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US Resists Satan's World Court

June 30 (Day 181):  The US vetoed a UN Security Council extension of the Bosnia peacekeeping mission because US soldiers did not get immunity from the new International Criminal Court.  Leonard Gregg was indicted for setting the Arizona Rodeo fire. And a Senate Intelligence Committee delegation went down to Egypt for help.

Bin Laden Enters Critical Period

June 29 (Day 180, Pillar):  The biorhythms of Osama bin Laden will enter a critical period June 30th through July 1, 2002.  All four cycles will go through critical.

Israel Blasts Hebron Stronghold

June 28 (Day 179, Hardness of Heart):  The Israeli Army set of a huge blast in the Palestinian Authority's administrative headquarters in Hebron where 15 terrorists have been holed up for 4 days.

Apaches Burned Out in Arizona

June 27 (Day 178, Sexual Abuse):  The Arizona fire is inflicting economic disaster on the Fort Apache Indian Reservation.  A huge part of the forests that the White Mountain Apache use for the lumber business are burned. And the G-8 Summit ended with Russia receiving $20 billion to dismantle radioactive stockpiles.

Bush Cursed at Kananaskis

June 26 (Day 177, Reverse Process Reversionism): President Bush, who thumbed his nose at the Abrahamic Covenant before leaving for the G-8 Economic Summit in Kananaskis, was cursed today like Job, although without the health problems.

Bush Goes to Arizona, Canada

June 25 (Day 176, Skill):  President Bush toured the Arizona fires today and spoke to residents of a shelter in Eager, Arizona.  Then he proceeded to the G-8 Summit at the Kananaskis mountain retreat west of Calgary.

Bush's Backward Baal Speech

June 24 (Day 175, Sovereignty):  President Bush delivered his big Middle East policy speech on schedule on June 24th, for Baal, the bear, and Russia, Day 175, for Sovereignty.  And a passenger train rolled backward on a hill in Tanzania and derailed and killed about 200.

Israeli Tanks Surround Arafat's Compound

June 23 (Day 174, Spiritual Freedom):  Israeli tanks have begun surrounding Yasser Arafat's Ram Allah compound again. Two large fires in Arizona, the Rodeo and Chediski fires, are advancing out of control along a 50-mile front.  And President Bush is planning to deliver his Middle East speech tomorrow.

Iran Earthquake

June 22 (Day 173, Freedom):  A strong, earthquake that measured 6.0 Richter devastated part of western Iran.  A Pakistan wedding party was blown up by a mortar round.  And St. Louis Cardinals pitcher, Darryl Kile, was found dead in his hotel room.

NC Hizbullah Supporters Found Guilty

June 21 (Day 172, Internal Gates):  Two Lebanese brothers were convicted of conspiring to aid the Lebanon-based Hizbullah terrorist organization.  A drifter wanted for questioning in the kidnapping of Elizabeth Smart from Utah, has been arrested in West Virginia.  And Arafat now wishes he had accepted Clinton's peace plan.

Israeli Settlement Attacked by Terrorists

June 20 (Day 171, Strait):  Two Palestinian terrorists infiltrated the Israeli settlement of Itamar near Nablus in the West Bank and killed 5 Israelis.

Large Fires Burn in West

June 19 (Day 170, Lawlessness):  Large fires burned in the western US in Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, California, Utah, and Wyoming. NASA landed the Orbiter Endeavour in California.  And after another homicide bomber blew himself up in Jerusalem, President Bush put his new Middle East policy speech on hold indefinitely.

Israel to Retake Palestinian Territory

June 18 (Day 169, Running the Course):  After today's terrorist bombing of a bus in Jerusalem that killed 19 Israelis, Israel announced that it will begin retaking Palestinian territory and hold it for as long as Palestinian terrorism continues.  An earthquake struck Indiana.  And President Bush will postpone his Middle East speech until this week-end.

Don't Fence Me In

June 17 (Day 168, Serving in Edom):  As Israel began to build a fence around the West Bank yesterday, cultural division based upon fundamental human values brought a new mix of opponents and supporters.  And the weather angels painted a turkey on the weather map of severe weather.

A Message from Satanta

June 16 (Day 167, Giving):  One of four tornadoes in Kansas was at Satanta.  It carried a message about one of the most famous American Indian terrorists who ever lived.  The weather angels drew an elephant over President Bush's head at his Texas ranch.  And Sharon rejected the idea of a provisional Palestinian state.

Palestinians Reject US Peace Overtures

June 15 (Day 166, Worldliness):  Palestinian officials reacting to the idea of a provisional state, gave the divided Bush Administration a lesson in the Laws of Establishment.  And the weather elephant continued over Florida for the 6th day.

Triumphant Procession

June 14 (Day 165, Going Down):  The day after the US withdrew from the ABM Treaty, weather angels put on a display of a triumphant procession. The US Consulate in Karachi, Pakistan was bombed by a terrorist homicide bomber.  And the blockades came down in Madagascar as the previous President left.

Karzai Elected Afghan President

June 13 (Day 164, Weakness):  Hamid Karzai was elected interim President of Afghanistan in the first free election in Afghan history.  The US formally withdrew from the 1972 ABM Treaty with the former Soviet Union.  And President Bush met with Saudi Foreign Minister, Prince Saud al-Faisal, at the White House.

China Flooding

June 12 (Day 163, Outcast):  Torrential rain has caused floods and mudslides in northwestern China, which have killed at least 205 people and left about 300 missing. And a US MC-130 crashed in Afghanistan and killed 3.

Colorado Fires

June 11 (Day 162, The End):  Fires in Colorado have forced thousands of evacuations and threaten the suburbs of Denver.  There was another homicide bombing in an Israel restaurant north of Tel Aviv.  A huge weather eagle was on the weather map over the Great Lakes.  And the Spiegel Grove finally sank yesterday.

Annular Solar Eclipse

June 10 (Day 161, Income Tax):  An annular eclipse of the Sun was visible from eastern Asia, the Pacific Ocean and much of North America.  President Bush met with Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, at the White House.  And bizarre events surrounded John Ashcroft, e.g. a shooting in a Missouri monastery, a dirty-bomb terrorist, and the death of John Gotti.

Sharon Shuttles, Arafat Shuffles

June 9 (Day 160, Sanctification):  As Israeli Prime Minster, Ariel Sharon shuttled to Washington, DC for a meeting with President Bush, Palestinian Chairman, Yasser Arafat shuffled his Cabinet.  NASA Astronaunt Chang-Díaz performed his first spacewalk.  And Salvage operations to turn over the Spiegel Grove, which is belly up off Key Largo.

Record Longshot Wins Belmont Stakes

June 8 (Day 159, Simeon):  War Emblem lost his bid for the Triple Crown as Sarava won the 134th Belmont Stakes.  And President Bush resisted Egyptian President Mubarak's attempts to set a time table on a Palestinian state.

US Missionary Killed in Philippines

June 7 (Day 158, Levite):  US missionary, Martin Burnham, 42, of Rose Hill, Kansas, was killed in a gun battle between Filipino troops and Abu Sayyaf Muslim terrorists.  They Wye Oak was toppled in a storm yesterday.  And Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak is visiting President Bush at Camp David.

Bush Proposes Homeland Security Bureaucracy

June 6 (Day 157, Zebulun):  President Bush proposed the creation of a new Washington bureaucracy to deal with Homeland Security.  The Israel Army destroyed 6 buildings in Arafat's Ram Allah compound. The events were heralded by tornadoes in the Tampa Bay area and in New York.

Israeli Army Surrounds Arafat's Compound

June 5 (Day 156, Dropping):  In response to another Palestinian suicide bombing this morning, Israeli tanks moved into Ram Allah tonight and surrounded Arafat's headquarters compound.  And NASA launched STS-111.

CIA Tenet Meets with Arafat

June 4 (Day 155, Grace Blessing):  CIA Director, George Tenet, met with Palestinian Leader, Yasser Arafat, today in Ram Allah.  After US ASS (Assistant Secretary of State) William Burns met with Syrian President Bashar Assad, a dam burst in Syria.  And Congress began September 11th hearings.

CIA Tenet Meets with Sharon

June 3 (Day 154, Redemption):  CIA Director, George Tenet, met with Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon.  President Bush was in Little Rock.  Giuliani was helping Jeb Bush in Florida.  A British terrorist decapitator has flown to New York.  And Madagascar is beginning a civil war.

CIA Tenet Goes Down to Egypt

June 2 (Day 153, Large Fish, Ship):  CIA Director, George Tenet, went down to Egypt for help as he began a Middle Eastern tour.  A forest fire in New Jersey forced evacuations and the closure of the Garden State Parkway.  And Buckingham Palace caught fire.

Mystery School Rash

June 1 (Day 152, Wall):  The school rashes that plagued elementary schools this school year have ended, but the cause has not been identified by the medical community.  Powerful thunderstorms wrought havoc in Pennsylvania and New York.  Giuliani spoke at Shanksville, Pennsylvania commencement, and President Bush spoke at West Point graduation.

Sharon Rejects Burns' Proposal

May 31 (Day 151, Arrogance):  Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, rejected the peace plan of US ASS (Assistant Secretary of State), William Burns.  The Israeli Army raided Nablus.  And Steven Spielberg finally graduated from college at 55.

World Trade Center Recovery Ends

May 30 (Day 150, Cover):  The World Trade Center recovery effort ended today at 10:29 AM EDT on the 262nd day, where 62 stands for the end.  And after mountain climbers fell into a crevasse near the summit of Oregon's Mount Hood, a rescue helicopter crashed, rolled down the mountain, and stopped belly-up.

Angelic Soul Mates

May 29 (Day 149, Time Before Pentecost): An Angelic Herald made an appearance to observe Hurricane Alma and a crown in Florida.  US ASS, William Burns, went down to Egypt for help in drumming up support for reforming the Palestinian Authority.  And Israeli Chief of Staff, Shaul Mofaz, called for the expulsion of Yasser Arafat.

NASA STS-111 Countdown

May 28 (Day 148, Inheritance of Levites): The Launch Countdown for NASA's STS-111 Mission started last night with Launch scheduled for May 30th.  The Orbiter Endeavour will deliver the Expedition Five crew and install the Mobile Remote Servicer Base System, the final component of the Canadian Arm.

Russia Limited Partner in NATO

May 28 (Day 148, Inheritance of Levites): Russia was accepted as a limited partner in NATO in a meeting of the 19-members of NATO in Rome.  An earthquake hit Taiwan.  Trains collided in Clarendon, Texas, and a train derailed in Potterville, Michigan.  Four died in West Bank terror attacks.  And President Bush visited the Pope.

Memorial Day 2002

May 27 (Day 147, Peace):  The weather angels were back at Normandy today to drench the faces of World War II veterans with showers of blessing just as they were in 1944 when they thundered with such fury that the Germans let down their guard.  And another homicide bomber struck an Israel cafe.

Arkansas River Bridge Collapses

May 26 (Day 146, Pregnancy):  The bridge over the Arkansas River collapsed near Webbers Falls, Oklahoma on Interstate 40 after it was hit by a barge.  And President and Mrs. Bush left St. Petersburg, Russia and traveled to France.

Taiwan Jet Crash

May 25 (Day 145, Victory Over the Stronghold): China Airlines Flight CI 611 crashed into the sea shortly after takeoff from Taipei and killed all onboard.  A passenger train rear-ended a freight train in Mozambique.  And President and Mrs Putin entertained the Bush's in St. Petersburg.

Moscow Treaty

May 24 (Day 144, Suffering):  US President George W. Bush and Russian President Vladimir Putin signed the Moscow Treaty to reduce deployed nuclear warheads by about 70%.  A three-story apartment building exploded and burned in Encino, California.  And Dodgers', Shawn Green, hit 4 homers in a game yesterday and set baseball records.

Bush Visits Germany

May 23 (Day 143, Fulfillment):  President Bush visited Berlin, Germany where he met Chancellor, Gerhard Schröder, and addressed Parliament.  The trial began in Charlotte, North Carolina of two Lebanese brothers accused of ties to the Lebanese Hizbullah. And Florida waterspouts heralded the resignation of Arafat's election committee.

Chandra Levy's Bones Found

May 22 (Day 142, Baal, the Bear, Russia): The bones of Chandra Levy, the missing Washington intern, were found in Rock Creek Park, Washington, DC.  Bobby Frank Cherry was convicted of the murder of four black girls for his role in the 1963 bombing of a Birmingham church.  And there was another Palestinian homicide bombing in Israel.

California Cherry Storm

May 21 (Day 141, Happiness):  A storm in northern California threatened to burst the cherries at the beginning of  harvest.  A spooked cow ran wild in Kingston, Washington.  And a massive power blackout, which affected half the population, hit the Philippines.

East Timor Becomes a Nation

May 20 (Day 140, Passover):  East Timor became the world's newest nation at midnight.   Ariel Sharon, fired four of five cabinet ministers from the Shas party after a humiliating defeat of his budget plan.  And President Bush visited Miami.

Homicide Bombing in Netanya, Israel

May 19 (Day 139, Sin Unto Death):  Another homicide bomber blew up an Israeli fruit and vegetable market in Netanya and killed 3 and injured 56.  And US Green Beret trainers from Fort Carson, Colorado landed in Ex-Soviet Georgia to begin training the Georgia army.

War Emblem Wins the Preakness

May 18 (Day 138, Dying in the Wilderness): War Emblem won the 127th Preakness Stakes at Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore.  There was a large fire at the Seattle Marina last night.  And European Union countries have reached a deal on the 13 Palestinian Terrorists from the Church of the Nativity.

Spiegel Grove Goes Belly Up

May 17 (Day 137, Warrior):  As the salvage crew prepared to sink the USS Spiegel Grove to make a reef off the Florida Keys, it suddenly sank and turned belly up.  A Sun halo appeared over south Florida.  And two Islamic terrorists in a holy war against the USA were indicted in Miami.

The Beaver and the Lotus

May 16 (Day 136, Ai):  First Lady, Laura Bush, arrived in Budapest, Hungary, a city straddling the Danube, for a two-day visit.  And the weather angels made a picture of a beaver and a lotus over Texas.

Death of Jezebel

May 15 (Day 135, Rest from Enemies):  A dog has eaten its owner's corpse in Austria, which symbolizes the death of Jezebel. First Lady, Laura Bush, visited the Musee Guimet, a museum in Paris.  And a mystery gastro-intestinal illness has struck 18 British soldiers in Afghanistan.

Virginian Storms

May 14 (Day 134, Division of the Land): Powerful storms with winds up to 70 mph uprooted trees and knocked out power over Virginia, Maryland, and the eastern USA.  A Roanoke woman was killed when a tree fell on a tent.  And the Russia joined NATO in a special council to fight terrorism.

Missouri Floods

May 13 (Day 133, Judgment of Holy Spirit): Heavy rainstorms and flooding, strong winds and hail the size of golf balls blasted eastern Missouri.  President Bush announced an agreement with Russia to reduce the number of nuclear warheads.  US troops in Afghanistan killed five enemy fighters and captured 32.  And Laura and Jenna Bush arrived in Paris on their European tour.

Jimmy Carter Visits Cuba

May 12 (Day 132, Conspiracy):  Former US President Jimmy Carter is visiting Cuba.  He is the highest profile person from the US to visit Communist Cuba.  Israel's Likud Party voted to approve an independent resolution that rejected a Palestinian state.  A lion bit off the arm of a Florida woman.  And the roof collapsed on the Russian space program.

Israeli Gaza Operation Canceled

May 11 (Day 131, Evil King):  The Israeli military operation against Gaza has been canceled since the night of May 9th.
Two freight trains collided head on in Wyoming and derailed 9 cars.  The Arab Big 3 leaders of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Syria held a 3 hour Summit.  And French fans booed the national anthem at the French soccer championship game.

Ex-FBI Spy Sentenced to Life

May 10 (Day 130, Double Blessing):  Former FBI agent, Robert Hanssen, who spied for Russia, was sentenced to life in prison.  A weather eagle marked the event over Tennessee.  Cyclone 01A hit Oman.  And after the British flew the 13 Palestinian terrorists from the Church of the Nativity to Cypress, a British train derailed and killed 7.

Church of the Nativity Standoff Ends

May 9 (Day 129, Victory Over Edom):  The standoff between the Israeli Army and 124 Palestinian terrorists in the Church of the Nativity ended.  A tornado that swept through Centralia, Illinois killed two people and injured 10.  A Saudi was among the missing from the Navy jet collision in the Gulf of Mexico.  And Cyclone Kesiny crossed the northern tip of Madagascar.

Mailbox Bomber Confesses

May 8 (Day 128, Cosmic Stronghold):  The mailbox bomber, Luke J. Helder, of the University of Wisconsin confessed to the string of pipe bombings of mailboxes in 5 states that injured 6 people.  Two Navy jet trainers crashed south of Pensacola in the Gulf of Mexico.  And 30 tornadoes in Kansas and Texas heralded Israel's military offensive in the Gaza Strip.

Mailbox Bomber Caught

May 7 (Day 127, Horn): The mailbox bomber, Luke J. Helder, 21, of the University of Wisconsin was caught east of Fernley on Interstate 80 east of Reno.  Ariel Sharon met with President Bush in Washington, DC and stood his ground against Bush's plans for a Palestinian state.  And a Chinese airliner and an EgyptAir plane crashed.

Happy Tornado

May 6 (Day 126, Political Babylon):  A large tornado that plowed through Happy, Texas killed two and split the Baptist Church in two.  Another pipe bomb discovered today in Salida, Colorado indicates the bomber is headed to Los Angeles.  And Ariel Sharon and King Abdullah II met with members of the Bush Administration.

Chirac Wins French Election

May 5 (Day 125, Sovereignty): French President Jacques Chirac, 69, was re-elected in a  landslide victory over Jean-Marie Le Pen, 73.  Ariel Sharon arrived in the US for talks with President Bush.  And a deal is reported to be near in the standoff at the Church of the Nativity.

War Emblem Wins the Derby

May 4 (Day 124, Strategy):  War Emblem won an impressive victory in the 128th Kentucky Derby by four lengths after leading the entire race. An airliner crashed in Nigeria.  A jail burned in North Carolina.  And more pipe bombs were found in mail boxes in Nebraska.

Tri-State Floods in Appalachia

May 3 (Day 123, Spiritual Uptrend):  Flash floods in Appalachia demolished a town, killed 4 people, left 14 missing, forced widespread evacuations, and knocked out power.  Pipe bombs exploded in 7 mailboxes and injured 5 people in Iowa and Illinois.  And President Bush met with Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov regarding nuclear arms control.

Arafat Walks Free

May 2 (Day 122, Cursing):   Yasser Arafat walked free outside his Ram Allah compound and toured the devastation for Israeli occupation.  And both houses of Congress overwhelmingly passed non-binding Resolutions of solidarity with Israel.

Condor Flies Free - End of Ram Allah Siege

May 1 (Day 121, Providential Preventative Suffering): The Israeli Army ended its siege of Arafat's compound after criminals were taken to Jericho.  A condor was released back into the wild in California.  And turbulence injured passengers and forced the detour of a United Airlines flight to New Zealand.

Teen Hijacks Bus with Samurai

April 30 (Day 120, Authority):  A 15-year old boy in Pahrump, Nevada hijacked a school bus with a samurai as a part of a half-baked plot to blow up his school.  And the director of an Islamic charity with ties to al-Qa'eda was charged with perjury.

Maryland Tornadoes

April 29 (Day 119, Witness of the Federal Judiciary):Tornadoes and storms associated with the image of the eagle on the weather map killed four people and caused wide-spread damage along the eastern seaboard.  The Israel Army took control of Hebron.  And Marc Ravalomanana won the Madagascar election recount.

Widespread Tornadoes

April 28 (Day 118, Witness of a Pillar): The huge weather elephant over the eastern USA brought storms and tornadoes from Kansas and Nebraska to Kentucky and Tennessee on the night of the April 27th, which stands for a horn, or tornado.  And President Bush has now saved Arafat and agreed to guard the criminals in Arafat's compound.

Palestinian Terrorists Kill Jewish Settlers

April 27 (Day 117, Witness of Lawlessness): Palestinian terrorists entered the Jewish settlement of Adura and went from house to house shooting people.  Two motorcycle gangs got into a fight in Nevada that killed three.  And Boston Red Sox, Derek Lowe, pitched a no-hitter.

German School Mass Murder

April 26 (Day 116, Witness of Sanctification): A 19-year old expelled student killed 16 people at a school in Erfurt, Germany.  And Israeli intelligence has discovered documents linking the Saudi Government to payment of families of bombers and terrorists.


April 25 (Day 115, Witness of a Covering): Saudi Prince Abdullah visited President Bush at his ranch in Crawford, Texas.  On a tour of the ranch, the angels brought out a turkey.  And the Saudi arrival in Crawford was heralded by a big explosion in a New York building.

Saudi Prince Abdullah in Houston

April 24 (Day 114, Witness of the Passover): Saudi Prince Abdullah arrived in Houston last night and met with Vice President Cheney today while President Bush was politicking in South Dakota.  Vice President Cheney was on crutches.

California Trains Collide Head-On

April 23 (Day 113, Witness of Double Blessing): A freight train crashed head-on into a Southern California commuter train during the morning rush hour.  Elementary school students from the St. Louis area suddenly became ill and were taken to the hospital.  And Roman Catholic Cardinals met in Rome for a two-day Summit on sexual abuse.

Illinois Tornado

April 22 (Day 112, Witness of Authority): A tornado in Wayne City, Illinois killed one person and traveled into Sims, leveling all in its path. US ASS (Assistant Secretary of State), William Burns, met with Arafat in his Ram Allah compound.  And the trial of suspected terrorist, Zacarias Moussaoui, took a sudden turn as he sought permission to defend himself.

Israel Withdraws

April 21 (Day 111, Witness of Truth):  The Israeli Army withdrew from Palestinian cities today on the 25th day of Operation Defensive Wall, which began on March 28th. Madagascar is back to having one head.  And two terrorist bombs exploded in General Santos, a largely Christian city in the Philippines.

Earthquake Rattles Northeast

April 20 (Day 110, Plagues of Egypt):  A 5.1 magnitude earthquake in upper New York state rattled the northeast from Maine to Pennsylvania and as far north as Ontario.  The G-7 leaders met in Washington, DC.  And the dead body of Layne Staley of the Alice in Chains band was found yesterday.

Wisconsin Tornadoes

April 19 (Day 109, Plagues of Egypt):  Tornadoes, strong winds, hail, and thunderstorms ripped through Wisconsin.  A locust plague has hit Afghanistan.  A building collapsed in Peru.  And the UN Security Council passed a resolution for a fact-finding team to investigate the Israeli Jenin occupation.

The King Returns - Princess Patricia Bombed

April 18 (Day 108, Production of the New Birth): The return of the former King of Afghanistan to his native land was heralded by the US bombing of  Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry soldiers.  It was followed by a small plane crashing into a Milan skyscraper.  And an Amtrak train derailed in Florida.

Texas-Oklahoma Tornadoes

April 17 (Day 107, Categorical Punishment): At least 8 tornadoes ripped through Texas and Oklahoma in line with Crawford, Texas.  A Florida man was killed by yellow jackets.  Yasser Arafat angrily rejected Colin Powell's peace plan.  Having failed in his mission like his predecessors, Powell went down to Egypt on his way home.

Powell Diplomacy Succeeds in Lebanon

April 16 (Day 106, Production of a Man): After Colin Powell's trips to Lebanon and Syria yesterday, the northern border of Israel is suddenly quiet. However, there is no deal in sight with Yasser Arafat.

Israel Arrests Barghouti

April 15 (Day 105, Production of a Giant): Israel arrested Marwan Barghouti, the number 2 terrorist leader in Arafat's organization.  Colin Powell visited Lebanon and Syria in an attempt to calm the region.  And China Airlines Flight 129 crashed into the side of Mount Shineo near Pusan, South Korea.

Arafat Refuses to Agree to a Cease-Fire

April 14 (Day 104, Production of the Weakness): With the Palestinian Authority all but destroyed, Colin Powell breathed new life into Arafat, who brashly rejected a cease-fire.  The weather angels illustrated the charade with a parade through Crawford, Texas.  And Venezuelan President, Hugo Chávez, was reinstated.

Powell to Meet with Arafat

April 13 (Day 103, Production of the Trinity): After Yasser Arafat had his aids read a boiler plate condemnation of terrorism that was broadcast over Arabic television, Colin Powell agreed to meet with him tomorrow.  The Israeli Army entered more Palestinian towns.  And clashes erupted in Madagascar between forces loyal to the two heads of state.

Arafat Blows Up Powell's Peace Plan

April 12 (Day 102, Divine Division):  Israel gave the Bush Administration captured documents that exposed the Arafat terrorist organization.  Colin Powell finally met with Ariel Sharon.  After the meeting, Arafat had Powell's peace plan blown up with a suicide bomber who killed 6 Israelis.  There was a coup  in Venezuela and an earthquake in Afghanistan.

Israel Withdraws from 24 Towns

April 11 (Day 101, Unity):  Israel withdrew from 24 towns in a symbolic gesture to shut up the bickering of President Bush and Colin Powell. Colin Powell arrived in Israel after visiting Jordan.  And the World Criminal Court was ratified by the United Nations.

Fear at Yagur Junction

April 10 (Day 100, Maximum Divine Good Production): A suicide bomber blew up a crowed Israeli bus at rush hour this morning. Colin Powell won endorsement for his peace mission from the European Union, Russia, and the UN.  Ariel Sharon rejected the call to retreat before the mission was complete.  And a pilotless plane rolled into a Los Angeles street.

Louisiana Storms

April 9 (Day 99, Almost But Not Quite): Tornadoes, floods, and storms struck Louisiana yesterday.  An Israeli patrol was ambushed in Jenin, and 13 soldiers were killed and 7 injured.  And Colin Powell went down to Egypt for help.

Texas Storms Follow Bush and Blair

April 8 (Day 98, Glory Departed):  As the Summit of President Bush and Prime Minister Blair wound down, the tornadoes and storms wound up in Texas.  NASA launched STS-110.  And Israel began withdrawing from 2 cities as Ariel Sharon introduced his new willingness to enter international peace negotiations.

Curse of the Crouching Lion

April 7 (Day 97, Reduction in Force):  As the world and the press rung their hands and whined along with President Bush demanding an immediate retreat, Israel continued to kill Palestinian terrorists in in streets of Jenin and the market of Nablus.  And the image of a crouching lion appeared on the US weather map.

Arafat Overshadows Bush-Blair Summit

April 6 (Day 96, Spoils of Victory):  The Bush-Blair Summit down on the farm in Crawford was supposed to be about Saddam Hussein, but Yasser Arafat instead overshadowed the meeting.  And Israel encountered stiff resistance from Palestinian terrorists in Jenin.

Israel Kills Suicide Bomb Terrorists

April 5 (Day 95, Hero):  The Israeli army killed 6 Hamas terrorists who had been involved in suicide bombings.  Anthony Zinni met with Yasser Arafat.  And Tony Blair arrived in Crawford, Texas to meet with President Bush about Iraq.

Bush Suddenly Calls for Israeli Retreat

April 4 (Day 94 ):  President Bush suddenly came out and gave an authoritarian, in-your-face speech to castigate Yasser Arafat and call for an Israeli retreat from occupied Palestinian territory.  Ariel Sharon rejected the demand.  And NASA scrubbed the launch of STS-110.

Israeli Tanks Move into Nablus

April 3 (Day 93, Guilt):  Israeli  tanks rolled into Nablus, the largest city in the West Bank, and site of ancient Shechem with nearby Mt. Ebal and Mt. Gerizim.  An army tank fell belly up on a California highway.  And a suspected bin Laden associate pleaded guilty in New York to attempting to kill a jail guard.

The Bush Doctrine of Middle East Terrorism

April 2 (Day 92, Homeborn Slave):  As Israeli  tanks rumbled into Bethlehem, and Palestinian terrorist took refuge in the Church of the Nativity, President Bush clarified his doctrine of Middle East terrorism.  And the Israeli Army seized Bethlehem and moved into Jenin.

The Lioness and the Oryx

April 1 (Day 91, Coup de Grace): As the world stood dazed and wandering what has happened, Ariel Sharon, one of the truly great strategists, tackled the problem of a terrorist state.  A lioness in Kenya adopted another oryx.  And the Organization of Islamic Conference opened in Malaysia.

Texas Tornadoes, Bush Rides the Whirlwind

March 31 (Day 90, New Order):  As a line of tornadoes crossed directly over President Bush's Crawford farm yesterday, the words of his inaugural address were fulfilled.  Two more suicide bombers struck Israel today.  The Israeli military moved into Kalkilya and Bethlehem.  And a strong earthquake hit Taiwan.

UN Authority Counterattack

March 30 (Day 89, Authority Counterattack): The UN Security Council passed a resolution calling for an immediate "withdrawal of Israeli troops from Palestinian cities, including Ramallah."  A suicide bomber struck a Tel Aviv cafe.  Britain's Queen Mother died.  And trains collided in Spain.

Israel Takes Control of Arafat's Compound

March 29 (Day 88, Blessing):  After entering Ramallah, the Israeli Army drove through the fences, blasted through the walls, and took over Arafat's headquarters compound office by office.  A Palestinian female suicide bomber blew up a supermarket in Jerusalem.  And 3 US soldiers were killed in training at Ft. Irwin, California.

Battle of the Thunderstorm Begins

March 28 (Day 87, Donkey):  Israel began wide-spread military retaliation against Arafat's evil regime of terrorists in Ramallah during a thunderstorm.  And a Navy helicopter crashed in the mountains near Lake Isabella, California, and killed two.

Palestinian Suicide Bomber Strikes Netanya Hotel

March 27 (Day 86, Arab Persecution of the Jew): A Palestinian suicide bomber blew himself up inside a hotel dining room where about 250 Israelis were eating the Passover meal.  And the opening of the much touted Arab Summit was in disarray as soon as it began.

Arabs Can't Get Together to Get Together

March 26 (Day 85, Eye or Spy):  In a double blow to the Bush Administration's backing of the Arab peace agenda, not only Arafat but Mubarak as well will not be attending the Arab Summit in Beirut.

NASA STS-110 Processing

March 26 (Day 85, Eye or Spy):  The processing of NASA's STS-110 Mission is underway with Launch scheduled for no earlier than April 4th and launch time to be announced later.

New Mexico Firestorm

March 25 (Day 84, Weakness of the Church): Fire driven by winds gusting to 57 mph burned 28 homes and a barn in the mountains of southern New Mexico. Avi Sabag, 24, an Israeli, was shot to death in a terrorist ambush.  The Bush Administration is backing the Saudi peace plan.  And an earthquake in Afghanistan has probably killed thousands.

President Bush in Peru

March 23 (Day 82, Historical Break Point): President Bush traveled to Lima Peru for a one-day visit with President Alejandro Toledo and became the first US President to visit Peru.

Indiana Beats Duke 74-73

March 22 (Day 81):  Indiana University came from behind to beat No. 1-seeded Duke 74-73 in the NCAA semifinals at Rupp Arena in Lexington, Kentucky.  And a disgruntled worker killed four employees and injured two others at a South Bend, Indiana aircraft parts manufacturing plant.

Another Suicide Bombing in Jerusalem

March 21 (Day 80, Strength):  Yet another suicide bombing in downtown Jerusalem has killed 3 people.  And President Bush began his South American tour with a stop in Mexico.

Kentucky Floods from Olive Hill to Pineville

March 20 (Day 79, Hardness of the Heart): Four inches of rain turned Kentucky's little creeks into gushers that flooded the country from Olive Hill outside Lexington to Pineville near the Tennessee border.  Dust storms hit China.  And a suicide bomber blew up an Israeli bus.

Tennessee Floods

March 18 (Day 77, Reverse Process Reversionism): Flood waters continued to rise in Tennessee and Kentucky after nearly 4 inches yesterday and continuing rain today.   Andrea Yates was formally sentenced to two life terms.  And Vice President Cheney arrived in Israel.

Terrorists Attack Pakistan Church

March 17 (Day 76, Skill):  Two terrorists ran into a Protestant church in Pakistan during morning worship service and threw grenades, which killed 5 and injured about 45.  A US mother and daughter were killed.  And two terrorist attacks in Israel killed one and injured 38.

Saudis Refuse to Support Cheney

March 16 (Day 75, Sovereignty):  Saudi Arabia rejected US Vice President Cheney's plan for military action against Saddam Hussein.  Fire and rescue personnel were fired upon in Roswell, New Mexico.  Two were killed and two injured.  And an Islamic girls school dorm burned in Bangladesh and killed at least 7.

Andrea Yates Gets Life

March 15 (Day 74, Spiritual Freedom):  A Houston jury spared the life of Andrea Yates. She will get life in prison.  And in Gaza a Palestinian woman and 3 of her children and a nephew were killed.

Tank Fire Breaks Virgin Mary Idol

March 14 (Day 73, Freedom):  The hands and nose of the an idol of the Virgin Mary were sliced off, and it was spotted by tank fire as Israeli armored forces entered Bethlehem.  And special US envoy, Anthony Zinni, arrived in Israel.

Into the Lion's Mouth

March 13 (Day 72, Internal Gates):  Last night the US-sponsored United Nations resolution for a Palestinian state was passed by the Security Council.  A pastor and member of a church in New York were shot dead.  Both related to the weather lion.  Vice President Cheney went down to Egypt.  H. Rap Brown was sentenced to life.  And the Israeli Army took over Ramallah.

Andrea Yates Found Guilty of Capital Murder

March 12 (Day 71, Strait):  Andrea Pea Yates of Clear Lake City, Texas was found guilty by a Texas jury of capital murder in the drowning deaths of her children.  The angels portrayed the event with a lion and a lizard.  The US proposed a UN resolution for a Palestinian state.  Israel continued its dragnet, and Cheney did not get Jordan's support to fight Iraq.

Israeli Dragnet

March 11 (Day 70, Pastor-Teacher):  The Israeli Army entered Palestinian cities and refugee camps in a dragnet to capture suspected terrorists.  Vice President Cheney was in London for talks with Tony Blair over plans for military action against Iraq.  Russian banned US chickens, and school girls were trampled to death in a fire in Mecca.

Al-Qa'eda Defeated on Bin Laden's Birthday

March 10 (Day 69, Running the Course):  The last stronghold of al-Qa'eda was defeated today in Gardez on bin Laden's birthday.  The Madagascar defense minister resigned in the face of pressure from the opposition Presidential candidate.  And Cyclone Hary made landfall briefly on the island with 140 knot winds.

Palestinian Massacre

March 9 (Day 68, Serving in Edom):  Out of the night, the vile, inhuman scum of history, Palestinian terrorists, blasted Israel with a suicide bombing and two shooting attacks tonight as the Sabbath drew to a close.  Scaffolding fell from the John Hancock Center and killed 3 people.  And domestic terrorist, H. Rap Brown, was found guilty of murder.

Israel Switches from Defense to Offense

March 8 (Day 67, Giving):  Israel switched from defense to offense as it carried the attack to the Palestinians, who have been terrorizing Israel while Arafat talks peace with visiting diplomats.  Scientists have discovered a mistake in their calculations for the color of the Universe.  And President Bush visited Florida to support his brother's re-election bid.

Bush Listens to Mubarak

March 7 (Day 66, Worldliness):  President Bush made a fateful decision to side with Egypt, Powell, and the forces of evil when he ordered two-time loser, Anthony Zinni, back to the Middle East.  As the Afghan war was close to being won, the weather angels intervened and thwarted the US offensive at Gardez.  And terrorist attacks and reprisals continued in Israel.

Philippine Earthquake Creates Fear and Panic

March 6 (Day 65, Going Down):  An earthquake of magnitude 6.8 (7.5 USGS) has hit the Philippine region of Mendanao and created fear and panic.  US-led forces killed hundreds more al-Qa'eda in Afghanistan.  Israel took the fight to the Palestinians and struck from the land, air, and sea.  Colin Powell wimped out and called Sharon.

US Kills Hundreds of Al-Qa'eda

March 5 (Day 64, Weakness):  US-led ground forces killed hundreds of al-Qa'eda and Taliban troops who were trying to regroup with those fighting in the mountains near Gardez.  Another suicide bomber struck an Israeli bus and one Israeli was killed.  President Bush met with Mubarak.  There was a mass murder in Michigan.  And Israel killed three senior Fatah leaders.

US Fighting Al-Qa'eda Near Gardez

March 4 (Day 63, Outcast):  In the worst day for US casualties in the Afghan war, US ground forces fought al-Qa'eda and Taliban forces in the mountains near Gardez.  A Palestinian terrorist killed 3 and injured 26 in Tel Aviv.  Egyptian President Mubarak met with Colin Powell.  And the death toll from the Afghan earthquake yesterday could reach 150.

Ofra Sniper Kills 10 Israelis

March 3 (Day 62, The End):  A Palestinian sniper near Ofra sat on a hilltop under an olive tree and killed 10 Israelis and wounded 4 others before his World War II carbine was disabled by Israeli fire.  A lion killed a man in South Africa.  There was an earthquake in Afghanistan.  And the Madagascar capital is full of anarchy due to the two-headed monster.

Suicide Bomber Strikes Jerusalem

March 2 (Day 61, Income Tax):  A Palestinian suicide bomber blew himself up beside a group of women and children near a Jewish synagogue in Jerusalem.  US and Afghan troops attacked Taliban and al-Qaida forces regrouping in eastern Afghanistan near Gardez. And Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak arrived in Washington, DC.

China Cuts Utilities to Christian Home Church

March 1 (Day 60, Worldly Production):  The Chinese government cut off electrical power and water to elderly Christians in northern Beijing arrested during President Bush's visit in an attempt to evict them.  Israel continued the incursion into the West Bank refugee camps at Jenin and Balata.  And NASA launched STS-109.

Israel Enters West Bank Terrorist Strongholds

February 28 (Day 59, Simeon):  In one of their more brilliant strategic moves, Israeli Defense Forces entered two Palestinian terrorist strongholds in Jenin and Nablus in the West Bank.  The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has been unable to diagnose the mysterious rash in school children in 14 states

Muslim Mob Burns Train of Hindus

February 27 (Day 58, Levite):  A Muslim mob set fire to a train load of Hindu activists in Godhra in western India and killed 57.  And riots broke out in Madagascar's capital of Antananarivo between supporters of the two heads of state.

NASA STS-109 Launch Countdown

February 27 (Day 58, Levite):   The Launch of NASA's STS-109 Mission to service the Hubble Space Telescope has been delayed until March 1, 2002 at 6:22 AM EST (1122 GMT) with a Launch window of 62 minutes.

Egyptian Building Collapse Kills 5 Brides

February 26 (Day 57, Zebulun):  An Egyptian Nile-front building that contained a hair salon popular with brides collapsed and killed at least 5 brides.  A cow that has been loose in Cincinnati for 12 days was finally captured, but the weather angels posted her picture tonight on the weather map.

Tug and Ship Collide

February 25 (Day 56, Dropping in the Field): A tug boat collided with a freighter in the Elk River in the upper end of the Chesapeake Bay in the fog.  Three terrorist attacks today killed 2 Israelis and injured 13 as Javier Solana, Colin Powell, and the Saudis tried to pressure Israel.

China Releases Christians

February 24 (Day 55, Grace Blessing):  China released the last of the 47 Christians detained during President Bush's visit.  The Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, Utah ended after two weeks.  And the cause of the mysterious rash in Pennsylvania school children has still not been determined.

Flamingo, Florida Tornado

February 23 (Day 54, Redemption):  A tornado hit Flamingo, Florida in the Everglades on the southern tip of Florida.  The two heads of state of Madagascar are at loggerheads.  And Senator Hillary Clinton visited Israel.  The weather angels made a big deal of all of this.

Madagascar's Two-Headed Monster

February 22 (Day 53, Big Fish or Ship): Marc Ravalomanana, the opposition leader in a disputed Presidential election, had himself sworn in by a magistrate without a clear victory.  Now there are two heads of state.  The rebel leader of the Angolan civil war, Jonas Savimbi, was killed.  And anthrax was reported on a Georgia army base.

US Helicopter Crashes in Philippines

February 21 (Day 52, Wall):  A US Army Special Forces helicopter with 12 onboard crashed in the Philippines.  Kidnapped Wall Street Journal reporter, Danny Pearl, 38, is dead.  Ariel Sharon announces proposal for buffer zones.  And President Bush talked with China's President Zemin about God and religious freedom.

Israel Gets Serious About Fighting Terrorism

February 20 (Day 51, Arrogance):  After a week of tasting its own blood, Israel finally shifted gears today and retaliated against Palestinian terrorism.  An Egyptian passenger train caught fire and burned 7 of the train's 11 cars.  And  whirlwind over the Great Lakes brought heavy snow to northeastern Wisconsin.

Plague of Hail in La Paz

February 19 (Day 50, Pentecost, or the Church): A hail storm devastated the Bolivian capital of La Paz.  Six Israeli soldiers were killed and another wounded by Palestinian terrorists.  H. Rap Brown went on trial for murder.  President Bush is in Seoul, South Korea.  And a man dug himself out of a grave.

Andrea Yates' Trial Begins

February 18 (Day 49, Time Before Pentecost): Opening arguments began in the trial of Andrea Yates, who is accused of capital murder in the deaths of three of her children.  Terrorist attacks against Israel intensified.  And President Bush addressed the Japanese Diet and lunched with the Emperor.

Burton Wins Daytona 500

February 17 (Day 48, Inheritance of the Levites): In the pall over last year's death of Dale Earnhardt, Ward Burton, driving car #22, for cursing, won the 44th Daytona 500.  Hong Kong is slaughtering more chickens.  President Bush visited a shrine to the dead in Hell in Japan.  And Georgia authorities are searching for hundreds of corpses around a crematory.

Suicide Bomber Strikes Israeli Mall

February 16 (Day 47, Peace):  Like a carefully choreographed script, a suicide bomber blew himself up in an Israeli mall hours after Joschta Fischer met with Arafat.  Two Israeli teens were killed and 29 injured in a Palestinian suicide bomb attack next to a pizzeria in a shopping mall.

Mysterious Rash in School Children in 7 States

February 15 (Day 46, Pregnancy):  School children in 7 states have now been infected with the mysterious itching rash that began on January 31st. There have been 169 cases reported in the schools around Quakertown, Pennsylvania.

Watkins Heralded Enron Collapse

February 14 (Day 45, Victory Over the Stronghold): Enron Executive, Sherron Watkins, testified to the Senate Commerce
Committee how she heralded the collapse of Enron last August in a meeting with CEO, Kenneth Lay.  The weather angels left another graphic account.

Scotland Bans Fox Hunting

February 13 (Day 44, Suffering):  The Scottish Parliament voted to ban hunting with dogs, which effectively outlaws fox hunting, fox baiting, and hare coursing.  Rudolph Giuliani, has received an honorary knighthood from the Britain's Queen Elizabeth.  Palestinian grave robbers were caught digging in Hell.  And President Bush met with Pakistani President, Pervez Musharraf.

Enron CEO Silent at Senate Hearing

February 12 (Day 43, Fulfillment):  Enron CEO, Kenneth Lay, took the Fifth and refused to testify before a Senate Commerce Committed hearing.  A Russian-built airliner crashed in Iran and killed all onboard.  A domestic terrorist took a class hostage at a Connecticut University.  And fifth virus is suspected of causing the rash in Philadelphia area school children.

Israel Strikes Gaza Security Compound

February 11 (Day 42, Baal, the Bear, Russia): Israeli jets and helicopter gunships struck the main Palestinian security complex in Gaza City in retaliation for Kassam-2 rockets fired at Israel yesterday.  Four were killed in a school bus wreck in Minnesota.  And a fire storm reached Camp Pendleton, California.

China Frees Bible Smuggler

February 10 (Day 41, Happiness):  Chinese authorities freed Li Guangqiang, who was accused of smuggling Bibles into China.  Two female Israeli soldiers were killed in a terrorist attack on a pastry shop in Be'er Sheva.  And another epidemic in the Philadelphia area has killed one left 80 others ill.

Princess Margaret Dies

February 9 (Day 40, Maximum Discipline): Britain's Princess Margaret, the younger sister of Queen Elizabeth II, died this morning after suffering another stroke.  Winds of 50 mph delayed the start of the Olympics.  The mystery rash in Pennsylvania school children moved closer to Birdsboro.  And the European Union is preparing another Middle East peace plan.

Winter Olympics Open

February 8 (Day 39, Sin Unto Death):  The Winter Olympics opened in Salt Lake City, Utah tonight.  A mysterious rash has showed up in school children in the area about 40 miles north of Philadelphia.  And the Taliban Foreign Minister surrendered in Kandahar.

Sharon Meets with President Bush

February 7 (Day 38, Dying in the Wilderness): Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, met with President George Bush at the White House.  A passenger kicked in the secure cockpit doors of a United Airlines flight enroute to Argentina but was subdued.  And President Bush will apply the Geneva Conventions to Taliban but not al-Qa'eda prisoners.

Tampa Teen Terrorist Suicide Note

February 6 (Day 37, Warrior):  The suicide note of the Tampa teen terrorist, Charles Bishop, was released today by the Tampa, Florida Police Department.  And the Hong Kong chicken slaughter continued.

American Taliban Indicted

February 5 (Day 36, Ai):  A federal grand jury indicted American Taliban, John Walker Lindh, on 10 charges.  Mexico's Volcán Fuego in the Colima volcano complex is erupting.  A Palestinian mob killed 3 defendants in a Palestinian court.  Hong Kong authorities slaughtered 67,000 chickens.  And Cyclone Chris made landfall in Western Australia.

President Bush Visits Eglin AFB

February 4 (Day 35, Rest From Enemies): President Bush visited Eglin Air Force Base in northwest Florida to discuss his budget to rebuild the military and announce a proposed military pay raise.  And five terrorists from the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine were killed by Israel.

New England Wins Super Bowl

February 3 (Day 34, Division of the Land): The New England Patriots won the Super Bowl 20 - 17 over the St. Louis Rams in a game which may be remembered as the best Super Bowl ever.  A strong earthquake has hit Turkey.  And Mexico's President Vicente Fox visited Cuban President Fidel Castro.

Royal Dutch Wedding

February 2 (Day 33, Purifying Judgment of Holy Spirit):  Dutch Crown Prince, Willem-Alexander, married Argentine, Maxima Zorreguieta,  in a regal ceremony in Amsterdam that drew royalty and nobility from around the world.  A French couple, ages 95 and 96, married.  And storms pounded Great Britain.

Cheney's Bruised Lip

February 1 (Day 32, Conspiracy):  Vice President Cheney has a bruised lip from playing with his dogs, but there is a deeper meaning associated with Marriage Culture.  The Birdsboro bus driver was sent to federal prison for psychiatric evaluation.  And a triangular formation of weather elephants was over the USA.

Ice and Snow Storm

January 31 (Day 31, Evil King):  In the shadow of the weather elephant over the Great Lakes, a powerful winter ice and snow storm belted the US from Kansas to New York.  President Bush visited the Volusia County Fire Services Center in Florida.  Jordan's King Abdullah II met with Colin Powell.  And the World Economic Forum meeting began in New York.

Baptist School Children Run Over in LA

January 30 (Day 30, Priest):  A car plowed through a line of Baptist school children in a parking lot in Los Angeles. San Francisco airport was evacuated due to a security SNAFU.  And President Bush traveled to Daytona Beach, Florida.

State of the Union

January 29 (Day 29, Victory Over Edom): President Bush delivered the State of the Union address as a large weather elephant lurked over the nation.  Powerful storms across Europe have killed at least 17 people and knocked out power to hundreds of thousands.  And Mike Tyson's application for a boxing license in Nevada was rejected.

China Jails Bible Smuggler for 2 Years

January 28 (Day 28, Cosmic Stronghold): China sentenced Li Guangqiang to 2 years for smuggling Bibles into China rather than the previously feared death sentence.  This was heralded by the Logos holocaust.  An Ecuadorian plane crashed in the Andes.  And Afghan Interim Leader, Hamid Karzai, met with President Bush at the White House.

Logos Holocaust

January 27 (Day 27, Horn):  Dozens of explosions ripped through Logos, Nigeria when an army ammunition dump caught fire.  A female Palestinian suicide bomber blew herself up in the center of Jerusalem.  A Russian military helicopter carrying high-level officials crashed in Chechnya.  And Afghan Interim Leader, Hamid Karzai, arrived in Washington, DC.

One-Eyed Lion of Kabul Dies

January 26 (Day 26, Political Babylon): Marjan, the one-eyed lion of Kabul zoo, died last night of old age.  Three buffalo tumbled out of a trailer on Interstate 90 west of Erie, Pennsylvania yesterday.  And a woman from London finished rowing across the Atlantic when she landed in Barbados today.

Birdsboro School Bus Driver in Court

January 25 (Day 25, Sovereignty):  Birdsboro, Pennsylvania school bus driver, Otto Nuss, who took his students on an unauthorized field trip to Washington, DC yesterday, faced the full wrath of the Law today.  The Hockey Dad was sentenced to 6-10 years.  And the Bush Administration is reviewing its relations with the Palestinians.

Birdsboro Christian School Bus Odyssey

January 24 (Day 24, Strategy):  A school bus driver from Pennsylvania decided on a whim to take his students on a joyride to Washington, DC.  Torrential rains in Tennessee caused flooding and killed two people yesterday.  American Taliban, John Walker Lindh, appeared in US court.  And a martin was killed by a tennis ball in the Australian Open.

Jerusalem Terrorist Attack

January 22 (Day 22, Cursing):  A Palestinian terrorist opened fire with an M-16 in the heart of Jerusalem. Kmart, the second largest discount retailer, filed for bankruptcy protection.  Singer, Peggy Lee, died.  Sara Jane Olson was arraigned for murder.  And there was an earthquake in the Mediterranean.

Israeli Forces Occupy Palestinian Town

January 21 (Day 21, Providential Preventative Suffering):  For the first time since the Oslo Accords, Israeli forces occupied an entire Palestinian city.  Arafat raised his finger in defiance.  Brazil was blacked out by huge power failure.  And looters in Goma were blown up in a gas station.  God's truth about Martin Luther King, Jr. was revealed in all this.

Marine Helicopter Crash

January 20 (Day 20, Military):  A US Marine helicopter crashed in Afghanistan and killed two and injured five.  US Middle East peace envoys will not return to the Middle East until Arafat does more to arrest terrorists.  And US Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman, Richard Myers, met with Egyptian President Mubarak in Egypt.

FBI and Military Chiefs Go Down to Egypt

January 19 (Day 19, Federal Judiciary):  FBI Director, Robert Mueller, went down to Egypt for security talks, and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Richard Myers, went there for separate talks.  A transatlantic flight was diverted to Iceland after a verbal terrorist threat.  And the Army relieved the Marines in Kandahar.

Congo Lake of Fire

January 18 (Day 18, Pillar):  The Mount Nyiragongo Volcano in the Republic of the Congo erupted yesterday and destroyed a city of 400,000 with scenes of a lake of fire.  Five burqa-clad al-Qa'eda terrorists were apprehended in Pakistan.  The Shoebomber was arraigned, and SLA domestic terrorist, Sara Jane Olson, was sentenced to 20 years to life.

Israeli Bat Mitzvah Terrorist Attack

January 17 (Day 17, Lawlessness):  A Palestinian terrorist burst into an Israeli bat mitzvah celebration in Hadera firing an M-16.  He began firing into the ballroom and killed 6 and injured over 30 before he was killed.  Two military jets collided over Arizona.  And a corpse was eaten by monitor lizards in Delaware.

Virginia Law School Shooting

January 16 (Day 16, Sanctification):  A suspended student went on a shooting rampage at a Grundy, Virginia Law School and killed three and injured three.  The Shoebomber was indicted by a federal grand jury.  An Algerian was sentenced in the millennial bombing conspiracy.  And three former SLA members were arrested for a bank robbery murder in 1975.

New York School Shooting

January 15 (Day 15, Covering):   Two students were shot inside Manhattan's Martin Luther King High School.  US and Russian arms control negotiators began two days of talks over nuclear arms reduction.  And two Israelis were murdered by Palestinian terrorists.

Bush Goes to Aurora

January 14 (Day 14, Passover):   Sporting a skinned cheek from yesterday's fainting spell, President Bush flew to East Molaine, Illinois and then passed over the Mississippi River and visited Aurora, Missouri.  Aurora is Latin for dawn and corresponds to the light after the eclipse.

Bush Faints

January 13 (Day 13, Double Blessing):  President Bush fainted at the White House after choking on a pretzel.  His wife's biorhythm was in a triple critical phase.  This corresponds to Eclipse Testing.

Israel Strikes Gaza Port

January 12 (Day 12, Authority):  Israeli forces fired missiles at two Palestinian ships at a port in the Gaza Strip before dawn.  Yesterday, an Egyptian fishing boat sank in the Gulf of the Suez in the Red Sea.  And the truth of the Arafat-Iran strategy has been exposed.

Hockey Dad Guilty

January 11 (Day 11, Witness):   Thomas Junta, who beat his son's hockey coach to death on July 5, 2000, was convicted in Cambridge, Massachusetts of involuntary manslaughter.  And Ford Motor Company is laying off 35,000 employees.

Color of Universe Agrees with Bible

January 10 (Day 10, Laws of Establishment): Astronomers have calculated the color of the Universe and found it to be a rainbow of mostly emerald green, which agrees with the Bible.  The first Taliban and al-Qa'eda prisoners left for Guantanamo, Cuba.  Israel destroyed Palestinian buildings, and President Bush sat on the fence.

US Plane Crash in Pakistan

January 9 (Day 9, Plagues of Egypt):  A Marine Corps KC-130 refueling plane with 7 people onboard crashed and burned in Pakistan.  China rebuffed President Bush's questioning in the Bible smuggling case.  Palestinian terrorists killed four Israeli soldiers at the "Africa" border post.  And hyenas are terrorizing residents of Malawi in Africa.

Shoe Copycat Disrupts Flight

January 8 (Day 8, New Birth):   A man carrying a shoe disrupted a Los Angeles to Las Vegas flight.  Fire destroyed another historic church.  And the Tampa teen terrorist was named Bishara, a Syrian name.

The Sign of Noah

January 7 (Day 7, Category):   Signs of Noah and Bibles came out again today.  President Bush took issue with the indictment of a man in China for smuggling Bibles.  And jury selection began in the trial of Andrea Yates, who is charged with drowning her son Noah and 2 other siblings.

Tampa Teen Copycat Terrorist

January 6 (Day 6, Man):   A suicide note found on the body of the 15-year old terrorist who crashed a Cessna 172 into the Bank of America Building in Tampa, Florida expressed support for the 9-11 attack and support for bin Laden.  US envoy Zinni left Israel after another failure.


January 5 (Day 5, Grace, Giant):   A 15-year old student pilot crashed a Cessna 172 into the Bank of America Building in Tampa, Florida.  This was domestic terrorism.  There were four small plane crashes today.

US Soldier Killed in Afghanistan

January 4 (Day 4, Weakness):   A US soldier was killed and a CIA agent wounded in an ambush west of Khowst in eastern Afghanistan.  Israeli forces captured a freighter loaded with arms bound for the Palestinian Authority.  And the world's oldest man and Italy's oldest woman died.

US Bombs Al-Qa'eda Meeting

January 3 (Day 3, Trinity):   US planes unleashed their wrath on what was believed to be a meeting of the al-Qa'eda leadership, possibly involving bin Laden.  Tornadoes in Homestead, Florida were linked to the Middle East peace process, the arrest of Zacarias Moussaoui, and Cyclone Bernie and the Sydney fires in Australia.

First US Terror Conspirator Arraignment

January 2 (Day 2, Division):   Zacarias Moussaoui, 33, believed to be the 20th terrorist from the September 11th attack, was arraigned in US federal court in Alexandria, Virginia.  The arraignment illustrates the meaning of 2002.  Three weather elephants over Florida spun up tornadoes.  And the first robberies of the euro have occurred.

The Meaning of 2002 - Division

January 1 (Day 1, Unity):   The meaning of 2002 is divine division.  The number, 2, stands for division or separation.  However, the division is really God's division.  The division and separation are the production of God related to such things as the Royal Family of God, the Client Nation, Israel, and Marriage.

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