in Jericho where she met with Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas.  And the Boston Red Sox 25-8 defeat of the Florida Marlins last night set a new record for the most runs scored before the first out.

South Dakota Tornado Swarm

June 25 (Day 176, Skill):  A swarm of tornadoes ravaged South Dakota and the neighboring states of Nebraska and Minnesota.  And Palestinian terrorist groups reportedly signed a 3-month cease-fire agreement in Cairo.

Deshler, NE Declared Wasteland

June 23 (Day 174, Spiritual Freedom):  The mayor declared Deshler, Nebraska a wasteland after devastating tornadoes, rain, and hail yesterday evening.  A truck carrying beehives overturned in Claycomo, Missouri and released 25 million bees.  And Jewish rabbis at a conference in Jerusalem rejected the Road Map for peace as a violation of the Bible.

Quartet Meets at Dead Sea

June 22 (Day 173, Freedom):   The Quartet met at a Dead Sea resort in Jordan to try to salvage the failed Road Map for peace.  A flood watch is in effect in 18 Florida counties after heavy rains last week.  And a flood gate on the Manatee River dam jammed.

Saddam Convoy Attacked

June 21 (Day 172, Internal Gates):  A convoy believed to be carrying Saddam Hussein was blown up by US Hellfire missiles, and DNA tests are underway to identify Saddam.The fifth Harry Potter book, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, went on sale at midnight.  Harry Potter mania is due to the power of Baal.

New York Family Shot in Israel

June 20 (Day 171, Strait):   Three members of a Jewish family from New York were shot in Israel by Hamas terrorists.  A wild fire burning out of control on Arizona's Mt. Lemmon has destroyed 250 homes.  A runaway train traveled 27 miles before derailing in Los Angeles.  And Colin Powell visited Israel and the Palestinians.

Benton Harbor, Michigan Riots

June 18 (Day 169, Running the Course):  Race riots have raged in Benton Harbor, Michigan for the last two days. The US Justice Department banned federal law enforcement officers from racial profiling.  And the US military captured Saddam Hussein's top aide and presidential secretary.

West Virginia Floods

June 16 (Day 167, Giving):   Raging torrents from swollen creeks and rivers rushed through parts of Charleston, West Virginia and surrounding communities.  The Supreme Court upheld strict limitations on family visits to inmates.   And the Dow was up 201.

Oregon Fishing Boat Sinks

June 15 (Day 166, Worldliness):   The 32-foot Taki Tooo fishing boat sank after being hit by a large wave off the coast of Garibaldi, Oregon.  And US military forces swooped into Iraqi homes in the dead of night in search of illegal heavy weapons.

NASA Removes KSC Director

June 13 (Day 164, Weakness):   In another shakeup, NASA Administrator, Sean O'Keefe, has transferred Kennedy Space Center Directory, Roy D. Bridges, Jr., to Center Director of Langley Research Center in Hampton, Va.  The angels heralded the event with buzzards and butterflies.  And Roger Clemens won his 300th game.

Iraeli-Palestinian Violence Escalates

June 12 (Day 163, Outcast):   The Israeli Air Force carried out its fifth missile attack in 48 hours as it struck the car of a senior Hamas terrorist.  Hamas vowed revenge.  A spectacular meteor appeared over New Zealand.  Severe weather raked the country.  And a pregnant woman in Michigan was impaled on a speaker stand.

Road Map Blown Up

June 11 (Day 162, The End):   The Road Map for peace was blown up today when a Palestinian homicide bomber blew himself up on an Israeli bus in downtown Jerusalem.  A trailer carrying armored vehicles from the Iraq War jackknifed in Leicester, England and caused a wreck that killed 5.  And the Dow was up 128.

Hamas Leader Survives Israeli Missiles

June 10 (Day 161, Income Tax):   An Israeli missile attack on the car of senior Hamas leader, Abdel Aziz Rantisi failed.  There were 35 tornadoes reported yesterday, mostly in Nebraska.  And the House planned bigger tax cuts to high-income couples and members of the armed forces to tack onto the child tax credits bill.

Israel Removes Settlements

June 9 (Day 160, Sanctification):  Israeli soldiers began tearing down settlements in the West Bank to implement the Road Map for peace.  But Abu Mazen said he would not use force against militant groups who are terrorizing Israel.  Tornadoes, a waterspout, and angelic art explained these events.

Palestinian Terrorists Strike Israel

June 8 (Day 159, Simeon Criminality):  Five Israeli soldiers were killed from an attack by Palestinian terrorists at the Erez checkpoint in the northern Gaza Strip and from terrorists in Hebron.

Empire Maker Wins Belmont Stakes

June 7 (Day 158, Levite):   Empire Maker won the 135th Belmont Stakes to deny Funny Cide the Triple Crown.  And more tornadoes struck the central USA in North Dakota, Minnesota, and Colorado.

Foam Test Cracks Orbiter Tile

June 6 (Day 157, Zebulun):   In a test to determine the cause of the Columbia disaster, a piece of foam fired into wing panel, cracked it.  Tornadoes heralded the test results. A twin-engine plane crashed in Christchurch, New Zealand, and a single-engine plane crashed in Los Angeles.  And an earthquake struck Kentucky.

Bush Visits Qatar

June 5 (Day 156, Dropping):   President Bush visited US troops in Qatar, which served as the combat operations center for the Iraq War. Tornadoes over the central US called attention to the Good Land that God gave Israel.  And the Dow was up 2.

"The Holy Land Must Be Shared"

June 4 (Day 155, Grace Blessing):  President Bush proclaimed at the Aqaba Summit that "the Holy Land must be shared between the state of Palestine and the state of Israel."  The Summit was heralded by tornadoes in Texas and a head-on train collision in Spain.  And the Dow cracked 9,000.

Sharm el-Sheikh Summit

June 3 (Day 154, Salvation):   President Bush met with Arab leaders at Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt over the Road Map for peace.  Two Muslims were convicted in Detroit of being a terrorist conspiracy and a third was convicted of fraud.  Three immigrants were found dead in a Texas rail car.  And the Dow was up 25.

President Bush Goes Down to Egypt

June 2 (Day 153, Big Fish or Ship):  President Bush went down to Egypt for help in imposing the Road Map for peace on Israel and the Palestinians.  Queen Elizabeth II celebrated the 50th Anniversary of her coronation.  And 4 US soldiers and 4 civilian contractors  were released by Iran after being captured yesterday.

Bush, Putin Certify Moscow Treaty

June 1 (Day 152, Wall):   President Bush met with Russian President Vladimir Putin in St. Petersburg, and certified that both countries had ratified the Moscow Treaty for nuclear arms reduction.  The G-8 Summit opened in Evian, France.

Bush Visits Auschwitz and St. Petersburg

May 31 (Day 151, Arrogance):  President Bush toured the former Nazi death camps at Auschwitz and Birkenau before traveling to St. Petersburg.  Fugitive, Eric Rudolph, who had been on the FBI 10 Most Wanted, was captured.  Tornadoes swarmed over Illinois again.  And there was an annular eclipse of the Sun

Two-Headed Tortoise

May 30 (Day 150, Cover):   A two-headed tortoise has been born in Wellington, South Africa.  President Bush traveled to Poland.  And the Dow gained 139.

Sharon Meets with Abbas

May 29 (Day 149, Time Before Pentecost): Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon met the Palestinian Prime Minister, Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen), in Jerusalem over the Road Map for peace.  The meeting was heralded by a tornado swarm in Illinois.

Florida Floods

May 28 (Day 148, Inheritance of the Levites): Over 9 inches of rain flooded Broward County, Florida around Fort Lauderdale with water 2 1/2 feet deep.  The suspect in the Louisiana serial killings was arrested in Atlanta.  And President Bush announced plans to go down to Egypt and Jordan for Road Map summits.

Memorial Day 2003

May 26 (Day 146, Pregnancy):   Memorial Day brought a new message of the death of the Diaspora.  A plane carrying Spanish peace keeping soldiers home from Afghanistan crashed and burned in Turkey and killed all onboard.  A strong earthquake hit northern Japan.  And a suspect has been named in the Louisiana serial killings.

Israel Accepts Road Map

May 25 (Day 145, Victory Over the Stronghold): The Israeli Cabinet of Ariel Sharon approved the Road Map for peace.  Waterspouts and tornadoes in Florida and Texas heralded Israel's approval of the  Road Map.  A boiler in the cruise ship, SS Norway, exploded in a Miami port.  An airliner blew off a Texas runway.  And ferries collided near Manila.

Sailor Falls Overboard Coming Home

May 24 (Day 144, Suffering):   In a scene reminiscent of Jonah, a sailor on the Navy amphibious assault ship, USS Nassau, fell overboard yesterday on the way home from the Persian Gulf.  And the Israeli Cabinet of Ariel Sharon is set to approve the Road Map for peace tomorrow, two days after Sharon agreed to it.

Sharon Agrees to Road Map for Peace

May 23 (Day 143, Fulfillment):  Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon announced that he was ready to accept the Road Map for peace.  A mass wreck blocked Interstate 68 in northern Maryland.  Congress approved President Bush's third tax cut.  And the Japanese Prime Minister visited President Bush at his Texas ranch.

Bomb Explodes in Yale Law School

May 21 (Day 141, Happiness):  A bomb exploded in an empty classroom at the Yale University law school.  A strong earthquake struck Algeria.  A Florida appeals court threw out a $145 billion award against the tobacco industry.  Christie Whitman resigned from the EPA.  And Tropical Storm Andres was named yesterday in the Pacific.

Lebanon, Maine Whirlwind

May 20 (Day 140, Passover):   A lone whirlwind on a clear day hunted down the owner of a garage in Lebanon, Maine and killed him.  The NASA MSFC Director responsible for managing the External Tank, stepped down.  And President Bush called new Palestinian Prime Minister, Abu Mazen, for the first time.

Israeli Mall Bombing

May 19 (Day 139, Sin Unto Death):  A 19-year old Palestinian female terrorist homicide bomber blew herself up at an Israeli Mall in Afula.  A US Marine Corps CH-46 Sea Knight helicopter crashed into a canal near Karbala.  The Dow took a big dive down 185.  And President Bush entertained Philippine President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo at the White House.

Hamas Bombs Road Map

May 18 (Day 138, Dying in the Wilderness): Hamas terrorist, homicide bombers blew up the Road Map for peace.  They blew up an Israeli bus this morning and killed two settlers last night.  Sharon postponed his trip to Washington to deal with the crisis.  US tornadoes heralded the issues of the day.

Funny Cide Wins Preakness by 9 Lengths

May 17 (Day 137, Warrior):   Terrorist homicide bombers hit five locations in Casablanca, Morocco last night.  Ariel Sharon held a peace summit with Palestinian Prime Minister, Abu Mazen.  And Funny Cide won the 128th Preakness by 9 lengths.

Tornadoes from Colorado to Tennessee

May 16 (Day 136, Ai):  More tornadoes struck Colorado, Oklahoma, Texas, and Tennessee overnight.  Saeb Erekat, the top Palestinian peace negotiator, resigned.  And the Dow fell 34.

Lunar Eclipse

May 15 (Day 135, Rest from Enemies):  This year's first total lunar eclipse occurred over North and South America tonight.  The Senate passed a $350 billion tax cut bill.  And country music legend, June Carter, died.

Bones from the Grave

May 14 (Day 134, Division of the Land): After nine days of digging in an Iraqi mass grave, about 3,000 sets of bones are lying in the Sun.  The Russian the lower house of Parliament voted to approve a treaty with the US to reduce strategic nuclear weapons.  Immigrants died in a semi trailer in Texas.  And Hall of Famer, Dave DeBusschere, died.

Texas Woman Stones Her Children

May 12 (Day 132, Conspiracy):  A Texas mother killed 2 of her sons early Saturday morning, May 10th, with rocks.  US Secretary of State, Colin Powell, went down to Egypt for help with the Road Map for peace.  And explosions in a terrorist attack rocked the Saudi capital of Riyadh where westerners were staying.

Powell Peace Plan Fails

May 11 (Day 131, Evil King):   US Secretary of State, Colin Powell failed to make progress on the implementation of the Road Map for peace, which he negotiated with the decadent Europeans, Russia, and the UN.  More swarms of tornadoes blasted Missouri and Illinois.  And there has been a major reorganization in the US civil administration of Iraq.

Record Week for Tornadoes

May 10 (Day 130, Double Blessing):  A record 298 tornadoes have been reported to the National Weather Service in the past week.  More tornadoes struck the USA from Virginia to Oklahoma.  And Colin Powell arrived in Israel to push the Road Map for peace.

Congo Jet Passengers Sucked Out Door

May 9 (Day 129, Victory Over Edom):  Passengers were sucked out the rear door of a cargo plane over DR Congo.  A domestic terrorist shot up a Cleveland business school.  More tornadoes hit the Midwest.  Colin Powell left for Israel, an Bush went to New Mexico.  A Black Hawk crash killed 3.  The North Carolina governor was in a NASCAR wreck. And NASA appointed a new Shuttle Program Manager.

Another Oklahoma City Tornado

May 8 (Day 128, Cosmic Stronghold):  Another tornado returned to Oklahoma City this afternoon and devastated southern and eastern parts of the city.  After heavy rainfall, there was flooding in Tennessee, Alabama, and Georgia.  And a train hit a bus loaded with German tourists in Hungary.

More Killer Tornadoes in Missouri, Illinois

May 7 (Day 127, Horn):  More swarms of tornadoes crossed the Mississippi and brought death and destruction last night.  A  freight train in Michigan derailed after a beaver dam broke and washed out the trackbed.  And retired FBI agent, James J. Smith, was indicted in a China spying case.

Sharon Rejects Road Map Right of Return

May 6 (Day 126, Political Babylon):  Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, cannot accept the Road Map for Middle East peace because it does not require Palestinians to give up the right of return.  More tornadoes hit Mississippi and Tennessee.  And an Amtrak train wrecked in Georgia.

Tornadoes Swarm Kansas, Missouri, Tenn.

May 5 (Day 125, Sovereignty):  Swarms of killer tornadoes devastated cities and subdivisions in three states:  Kansas, Missouri, and Tennessee.  A mayor and city council members became the first freely-elected leaders in Iraq today.  And US ASS (Assistant Secretary of State) William Burns met with Palestinian Prime Minister, Abu Mazen.

Israeli Labor Party Head Quits

May 4 (Day 124, Strategy):  Peace activist and dove, Amram Mitzna resigned as chairman of the Labor Party. And violent tornadoes devastated parts of Kansas and Missouri.

Funny Cide Wins Kentucky Derby

May 3 (Day 123, Spiritual Uptrend):  Funny Cide won the 129th Kentucky Derby and became the first gelding to win since 1929.  New Hampshire's Old Man of the Mountain fell.  US Secretary of State Colin Powell met Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.  And the Space Station Expedition 6 crew landed in Kazakhstan 248 nautical miles short of its target.

President Declares End to Iraq Combat Phase

May 2 (Day 122, Cursing):  Yesterday, President Bush flew to the USS Abrahamic Lincoln aircraft carrier in the Pacific and announced the end of the combat phase of the Iraq War.  The visit was heralded by the weather angels.  And US Secretary of State Colin Powell traveled to Damascus, Syria.

Turkey Earthquake

May 1 (Day 121, Providential Preventative Suffering):   A strong earthquake of magnitude 6.4 Richter struck Turkey.  Tornadoes were reported from Colorado to Illinois.  And there were more indictments against Enron execs.

Road Map Presented to Israel and Palestinians

April 30 (Day 120, Authority):   The US presented the Road Map for Middle East peace to Israel and the Palestinians.  This was heralded by tornadoes in Texas, Colorado, and California.  Palestinian Prime Minister, Abu Mazen and his 24-member cabinet were sworn in.  And the Dow fell 22.

Palestinian Prime Minister Approved

April 29 (Day 119, Witness of the Federal Judiciary):   The Palestinian Legislative Council approved Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) as Prime Minister along with his cabinet.  A Palestinian homicide bomber blew himself in Tel Aviv.  And an earthquake struck Alabama this morning.

Soyuz Docks with Space Station

April 28 (Day 118, Witness of a Pillar):   A Russian Soyuz spacecraft carrying the Expedition 7 crew docked with the Space Station this morning at 0556 GMT.  And President Bush visited Dearborn, Michigan in an obvious appeal for Iraqi and Arab support.

Baghdad Arms Explode

April 26 (Day 116, Witness of Sanctification):   A huge arms depot exploded near Rasheed Air Base in the Zafaranyah suburb southeast of Baghdad in an act of sabotage. Florida, Alabama, and Georgia were raked by tornadoes and thunderstorms.  And the Expedition 7 Space Station Crew were launched from Russia.

Mississippi Tornadoes

April 25 (Day 115, Witness of Covering):   Tornadoes plowed through Mississippi and neighboring states.  At least 17 tornadoes were reported in Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Kansas, and Florida.

Texas Storms

April 24 (Day 114, Witness of Passover):   North Texas was hit with tornadoes, hail, and straight line winds that damaged or destroyed 48 homes in Johnson County.  A teen at Red Lion Junior High near York, Pennsylvania shot and killed his Principal.   And a Palestinian homicide bomber killed one and injured 13 in Israel.

Arafat-Abu Mazen Agree on Cabinet

April 23 (Day 113, Witness of Double Blessing):   Yasser Arafat agreed to the cabinet proposed by Prime Minister-designate, Abu Mazen.  Ron Dittemore confirmed his resignation from NASA.  Lions killed an animal handler in Japan.  And Tropical Storm Ana survived another day.

Baal Counterattack in Iraq

April 22 (Day 112, Witness of Authority): The Shiite Muslims who flocked to their holy city of Karbala were engaged in a Baal counterattack upon the new government in Iraq.  Ana became the first tropical storm in April in history.  Nashville songwriter Felice Bryant died.  The Dow rose up 156.  And the last 7 Florida whales are improving.

Garner Visits Baghdad

April 21 (Day 111, Witness of Truth):   Retired Lt. Gen. Jay Garner, who will be in charge of reconstruction and humanitarian relief in Iraq, visited Baghdad.  Subtropical Storm Ana became the first named storm of the 2003 hurricane season.  The last 7 beached whales are dying in Florida.  And the Dow was down 8.

Typhoon Kujira, the Whale

April 20 (Day 110, Witness):   Typhoon Kujira with 100 knot winds is east of the Philippines, though it is veering off to the north.  With less than 48 hours to form a cabinet, Abu Mazen issued another ultimatum to Arafat.  And seven of the whales stranded in the Florida Keys were still being treated today.

Palestinian Power Struggle

April 19 (Day 109, Plagues of Egypt):  Palestinian Prime Minister-designate Abu Mazen and Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat are at odds over a new cabinet.  The US POW's arrived safely home.  The Israeli Army pushed into the Rafah refugee camp in the Gaza Strip.  And NASA's Shuttle Program Manager, Ron Dittemore, is leaving.

Whales Stranded in Florida Keys

April 18 (Day 108, New Birth):   A group of 27 pilot whales were stranded off Big Pine Key, and another five whales were close by.  The angels appear to have drawn a picture for Easter over the Middle East.  The weather angels salted the capital of Dagestan.  And Marines are eating Saddam's gazelles.

Saddam Half-Brother Captured

April 17 (Day 107, Category):   US Special Forces captured Barzan Ibrahim Hasan al-Tikriti, a half-brother of Saddam Hussein.  And animals are languishing in the Baghdad zoo.

Texas, Oklahoma Tornadoes

April 16 (Day 106, Man):   At least 10 tornadoes were reported yesterday in Texas and Oklahoma.  President Bush visited a Boeing F-18 factory in St. Louis.  He signed a $79 billion bill to fund the Iraq War, reward allies, and help the airlines.  And bees are still swarming in Titusville after their beekeeper was killed in a wreck.

Achille Lauro Hijacker Captured

April 15 (Day 105, Giant):   US Special Operations forces in Baghdad captured Abul Abbas, the leader of the hijacking of the Achille Lauro in 1985.  Dust storms with wind gusts of 130 mph caused an 11 car wreck that killed two people in New Mexico.  And the Dow was up 51.

Tikrit Falls - War Won

April 14 (Day 104, Weakness):  Tikrit fell to the US Marines and the Iraq War was won, since the last major battle had been fought.  A domestic terrorist armed with an AK-47 assault rifle opened fire in a New Orleans high school gym and killed one and injured 3.  Three US soldiers were killed in safety failures.  And the Dow went up 147.

US POW's Freed

April 13 (Day 103, Justice of Holy Spirit):   All seven US Prisoner's of War were freed today and are safe in US custody. And the Battle of Tikrit began as US Marines advanced into the city.

Mosul Surrenders

April 11 (Day 101, Unity):   The northern Iraqi city of Mosul surrendered to US Special Forces after most Iraqis fled during the night. A whirlwind rolled up the east coast and brought coastal flooding to North Carolina along with rain and snow.  And the Dow fell 17.

Kirkuk Falls

April 10 (Day 100, Maximum Divine Good Production): The northern Iraq city of Kirkuk surrendered today to US-backed Kurdish forces without resistance.  The Lord gave the victory.  The Concorde supersonic jet is being retired.  And the Dow was up 23.

Baghdad Freed

April 9 (Day 99, Almost But Not Quite):   As the US Army and Marines pushed into downtown Baghdad, the Iraqi resistance suddenly evaporated.  There was dancing in the streets.  And the Dow fell 100.

US Bombs Saddam Meeting

April 8 (Day 98, Glory Has Departed):   A US warplane bombed a residence where Saddam Hussein and his two sons were believed to be meeting with other Iraqi leaders.  President Bush and Tony Blair held a Summit in Northern Ireland.  A bee truck overturned in Florida.  And the government of Iraq is crumbling.

US Captures Presidential Palaces

April 7 (Day 97, Reduction in Force):   In a raid into the heart of the Baghdad, the US 3rd Infantry Division seized two Presidential Palaces and decided to stay.  President Bush and Prime Minister Blair are holding a Summit at  Hillsborouh Castle in Northern Ireland.  And Syracuse won the NCAA championship.

First US Plane Lands at Baghdad Airport

April 6 (Day 96, Spoils of Victory):   A US C-130 military transport plane became the first US plane to land at the newly captured Baghdad Airport.  British military forces took over most of Basra in a major assault.  A US warplane bombed a Kurd convoy.  Hail storms hit North Texas and Oklahoma.  And the trial of  Marwan Barghouti began in Israel.

US Army Enters Baghdad

April 5 (Day 95, Hero):   The US Army's 3rd Infantry Division drove tanks through the center of Baghdad in a daring reconnaissance show of force.  Syracuse and Kansas won in the NCAA tournament.  And a Florida Sunset portrayed the quest for Saddam Hussein in his bunkers.

Saddam Reappears

April 4 (Day 94):   After US forces rode to victory over the Republican Guard and arrived at the gates of Baghdad, Saddam Hussein appeared on television.  Three Iraqis who spied for the CIA in the attempted decapitation attack of Saddam Hussein, were executed.  A US soldier has been charged with murder.  And a small plane crashed in Leominster, Massachusetts.

US Seizes Baghdad Airport

April 3 (Day 93, Guilt):   The US Army 3rd Infantry Division seized Saddam International Airport southwest of Baghdad with very little resistance.  A US Navy F-18C Hornet was shot down, and a Black Hawk helicopter crashed.  And the lights went out in Baghdad.

US Destroys 2 Republican Guard Divisions

April 2 (Day 92, Homeborn Slave):   US ground forces blasted through two Republican Guard Divisions defending Baghdad and advanced within 20 miles of Baghdad.  And Colin Powell secured access agreements with Turkey.

US POW Jessica Lynch Rescued

April 1 (Day 91, Coup de Grace):   US Prisoner of War, Army Pfc. Jessica Lynch, 19, has been rescued from a building in Nasiriyah.  A hijacked Cuban plane with 31 people onboard, landed in Key West, Florida.  And baseball's opening game between New York and Toronto symbolized the Iraq War and the meaning of 2003.

Desert Grace

March 30 (Day 89, Authority Counterattack):   Hungry US Marines in the desert of central Iraq were delighted when Iraqi refugees gave them food to eat.  Bedouins in need of water in the Iraqi desert received help from US Marines.  A US helicopter crash killed 3.  A man was murdered in church.  And a Palestinian terrorist bombing occurred in Netanya, Israel.

Iraqi Homicide Bombing

March 29 (Day 88, Blessing):   A homicide bomber in a taxi killed four US soldiers at a checkpoint north of An Najaf.  Two US soldiers were killed in Afghanistan.  Turkey and Saudi Arabia banned cruise missile overflights.  King George III appeared to rise from the grave.  And Marquette beat Kentucky.

Florida Tornadoes

March 28 (Day 87, Donkey):  Tornadoes ripped through the Miami area and other parts of Florida hours after the Bush-Blair Summit yesterday.  The Florida storms were described as having Biblical proportions.  And a Turkish plane on a domestic flight was hijacked and flown to Greece.

Blair's Plane Struck by Lightning

March 26 (Day 85, Eye, Spy):   As British Prime Minister Tony Blair's plane approached Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland for a summit with Bush, lightning struck the left wing.  President Bush visited the US Central Command in Tampa, Florida.  New clues of left wing damage were found in the Shuttle probe.  And a huge weather elephant appeared east of Baghdad.

Sovereign Stop - Retreat from Baghdad

March 25 (Day 84, Weakness of Church):   Unable to see in the howling sandstorm, the US armored divisions advancing on Baghdad stopped and waited today.  The Battle of Baghdad was delayed for a lesson on Divine Sovereignty.  By day's end, the US decided to retreat from Baghdad to fight in the South.  And the Dow rose up  65.

Weather Angel Stops US Army

March 24 (Day 83, High Priest):   An angel, and not the Iraqi Army, stopped the US Army's 3rd Infantry Division as it raced toward the Shiite holy city of Karbala.  A Throne Angel appeared over Iraq on the weather map.  And the Dow took a sharp dive down 307.29.

Casualties of War

March 23 (Day 82, Historical Breakpoint):   In the sharpest ground engagement of the war, the tide abruptly changed and US Marines took heavy casualties.  An owl perched on the USS John S. McCain.  And the weather angels clarified the scene with elephants over California and Florida.

US Terrorist Attacks Kuwait Camp

March 22 (Day 81): A US soldier apparently turned into a terrorist and rolled grenades into command  tents of the US 101st Airborne Division in northern Kuwait.  And storks migrating from Africa to Europe are arriving in Jordan at about 1,000 per day.

Iraq Air War Begins

March 21 (Day 80, Strength): The air war in Iraq began tonight with an awesome bombardment of Baghdad that set selected buildings ablaze.  The US suffered the first combat casualties today with 6 killed from combat and a helicopter crash.  Turkey finally allowed overflights.  And the Dow Average for the week was the best since 1982.

Iraq Ground Invasion Begins

March 20 (Day 79, Hardness of the Heart): The Iraq ground invasion began tonight about 9:00 PM local time without the great fanfare of a major bombing campaign.  And the first large Spring swarm of tornadoes swept through the southeastern USA with killer tornadoes in Georgia.

Iraq War Begins with Decapitation Strike

March 19 (Day 78, Sexual Abuse):  The Iraq War began with an attempted decapitation strike against Saddam Hussein who was meeting in a bunker with his top generals.  The weather angels heralded the attack with tornadoes in Louisiana and a satellite image of Baghdad.   Cuba cracked down on dissidents.  And a hijacked Cuban airliner landed in Key West.

Tobacco Farmer in DC Standoff

March 18 (Day 77, Reverse Process Reversionism): A North Carolina tobacco farmer sitting on his tractor in a pool near the Washington Monument held police at bay.  A man was convicted of killing an abortion doctor.  And a blizzard in the image of a horse shut down parts of Wyoming and Colorado.


March 17 (Day 76, Skill):  President Bush delivered his long awaited war ultimatum to Saddam Hussein.  He gave Saddam and his sons 48 hours to get out of town or face the wrath of hell.

Bush on Azores Island

March 16 (Day 75, Sovereignty):  President Bush went to the tiny island of Terceira in the Azores to meet with Britain's Tony Blair and Spain's Jose Maria Aznar over Iraq.

Bush Defies Abrahamic Covenant

March 14 (Day 73, Freedom):  In a speech in the White House rose garden President Bush declared support for a Palestinian state and offered to release the road map for peace immediately after the confirmation of a Palestinian prime minister.  And the President will attend a summit in the Azores to address the failed UN Iraq war resolution.

Bush Loses Again in UN

March 13 (Day 72, Internal Gates):  After President Bush's week-long telephone and media blitz to secure a resolution for a war with Iraq, he has suffered another agonizing defeat.  Passengers on an Hawaii to San Francisco flight were injured when the plane hit a weather elephant.  And UCLA beat No. 1 Arizona.

Florida Flooding

March 10 (Day 69, Running the Course):  Heavy rains caused widespread flooding in northeast Florida and southeast Georgia. Today is Osama bin Laden's 46th birthday.  The Palestinian parliament approved the new post of prime minister.  And Bush backed down in the UN Security Council over an Iraq war resolution.

Broadway Lights Go Out

March 8 (Day 67, Giving):   The lights of Broadway went out in New York after the musicians went on strike.  Israel killed the top Hamas military terrorist and three of his bodyguards in a helicopter missile strike.  UN civilian staff are withdrawing from the Iraqi-Kuwait border.  And Kentucky beat Florida to win the Southeastern Conference title.

Algeria Airliner Crash

March 6 (Day 65, Going Down):   An Air Algerie passenger jet crashed on takeoff and killed 102 of the 103 passengers.  The first public hearing of the Columbia Accident Investigation Board was held.  Connecticut officials have quarantined 4.7 million chickens.  And President Bush held a news conference on his Iraq policy.

Haifa Bus Bombing

March 5 (Day 64, Weakness):  A Palestinian terrorist blew himself up on an Israeli bus in Haifa.  A pit-bull dog attacked an 8-year old boy on the school ground in Orlando.  And after France, Germany, and Russia said they would oppose any Iraq war resolution in the UN, Colin Powell delivered a speech with new evidence against Iraq.

Israel Arrests Hamas Founder

March 3 (Day 62, The End):  In an early morning raid in the Gaza Strip, the Israeli Army arrested Mohammed Taha, a political founder of Hamas.  Survivors were found from a small plane that crashed in Massachusetts.  A passenger at Chicago's O'Hare airport was stung by a scorpion.  And a cornerstone was symbolized on today's weather map.

Keystone Hail Stones

March 2 (Day 61, Income Tax):  Florida was pounded with hail around Keystone Heights.  And the weather angels gave a tribute to Marian Pearl, the widow of Daniel Pearl.


March 1 (Day 60, Worldly Production):  Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, the suspected mastermind of the September 11th terrorists attack on the US, was arrested in Pakistan.  Turkey voted against allowing US troops into the country to attack Iraq.  The Arab League opposed an attack on Iraq.  And a US Airways flight was diverted to North Carolina.

New Israeli Government

February 27 (Day 58, Levite):  The new Israeli government coalition of Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, with 68 seats was approved by the Knesset.  Governor Jeb Bush's plane was struck by lightning today.  And the UN Security Council consideration of what to do about Iraq was described as chaos.

Political Blasphemy Over Iraq

February 26 (Day 57, Zebulun):  Saddam Hussein is calling upon Allah as the Sovereign God Almighty, while President Bush is not only ready to destroy the sovereign nation of Iraq, but to build a democracy to replace it as an example of a future Palestinian state.  And Britain's House of Commons is backing Tony Blair in the UN.

Oldest American Man Dies

February 25 (Day 56, Dropping):  The oldest American man died at the age of 113 in Lakeland, Florida.  A Black Hawk helicopter crashed in Kuwait.  Ice and snow shut down parts of the mid west.  And 5 people were shot and 4 killed at a Huntsville, Alabama unemployment office.

China Earthquake

February 24 (Day 55, Grace Blessing):  A major earthquake of magnitude 6.8 struck Xinjiang in western China at 10:03/44 AM local time (0203/44 GMT).  China rejected Colin Powell's proposal for a coalition to pressure North Korea to end its nuclear weapons program.  And Great Britain submitted another Iraq resolution to the UN Security Council.

Kentucky Tornado Heralds Davidic Covenant

February 23 (Day 54, Redemption):  A tornado that devastated parts of Athol, Kentucky symbolized the Davidic Covenant.  And three Army skydivers who parachuted into the North Carolina Speedway were injured by the weather angels.

Roofs Collapsing in Washington

February 22 (Day 53, Large Fish, Ship): Roofs are collapsing in the Washington, DC area due to heavy snow and rain. A pregnant woman stranded on an island in the River Jordan had to be rescued by Air Force helicopter.  And President Bush met with the Prime Minister of Spain at his Crawford, Texas ranch.

Rhode Island Inferno

February 21 (Day 52, Wall):  A Rhode Island nightclub burned to the ground during a rock concert and killed many in the state's worst fire.  A barge containing 100,000 gallons of gasoline exploded off New York's Staten Island and burned.  And President Bush was visited by the Prime Minister of Spain at his Crawford, Texas ranch.

Tampa Terrorist Support Cell Arrests

February 20 (Day 51, Arrogance):  Eight people alleged to be members of a support group for the Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorist organization were indicted by the Federal Government.  The air force chief of Pakistan died in a plane crash.  President Bush visited Georgia.  And US troops will fight Muslim terrorists in the Philippines.

First 9/11 Conviction

February 19 (Day 50, Pentecost, the Church): The first terrorist in the September 11, 2001 attack on the US was convicted in Hamburg, Germany.  An Iranian military jet crashed and killed all onboard.  And the subway fire yesterday in South Korea was linked to the smoking stove in Abraham's dream about the Abrahamic Covenant.

They Died of Fear

February 17 (Day 48, Inheritance of the Levites): Panic-stricken partiers at a Chicago nightclub trampled each other to death in a mad exodus through a single door for no reason but fear.  And sandhill cranes appeared in a Florida neighborhood.

Washington Snowstorm

February 16 (Day 47, Peace):  The worst snowstorm of the year belted the eastern USA and brought Washington, DC to a sanctified standstill.  Tornadoes were spun off in Florida by the same weather system.  The Israeli Army entered Gaza City.  And Michael Waltrip won his second Daytona 500.

The Lion and the Lamb

February 15 (Day 46, Pregnancy):  As millions of anti-war activists protested around the world, the images of a lion and a lamb appeared on the weather map over California.  The lion of war and lamb of peace are symbols of the Millennium, when there will be peace on earth.

UN Rallies Against US

February 14 (Day 45, Victory Over the Stronghold): After UN Weapons Inspector, Hans Blix, presented his report, the UN Security Council, called for more inspections and rejected the US call to war with Iraq.

Black Hawk Waterloo

February 12 (Day 43, Fulfillment):  As President Bush prepared for a whirlwind tour of Jacksonville, Florida Naval Air Station tomorrow, the weather angels heralded the ultimatum, "Black Hawk Waterloo!"  And the arrival of the wreckage of Columbia in Florida from Louisiana was accompanied by angelic signs in the sky.

Israeli Astronaut Buried Near Armageddon

February 11 (Day 42, Baal, the Bear, Russia): Israeli Astronaut, Ilan Ramon, who died in the Columbia disaster, was buried this afternoon in a private ceremony in the city of Nahalal, which is near the hill of Armageddon.  Ramon's burial in the Valley of Jezreel lent further credence to the symbol of the Second Advent in his death.

UN Peace Momentum Builds

February 10 (Day 41, Happiness):  Fueled by new Iraqi arms inspection concessions, an alternative peace coalition suddenly gathered momentum for a showdown at the United Nations.  A memorial was held in Israel for fallen astronaut hero, Ilan Ramon.  And the Indian state of Rajasthan is preparing to ban the Hindu trident.

US Blunted at Munich Security Conference

February 8 (Day 39, Sin Unto Death): US Secretary of State, Donald Rumsfeld, was double-crossed by France and Germany, who secretly hatched up a peace proposal to block the US war plans in Iraq.  And flocks of helicopters from the 101st Airborne "Screaming Eagles" are filling the sky of Jacksonville, Florida Naval Air Station.

Elephant Snow Storm Belts DC

February 7 (Day 38, Dying in the Wilderness): A powerful winter snowstorm, which dumped 6 inches of snow in Washington, DC, led to a state of emergency in the city.  A mass wreck of up to 60 vehicles forced the closure of I-94 in Michigan.  And four Cuban Border Patrol agents fled to Key West in a speed boat.

Bush Delivers Iraq War Ultimatum

February 6 (Day 37, Warrior):  President Bush delivered a war ultimatum against Iraq for producing weapons of mass destruction, harboring terrorists, and defying the United Nations.  And Turkey's parliament agreed to allow the US to perform modifications of military bases in preparation for a war with Iraq.

Colin Powell Exposes Iraq at UN

February 5 (Day 36, Ai):  US Secretary of State, Colin Powell, presented clear and convincing proof of Iraq's lies of deception before the United Nations.  The nose cone of Columbia was retrieved from the woods near Hemphill, Texas.  And the remains of the Columbia astronauts were shipped from Barksdale Air Force Base, Louisiana to Dover Air Force Base, Delaware.

Columbia Memorial Service

February 4 (Day 35, Rest from Enemies): A memorial service for the Columbia astronauts who died in the tragedy of February 1st was held at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas.  President and Mrs. Bush attended.

Angelic Allegory of Bush-Blair Meeting

January 31 (Day 31, Evil King):  British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, met with President Bush over Iraq at the White House after the weather angels fogged them in.  In Miami an angelic allegory of a hijacked mail van pursued by about a hundred cops portrayed the truth and made a mockery of Bush-Blair war plans.

Shoe Bomber Gets Life

January 30 (Day 30, Priest):  Richard C. Reid, an al-Qa'eda terrorist who tried to blow up an airliner with a shoe bomb, was sentenced to life in prison.  A propane tanker rolled off an overpass in Michigan and exploded.  And a US helicopter crashed in Afghanistan and killed 4.

Kinston, North Carolina Explosion

January 29 (Day 29, Victory Over Edom): A massive fire sent thick, black smoke billowing into the air after a pharmaceutical plant exploded in Kinston, North Carolina.  And President Bush flew to Grand Rapids, Michigan to push his plan for revamping Medicare.  The two symbols represent Baal as the god of war and god of peace.

Sharon Re-Elected

January 28 (Day 28, Cosmic Stronghold): Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and his Likud Party won Israel's parliamentary elections in a rout of the Labor Party.  President Bush delivered his annual State of the Union address.  And yesterday the weather angels on Cyprus heralded opposition to a US attack of Iraq by hindering the British fleet en route to the Gulf.

Tampa Bay Wins Super Bowl

January 26 (Day 26, Political Babylon): Tampa Bay won Super Bowl 37 over Oakland 48-21 in a rout.  The contest represented the war on terrorism, which is being led by Israel against the Palestinians.

Spain al-Qa'eda Bust

January 24 (Day 24, Strategy):  A  major al-Qa'eda bust in Spain netted 16 suspected al-Qa'eda terrorists.  Tom Ridge was was sworn in as the new Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security.  Three Israeli soldiers were killed by Palestinian terrorists.   Two planes collided over Denver.  And it snowed in Florida.

Mexico Earthquake

January 22 (Day 22, Cursing):  A major earthquake of magnitude 7.8 struck Colima, Mexico.  A mine explosion in West Virginia killed three and injured three.  Lee Malvo, the Washington, DC sniper, was indicted by a federal Grand Jury for murder.  And Tom Ridge was approved by the Senate as Director of Homeland Security.

Last Yankee Widow Dies

January 20 (Day 20, External Gates):  The last surviving widow of a Yankee veteran died Friday, January 17th in Tennessee and was buried today.  Seven skiers were killed when they were buried by an avalanche in Canada.  And archaeologists have uncovered statues and monuments of Nubian kings (black pharaohs) of Kush in Sudan along the Nile.

Australia Burns

January 18 (Day 18, Pillar):  In the worst fires in 50 years, wild fires raging around the Australian capital of Canberra have killed two people and destroyed an estimated 400 homes.  And anti-war protesters demonstrated in about 20 countries.  They marched in Washington, DC, San Francisco, Great Britain, and Japan.

Mysterious School Rash Returns

January 15 (Day 15, Covering):  The mysterious rash in school children that occurred last school year in 27 states has broken out again this year in Illinois.  A madman set two apartments afire before leaping to his death from a Philadelphia high-rise.  And Florida police are patrolling with horses in preparation for tomorrow's launch of the first Israeli astronaut on STS-107.

Peruvian Airliner Missing

January 9 (Day 9, Plagues of Egypt):  A Peruvian airliner disappeared in the mountains of the Amazon jungle.  Two Turkish F-4 jet fighters collided and killed all four onboard.  And on  January 6th, a giant Hindu idol of Krishna fell in India and killed one and injured 14.

North Carolina, Turkey Plane Crashes

January 8 (Day 8, New Birth):   A commuter plane crashed and killed all 21 aboard on takeoff in Charlotte, North Carolina. Turkish Airlines Flight TK 634 crashed during landing and killed all except 5 onboard.   And a pod of pilot whales beached on Steward Island off New Zealand.

Hatchet Man Smashes Waltham Abbey

January 3 (Day 3, Justice of Holy Spirit): A 47-year old man wielding a hatchet in each hand, ran into to Waltham Abbey Church where he smashed stained glass windows, knocked heads off statues, and axed the organ.  And high winds of up to 125 mph swept through France and Germany.

Meaning of 2003 - Justice of Holy Spirit

January 1 (Day 1, Unity):  The meaning of 2003 is the Justice of the Holy Spirit.  The number, 3, stands for the Trinity or the Justice of the Holy Spirit.  The Justice is that of God the Holy Spirit since it is the third year of a sequence that began with 2001, 2002 and continues with 2003.

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